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The Magic Market Index for Jan 12, 2018
Treasure Cruisin' Tempered Steel
The Magic Market Index for Jan 5, 2018
  • posted a message on Curse of Opulence
    Yeah, Curse of Bounty is sweet. Many decks that can't afford to pay 5 mana for a full paradox engine might be able to pay 2 for a once-per-turn trigger.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Verhey Twitter spoiler Heirloom Blade
    As someone who has run awakening zone and from beyond in commander decks, the thought of effectively grabbing a free eldrazi each turn makes me giggle. The odds of pulling that off, however, are sadly slim.
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  • posted a message on 5 colour dragons , Selesnia Cats, Mardu Vampires, Grixis Wizards and new Red Balloons
    Quote from Manite »
    I'd like to see a cycle of Tarkir Dragons with their brood mechanic.

    Dromoka Dragon with Bolster
    Ojutai Sorcery with Rebound that creates blue Dragon tokens
    Silumgar Dragon with Exploit
    Kolaghan Dragon with Dash
    Atarka Dragon with Formidable

    Uh... don't those two already exist?
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  • posted a message on Balan, Wandering Knight - Facebook spoiler (Legendary Cat Knight)
    Personally, I see this card as filling a pretty valuable niche in Commander.

    While the instant speed of its ability is interesting (and provides some resilience), though, that's not the part that attracts me. What really makes this guy stand out for me is that we finally have a Kazuul's Toll Collector / armory automaton / Vulshok Battlemaster -esque effect as a Commander.

    As someone who has played equipment voltron in the past, needing to completely tap out for two turns every time your commander dies (one turn to play your creature and one turn to equip) can cause serious problems. With this card, you can actually save some mana open to drop new equipment or creatures before connecting everything to your knight.
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  • posted a message on Bloodstained Battleaxe (German)
    Quote from mrhathaway »

    I don't think that's hair good sir. Seems to be some kind of energy that supposed to say "wait a minute I'm cloning myself."

    Personally, I those might be the same purple tendrils that appeared from time to time in art from Shadows Over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon... or at least something similar. Even if nothing specifically ties this card to a plane, it fits the general aesthetic to a T.
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  • posted a message on [C17] Traverse the Outlands
    Looking in the card general terms, I'm not too excited about it unless I'm using some counter-based deck like Ezuri, Claw of Progress. Likewise, I kind of like this in an Arahbo, Roar of the World deck. Wait until after combat and you get three extra lands (if your chosen kitty lives through combat, of course).
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  • posted a message on Why are so many people distraught about infinite combos?

    I'm not generally opposed to infinite combos in multiplayer commander. My group skews toward blue and we know what decks have infinite combos. As such, we know how to prepare to combos and someone often has a response.

    My real complaint is with hyper-consistent decks. If you play a "respond-or-win" card, that's fine. If you can reliably (70%+) draw, revive, or search for another "respond-or-win" card every 2-3 rounds, though, that's where things get annoying on my end. For that reason, repetitive recursion engines (meren, emeria, genesis) and the redundant beaters of a well-made Xanagos deck bothers me more than many decks with combos.
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  • posted a message on What is a casual deck and what is a competitive deck?
    To me, the distinction goes as such;
    1. Competitive decks are decks that a) Are formed to imitate a competitive deck in a meta (possibly with slight modifications that don't impede core functionality), which may include the entirety of a format in the context of a large tournament; b) are formed in response to a known or suspected meta for their ability to beat one or more popular decks in the meta; c) decks that just so happen to imitate a competitive deck in the meta (even if the imitation was unintentional); or d) brew with positive anecdotal testing data that has yet to be adopted by the masses.
    Note: Competitive is context-sensitive, existing within any format and constraints that the people you are playing with are willing to acknowledge. If you are playing Pauper, you can have a competitive decks without rares. If you and your playgroups agree to conditions such as limited build budgets, there can be competitive decks within the context of the environment that you create (even if it's not widely recognized).

    Everything else, meanwhile, is casual in my eyes.

    At first glance, this might seem to make the term "casual" almost meaningless as there is a VAST array of power levels that would fall beneath "the best of the best" (My random Selvala deck that tries to win on turn 3 and my durdly enchantment deck both likely count as "casual" under some standards, for example). Within the limited meta of a (relatively stable) playgroup, however, people can often determine which decks are likely to win against the decks others are using or learn that certain decks keep winning when used in that playgroup (making them competitive in that context under definitions B and D, listed above).
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  • posted a message on Wizard deck reprint speculation
    Why do people keep saying Mundungu? Am... am I missing something here? While it isn't "bad", it doesn't look too powerful and seems to be worth a whole quarter. Is it just the funny name?
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  • posted a message on How would you break the reserved list?
    One more question on this topic, I guess:

    Lots of people seem to believe that advance warning for investors is a generally good idea, though I'm seeing a lot of people saying one year in particular. Is that just a bit of impatience on our part or does everyone here think that's a perfectly reasonable period of time for the news to reach folks who've invested in cards but don't play anymore?

    Obviously, someone who doesn't follow the game at all may never get this news with 100 years of advanced notice. Even so, the appearance of providing a "reasonable" period of time for investors may be what saves Hasbro from dozens and dozens of lawsuits spread over decades as old collectors try to sell off cards and realize that the reserved list was broken.

    So, is one year enough?
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  • posted a message on Question about Secrets of the dead card
    No, it would not trigger Secrets of the Dead

    Eternalize and Embalm are both activated abilities. Thus, you are not "casting" the spell from the graveyard. Same reason you can't use cancel to counter eternalize or embalm.
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  • posted a message on How would you break the reserved list?
    Huh... thanks for all of the answers everyone. I've seen people decrying the reserved list for years but I never hear people talk about the logistics of doing away with it.

    Lots of interesting ideas, though "announce it well in advance and use masterpieces" seems to have some consensus.
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  • posted a message on How would you break the reserved list?
    So… this is going to be a bit of long one but follow me on this journey.

    Like many people on this forum, I’ve heard quite a lot of discussion about the reserved list: Many people hate it, a few have accepted it as an inescapable reality, and a couple people wouldn’t invest in old cardboard without such a promise. I’ve heard the normal gamut of arguments that everyone has heard: that no one who made that original list is still around; that wizards acknowledges it as a mistake; that limited reprints have not killed interest in cards… the list goes on.

    What I want to ask, however, isn’t whether the reserved list should be abolished or not. Rather, my question is how wizards would go about breaking the reserved list. While this may sound easy as pie (reprint reserved cards, duh!), it goes a bit deeper than you may think.

    To start, there is going to be backlash. While the people who enjoy the current status quo may not be too verbal at the moment, it seems quite likely that they’ll take action if their supposedly safe investments are threatened. Whether or not you think they can win, quite a few people would try to sue Wizards. People who don’t may raise a ruckus in online communities and on social media as well. If the outrage is large enough, it may reach public consciousness and bring Hasbro negative press.

    To counter this backlash, you need to build up hype with the players so that your image stays positive and so high sales can absorb any expenses the backlash creates. For this reason, Wizards is unlikely to remove the reserved list without simultaneously promoting one of those cards getting a reprint in the near future… and that reprint is likely to be more exciting than thunder spirit.

    Even if Wizards gets the announcement correct, however, that just leads to the bigger question: How on earth do you actually reprint these cards? Which cards? How quickly? In what sort of product?

    Think about that for a moment: If you print low-powered cards, you minimize hype. If you print high-powered cards, you limit the types of products that you can put the cards in without impacting standard/frontier/modern. If you put them in a limited-run product like eternal masters, vendors and investors may try to snap them up to keep prices high (if you reprint black lotus, for example, it would be hard to get them to the public). If you put them in as masterpieces to discourage this tactic, the difficulty in acquiring these cards may still reduce hype (even if those reprints push down the price of high tier cards by hundreds of dollars, that sort of stuff may not click with newer players). If you decide to force them into the hands of average players by printing them to hell and back… Well, that’s kind of what happened with Chronicles.

    So… yeah. If you had the power to destroy the reserved list, what would be the smartest way to start printing cards from that list?
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  • posted a message on What will happen on Dominaria?
    What I honestly hope and expect:
    As Time Spiral apparently didn't sell too well, I don't think that wizards is going all in on a dedicated nostalgia-fest (even for 25th anniversary). As such, I doubt that we'll have a complete absence of planeswalkers just for the sake of old set feel. What I do think wizards might do is split the gatewatch up to explore a bunch of famous (remade/recovering) locales and give them a low-urgency task on that plane.

    For example, the gatewatch might go searching for the scattered pieces of an ancient artifact (possibly created by a character we might recognize...) with the different members interacting with different geographical regions. It would be rising on the coattails of Ixalan treasure hunting, would allow for each member to get one or two individual stories, and allows vast swaths of the famous plane to be covered in the space of a single set.
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  • posted a message on Returning to MTG after a long hiatus & a few of my casual deck ideas
    Hey there. Welcome back to MTG!

    To start with basic matters, you can tag specific cards by going {card}CARDNAME{/card} (with [brackets] instead of {whatever these are}).

    Looking at the deck, Call of the Herdis not currently Standard legal. I'm guessing that you got it from packs of Modern Masters, a series of (relatively) new sets that makes older cards without making them standard-legal.

    To comment on the deck itself, you got a couple of pre-cons and about a box-worth of boosters and that kind of shows. Perfectly usable against friends starting the game but nothing too likely to win tourneys at your local gaming store. If you've been away from magic since 1998, you should know that creatures have become MUCH more powerful and that the benchmark for a good creature can be
    pretty insane (instead of shivan dragon and carrion ants), that spells are much weaker (next to no random discard, land destruction, cheap and good counters, etc), and that mana bases can still be one of the priciest parts of a competitive deck.

    If you want to build up the deck, I personally recommend looking for singles online over cracking boosters. If you want a halfway-decent red aggro deck, you can make one (or at least most of one) with just commons and uncommons (like cartouche of zeal, ahn-crop crasher, nef-crop entangler, bloodrage brawler, and abrade).
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