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Chandra, Gideon, and the Purifying Fire
Treasure Cruisin' with Norin's Sisters
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    posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    To riff off of another concept that has crept up on this thread once or twice, why not use something like this:

    Expendable ( 2 mana , Sacrifice this creature: draw a card)

    If prowess represents an evergreen triggered ability, why not look to plague dogs for an evergreen activated ability.

    Assessing "Blue-ness": palace familiar, aven fisher, darkslick drake, jeskai sage, oculus, and so forth all show that drawing a card on death is a blue mechanic.
    Assessing "Black-ness": altar's reap, infernal tribute, plague dogs, slinking skirge, and vampiric rites show that paying creatures to draw cards is a black mechanic.

    1. While the name "deathtap" (or something of the sort) was going around earlier, I like "expendable" because it captures the overlap in flavor between blue and black.
    2. While the actual card text only appears on 2-3 actual cards, I think that a flat cost of 2 mana nicely mirrors the "traditional" cycling cost of 2 mana for many cycling cards.

    Why I like it:
    1. It's a "protection ability" (insofar that destruction becomes card disadvantage) that doesn't actually save your guy.
    2. It isn't "card draw without a cost", which would be out of place for a black mechanic. At the same time, the cost is "generic" enough that the sacrifice effect isn't inherently black (It doesn't seem out of place on yavimaya elder, for example)
    3. Would act as a nice replacement of sorts for the old mechanic of regeneration (insofar as wanting players to save 2 mana to blank a kill spell). Because using expendable kills your creature, however, you won't have cards like will-o-wisp blocking over and over to slow the game.
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    posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    Wanted to bring something up from near the start of the thread, which I think might work. To revise an earlier version of the post:

    Drain (Whenever this card deals combat damage, each opponent exiles that many cars from the top of his or her library).

    The good:
    1. Not an evasion mechanic as it triggers off of any damage.
    2. Keys off of effect that is linked to both black and blue and that exists at every level of rarity.
    3. Because it still mills when blocked or blocking, "dying from damage first" isn't as much of a problem.
    4. Does not shoot itself in the foot by fueling self-mill, dredge, or reanimation.

    The bad:
    1. Milling is considered a feel-bad mechanic.
    2. Would make evaluation of card draw (and self-mill in applicable sets) difficult in limited formats.
    3. Would make the use of mill "as a strategy" evergreen. While mill exists in bits and pieces everywhere, I shudder to imagine how limited would change if this were as common as, say, trample.

    The Interesting:
    - Would be one of the few evergreen mechanics that is good for blocking (a group that otherwise includes deathtouch, doublestrike, first strike, indestructible, and lifelink)

    Sample Cards:

    Mindlink Thief 1 mana blue mana blue mana
    Creature- Human Rogue (U)
    Whenever Mindlink Thief deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

    Wall of Dread 3 mana black mana
    Creature- Wall (C)
    Defender, Drain

    Mizzenzoa 2 mana blue mana
    Creature- Jellyfish (U)
    Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to Mizzenzoa.

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    posted a message on How Do You Feel About Amonkhet?
    King Macar, the Gold-Cursed, Akroan Horse or Titan of Eternal Fire kind of get the message across, but there's not a compelling reason that they're not just called "King Midas," "Trojan Horse," or "Prometheus" - all of which would be more clear and cut down on the overuse of awkward MtG naming schemes.

    Okay, a couple of reasons:
    1. If Wizards wants to make an oblique reference to a mythological being, using names like "titan of eternal fire" allows them to avoid making the card legendary... which may have mechanical ramifications and story ramifications (as it is generally assumed nowadays that most legends from a set will be featured in the storyline).
    2. If Wizards is making a set for Theros, everything they produce exists on Theros. The name "Trojan Horse" literally makes no sense in a plane that doesn't contain Troy. While the two cards you name break this pattern, I am unaware of any cards like that being printed in the past 20 years.
    3. Many players would in fact be more confused by (for example) the actual Sherlock Holmes from our world appearing in a magic set than they would be by an obvious Sherlock Holmes expy. I know that I would be.

    If you don't like Wizards wanting to have its cake and eat it too, I can totally understand that. To say that there is no good reason, however, seems a bit disingenuous. Even if you're not a Vorthos players, some players do care about lore and immersion in card design.

    Quote from Gashnaw »

    I agree completely. No sphinxes in an EGYPTIAN THEMED SET?

    Glyph Keeper and Curator of Mysteries are both sphinxes.
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    posted a message on Iconic Masters November 2017
    I honestly don't get all of these Reserved List discussions.

    You can argue whether or not Wizards has a legal right to go against or abolish their policy until you are blue in the face but it really doesn't matter in many respects. Even though Tarmagoyf isn't on a list, I can assure you that people would try to sue wizards if it was released as a common in the next set. Even without a legal basis for these lawsuits, anyone who feels personally wronged has the ability to waste their money attempting to sue someone... and a large number of lawsuits (even failed ones) can have real implications.

    Even if wizards has every legal right to reprint cards from this list, thousands and thousands of collectors would TRY to sue Wizards. Even if all of these cases were quickly thrown out, the story would certainly get out onto the news as thousands of disaffected customers would work to kick up a PR nightmare (whereas players right now just groan about a stagnant status quo).

    With that being the case, one has to ask how wizards would release these cards in a way so that any backlash is outweighed by benefits.
    1. If they release cards as judge promos, they aren't making much money from the release and are opening themselves to the backlash.
    2. If they release thunder spirit in a set to test the waters, every collector would lash out at Wizards "to teach them a lesson" and it wouldn't build too much hype for the set.
    3. If they reprinted all of Alpha for fun, sellers would snap up as much as they could and actual prices would hardly shift, making both us and the collectors angry (and it would have to be a limited release set as Wizards would never add stuff like black lotus to standard/modern).
    4. If they go somewhere in the middle and print a few mid-price cards in a Masters Set, we still won't have the tools to compete in eternal formats and collectors would get angry.
    So... yeah. If Wizards chose to release these cards, how would that even work?
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    posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    With the release of Amonkhet... and since I can't find anyone mentioning it in 30 pages of posts... what about Cycling?

    While cycling isn't an exciting mechanic, it does much of what we want it to do.
    1. You can slap it on noncreature spells.
    2. You can slap it onto expensive creatures for reanimation shenanigans.
    3. It allows card draw, which blue and black are both good at.

    Heck, you could probably splash it into red (given red's propensity for discard-first looting) and get a decent grixis mechanic from cycling. Is there any reason that cycling can't work here?
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    posted a message on Full set is up
    Honestly, I was expecting a red enchantment (or midrange creature) that hits each opponent for 1 whenever you cycle or discard a card. I was already looking forward to combining it with Shadow of the Grave and Commit//Memory to get a hilarious 'cycle-storm' deck. In the end, I feel kind of disappointed.
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    posted a message on Throne of the God-Pharaoh
    I'm shoving 20 servos into my fleetwheel cruiser and no one is going to stop me.

    ...Can we call the new archetype "Clown Car"?
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 4/5 - Gideon of the Trials + Trials/Cartouches
    While this Gideon is nice, I think that people are blowing him out of proportion.

    His +1 slows down midrange and vehicles while his animate ability breaks the mana curve and... that's about it. Still really good but overblown.

    As for the emblem... honestly, that's not a factor in most games. Nine times out of ten, the emblem effectively adds the planeswalker's loyalty to your life total. Technically, you add the loyalty counter of each Gideon you play to your life total. With that said, however, nothing is stopping your opponent from knocking you to 0 life BEFORE going after Gideon (other than, you know, pressure from Gideon). Beyond acting as a cute "life gain" mechanic, this emblem only seems to do two things.

    1. it stops alternative win conditions such as mill decks.
    2. It allows some janky plays that would ordinarily kill you (such as demonic pact)

    TLDR: This guy isn't platinum angel. While there are fewer DIRECT kill spells, you can directly attack Gideon in a way that you could never directly attack the angel. Since very few decks count on winning without damage, the emblem rarely serves any purpose beyond "life gain". The other effects are the significant part.
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    posted a message on Kefnet, the Blue God by Japanese Site
    paradoxical outcome on turn four can put opponents into a pretty nice clock in the right deck with this... if we get some good 1-2 drops to give value.
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    posted a message on Well, how was YOUR box? (MM17 Edition)
    My most valuable card was a goblin guide.
    My second most valuable card was a path to exile.

    I wish that I was joking.
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    posted a message on Oracle's Vault, Archfiend of Ilfnir, and Glorybringer
    Quote from meekrabkabob »
    6. If you don't need it, you can cycle it.

    This is the standard equivalent of Legacy players saying "it pitches to Force of Will" ... ie, not a good reason to play a card.

    You're never going to cycle this guy in a normal game unless you're mana-screwed or you need to find some specific effect to avoid losing. He's not even legendary, you can play the second copy!

    Normally, I would agree with that completely. Because of its ability, however, discarding a second one can be used as a combat trick... such as if you fear being attacked by a nigh-infinite number of 1-power cats.

    Quote from Firevine »

    Archfiend is bananas, so no, that's just a joke and will never happen. But if we get a nerfed version, we can dub it "Mild Mongrel" and you can thank my phone's autocorrect for that.

    You do know that noose constrictor is still legal in constructed, right? Color-changing isn't too relevant these days so that reach ability makes the snake better than mongrel in many cases.
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    posted a message on Oracle's Vault, Archfiend of Ilfnir, and Glorybringer
    Guys, that demon really hypes me up.

    1. It's a cost efficient flier that dodges fatal push.
    2. -1/-1 counters help to counter constrictor's shtick.
    3. It can block Aethersphere Harvester favorably and its ability can shrink vehicles down at instant speed.
    4. If you have a single free form of discard (such as Olivia's Dragoon), you have protection against saheeli.
    5. Collective Brutality is still standard-legal.
    6. If you don't need it, you can cycle it.
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    posted a message on Selvala, Fatty Fat Fats
    Cards that I might cut (and this is just a jumbo list of everything that COULD be cut. Not saying all of them):

    Fauna Shaman: If you manage to saturate this deck with maximum combos, it will be your goal to slam a turn 2 Selvala and win between Turns 3-5. Slamming down shaman on turn three and maybe searching for a creature on turn 4 is a bit slow. The actual Survival of the Fittest allows you to machine gun for creatures as soon as you get it down (useful if you get all of the mana you need.
    Joraga Treespeaker: I prefer to use boreal elf at can actually help with turn-2 selvala.
    Genesis Hydra: While I can definitely see the appeal of this card (fetchable, big dude, puts stuff in play), I would generally prefer one of those sorceries (or momentous fall) that draws a whole bunch of cards. Again, running out of cards is a more frequent problem than running out of mana in many games.
    Omnath, Locus of Mana: This card is borderline for me. You can make this guy absolutely HUGE in 2 or 3 turns but he won't really "come online" until turn 4 or 5, which is actually on the later side if you just want to combo out.
    Shaman of Forgotten Ways: Cute but doesn't really help with the combo effort as it fills the same spot on your curve as Selvala. I'll admit that there's a cute turn four play where you drop dreadnaught, add 12 mana, and instantly biorhythm everyone... which leaves you with 3 life and all tapped creatures... so yeah.
    Yeva, Nature's Herald: I honestly can't think of any time when I wanted to end my turn but still had the mana to cast another creature on my opponent's turn.
    Hydra Broodmaster/Terastodon/the Eldrazi Titans: While having a slew of fatties is part of the appeal behind this deck, you honestly don't need more than a couple. The only high-cost creatures in my own build are Worldspine Wurm (because natural order can fetch it), Regal Force (because of incredible card draw), and Blightsteel Colossus (because it wins games with Surrak and works well with my buff spells). Don't forget that most wins may involve Infinite Power for everyone (umbral mantle or great oak guardian) and killing every permanent (Beast within, Somberweald Stag to kill the 3/3, bounce eternal witness twice with curio or kitty to repeat). Actual big dudes are just a plus.
    Thousand Year Elixir: Like omnath, I'm on the fence. The first ability will RARELY help in practice. Even if you cast this on turn 2 instead of Selvala (for some reason), the low land count reduces the odds of getting four mana on turn three. Can make for some hilariously large mana on turn 4 or 5, though. If it works for you, keep with it.
    Planar Bridge: I REALLY like that it allows you to grab the artifacts that help you grab instant wins. I tried this card for a while and couldn't consistently set it off on a reasonable timetable. If your experience shows otherwise, I'll chalk my experience up to bad luck.
    Sylvan Scrying: I know where you're coming from with this one and I ran one as well for a bit. I found the gains to be marginal in many cases as you generally won't have more than 3 creatures for your Cradle until you decide to explode and win the game. Again, go with your experience here.
    Nissa, Vital Force: This card looks ODD in a deck with so few lands. While that -3 is nice, I'm hesitant to pay 5 mana for it.

    And now to make myself look a bit foolish:

    Caustic Catterpillar/Reclamation Sage/Bane of Progress/Nature's Claim/Lignify/Krosan Grip: I play in a relatively casual crowd. As such, I have been able to get away with playing virtually no protection or destruction. The fact that your infinite combos will inevitably destroy your opponent's entire board through repeated BEAST WITHIN by turn 3-5 (and that it appears so innocent until it goes off) makes the use of too many other kill spells seem a bit redundant to me. I'd personally value protection (autumn veil, Dosan, or Heroic Intervention) over kill as a well-aimed anguished unmaking can take you out really fast... except that doesn't make much sense either. The early turns will often have you tapping out and any counterspells or kill will likely be used before you go infinite and draw your protection. Obviously, this is one element of competitive commander that I have yet to master so take my words with a grain of salt. Even so, I've seen a few builds with little protection or kill beyond the greaves, song of dryad, beast within, reclamation sage, and autumn veil. I might recommend experimenting with Noxious Revival as it can recover a card that was just killed or countered even if you just tapped out (getting back a killed Selvala and casting it for 3 instead of 5 will actually SAVE tempo in many situations as this low-land deck will take much longer to get to 5 mana, even though you lose a card draw).
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    posted a message on Selvala, Fatty Fat Fats
    Running a similar deck list, actually.

    The cards that I would recommend trying (many of which you already located) include:
    Treefolk Harbinger: A surprisingly awesome toolbox. Can grab sheltering Ancient for big mana. Can grab great oak guardian to set up awesome turns later. Can grab lignify to disable a troublesome creature. if you get stuck on a 2-mana hand, it can even grab a forest. Since it's an enter the battlefield ability, it even synergizes with temur kitty and curio (see below)
    Umbral Mantle: For obvious reasons. Can generate infinite mana (and infinite power for all of your creatures) if you start out with 7 mana and Selvala (instead of needing a 6-power creature like you do with Staff of Domination).
    Invigorate/Might of Old Krosa/Groundswell/Berserk/Phytoburst: there aren't too many High power and low cost creatures but throwing out a cost-efficient buff does the same thing... as long as you intend to win the game that turn.
    Ravaging Riftwurm/Briarhorn/Sheltering Angient: The last three cost-efficient creatures.
    Boreal Druid/Elvish spirit guide: Because turn-2 Selvala really is THAT important. The druid is also nice as 1-drop elves can help to form a cheap infinite mana combo with the Wirewood Symbiont and the Sabertooth.
    Regal Force/Soul's Majesty/Life's Legacy/Rishkar's Expertise/Momentous Fall: Because card draw is really nice when you don't draw search cards. Momentous fall is especially nice as you can cast dreadnaught, create 12 mana, and instantly use 4 of it to draw 12 cards and gain 12 life.
    Eldritch Evolution: Better than it looks as the highest-cost card REQUIRED for infinite combos (the kitty) costs only 4 mana.
    Weird Harvest: You have to win on the turn that you cast this but this deck runs into problems where you get tons of mana and run out of cards. In that situation, I'd rather have the harvest than a tooth and nail.
    Surrak, the Hunt Caller/Blightsteel Colossus: the cards that I fetch when I use tooth and nail. 11 infect damage from out of nowhere will win incredibly reliably.
    Cloudstone Curio: This one card acts as a second Temur kitty in most of your infinite combos and actually makes them much cheaper (Curio + Elvish Mystic + Wirewood Symbion + dude with >2 power = infinite mana).
    Worldspine Wurm: While not "better" than eldrazi by any means, this is the most power of any creature (15 mana from Selvala is nothing to sneeze at), it replaces itself, and you can search for it with natural order.
    Vitalize: Surprisingly useful, especially with a lot of mana dorks.
    Isochron Scepter: Goes infinite with Paradox engine VERY quickly. The ability to throw down Crop Rotation, Worldly Tutor, Summoner's Pact, Groundswell, Might of Old Krosa, Berserk, Vitalize, Heroic Intervention, and Benefactor's Draught (in my deck) has also been useful.
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    posted a message on Amonkhet-Predictions
    Quote from Jhyrryl »
    I'm expecting:
    • more lands with the Desert subtype, possibly combined with basic land types;
    • ...but no reprints of Desert or Oasis;

    I agree with this. Kaladesh gave us new assembly-workers. Scars of Mirrodin gave us a new Locus land. As the original desert is pretty weak, I'd expect to get other cards with the desert subtype... unless the set uses some central mechanic that pumps out 1/1s (like the thopter/servo theme of Kaladesh) and prints it as an uncommon for limited purposes.
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