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    Quote from HanClinto »

    It's a great starting point! This looks like a fantastic deck, and I think you'll have a lot of fun with it! Smile

    I will note that Mistbind Clique is extremely strong, except against decks that can go off at instant-speed. I had one game against Abzan CoCo that I was winning, but I got greedy and attempted to Mistbind them on their upkeep. They cast CoCo in response and went infinite.

    I will note that you will have a tough time with this deck against aggro, since it's not the strongest against them. I don't have great answers for how you address aggro, but against the decks you listed, I think you'll do fine. Possibly pack your sideboard with more graveyard hate if dredge is something you're going to play much (I recommend Relic of Progenitus personally).

    If you find yourself stuck on mana color requirements, I switched from Mutavault to Faerie Conclave because I didn't like all of the colorless mana. I still keep one Mutavault and two Ghost Quarter in my deck though, so your 1-of mutavault may be fine.

    I also recommend Boomerang as a "catch-all" card -- it can bounce problem lands, planeswalkers, enchantments, etc -- it's a catch-all answer card that can be useful -- especially in the sideboard.

    Your deck looks great -- I look forward to hearing more about how well it performs! Smile

    Thanks for the thorough answer! I will get some proper testing done tomorrow night.

    In goldfishing, the land base seemed awkward so I made a few changes; namely, I barely have any black spells md so I don't need that many black sources, so I cut a grave and two catacombs, since the first hurts and the latter sucks on first turn. Sometimes I get stuck with two or three lands and mistbinds\swords in hand, so I might consider adding another land or two (possibly conclave).

    I have a 3rd Mistbind coming in the mail so I might consider adding it as well at some point. I have to see how it goes, but the idea of a pseudo-timewalk attached to a sizeable flying body with flash is pretty good.

    I like Echoing Truth more than Boomerang because I know the dredge players will summon armies of free Vengevines\Prized Amalgams\Bloodghasts, it's fantastic against tokens and also easier on the mana (not that I have trouble hitting double blue, but still).
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    Hi everyone,
    some friends have been trying to get me into modern, so I figured I could build a somewhat budget deck to play with them (mostly casually). I like Ninjas and have been running a EDH ninja deck for a while, so it came naturally to brainstorm a ninja deck for modern as well.

    This is what I came up with:

    Please note that I own any expensive card already in there (lands, swords, bitterblossom, remand) and I'm not willing to spend that much money on this, since it's mostly for casual play. I would love more copies of bitterblossom, snapcaster and IoK\Thoughtseize, but they are out of question for the time being.
    My "meta" is dredge, GB elves with CoCo, UB mill, various aggro decks (white weenies, werewolves, ...) and possibly some more I don't know of. I like the Trinket Mage package but I'm not sure how viable it would be... the sideboard looks like a mess at the moment, so I could definitely use some help with that.

    Is this a good starting point? Does it stand a chance against the aforementioned decks? What changes would you suggest and which "money upgrades" should I work towards in the future?

    Thanks in advance to everyone
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    Source: mothership

    Not too bad imo. I might have to pick up a couple for edh.
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    Quote from PhroX »
    To free up wizards, you could do:

    Blue - Lord tribal with Mistform Ultimus Smile

    I came here to say the exact same thing. Mistform Ultimus is ALL THE TRIBES and plays like a Voltron general to add some variety to your decks' gameplan. Alternatively, you can do Bant Knights with Rafiq, Azorius birds with Kangee and free up merfolk for mono blue.

    Sadly, there aren't many options for Izzet other than wizards. You can try weirds but there's very few of them and some are kinda bad. You can also cheat a bit and do something like "pinger" or "looter" tribal, with Nin. Or Mizzix X-spell tribal.

    For green, I 2nd (or 3rd) Druids led by Seton. It's surprisingly explosive and there's plenty of decent druids.

    A tribe you're not using that has plenty of support is Vampires. You can make Orzhov with Vish Kal, or maybe Jeleva\Garza Zol instead of Thrax so you can make Golgari zombies, or even Olivia and make gruul goblins. Plenty of options.

    You should also update the first post as things get suggested. If you're set about sultai oozes or golgari insects you should mention that.
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    The answer to your first question is yes. Green and blue are the best EDH colors after all.

    Edric is probably a better dredge general than Ezuri, but both can work I suppose. I run Ezuri as a squirrel tokens\mass polymorph deck which is radically different, but I can give some advice. If you want some cards with good synergy, try multi-purpose cards like Awakening Zone, From Beyond and Trading Post. I love Acorn Catapult in my build, I put it in for flavor reasons but it has proved its worth multiple times.

    Ezuri doesn't need a huge amount of build around to be worth it. If your opponents ignore it, it just grows stuff and snowballs quickly. If they focus him, you have other routes to victory. Think of it as a creature that gives incremental value and demands an answer, but you're not overly reliant on him to win the game.

    I didn't see Body Double mentioned anywhere. Dirt cheap and works wonders in your deck.

    Mirror-Mad Phantasm can be pretty explosive.

    Vengevine is a great card but it's not as good in commander as it is in other formats. If you're on a budget, I'd spend those money elsewhere. It's amazing with Fauna Shaman though.

    Worldly Tutor is about as cheap as it gets for "tier one" tutors, and it really pays off imo. Turn two Hermit Druids win games, fetching grave troll is key to your strategy and overall it's a good card at every stage of the game.

    Don't forget self-mill cards like Splinterfright, Avenging Druid and Thoughtscour. Small repeatable effects like Codex Shredder add up pretty quickly (while messing with your opponent's tutors and sensei's top). You also want some ways to discard cards from your hand in order to reuse dredgers.

    Other cards off the top of my head: Visions of Beyond, Windfall, Jace's Archivist, any looter (Bonded Fetch), anything with threshold (Krosan Restorer), anything with flashback (Tracker's Instinct), anything with delve (Treasure Cruise), Riftsweeper, Dragon Fangs.
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    You can play Tainted Remedy without building around it much. You tutor for it against lifegain heavy decks, otherwise it's just a card that sits there and annoys people. Cruel Feeding and similar cards can make an opponent lose a bunch of life if you tainted remedy, but that's pretty much it.

    The pact is another story though. You probably want some sacrifice outlets (Claws of Gix?) or maybe something like Ugin's Construct, although both are admittedly kinda clunky. You can always win in three turns. :p
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    If that's the meta, fill your decks with all the blue hate you can find. Blue Elemental Blast, Boil, Boiling Seas, Curse of Marit Lage, Tsunami, Choke, Vexing Shusher, Jaya, you name it. Then add cards that make people hate you, like Ruination, the moons, Stranglehold, Widespread Panic, Planar Chaos, Possibility Storm, things like that. Then Warp World because you can. Or run hidetsugu and kill the whole table (including yourself) with a damage doubler.

    When you have established that games aren't fun anymore, pull out the Hippo tribal deck you always wanted and roll with it.

    On a more serious note, it's not easy to change a whole playgroup because you're not having fun. 75% decks allow for more casual games, but if you're the only one with a 75% deck at the table you're not going to enjoy yourself that much. If you're not the only one to feel this way, another idea could be to make a "league" with a points system. Each player can play whatever he likes, but the point system will reward more interactive gameplay and discourage extremely fast wins (<4 turns), infinite combos, excessive tutoring and extra turns. I think you can find some examples of EDH point-based leagues with a quick google search.
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    Ahem, rebels aren't really iconic. There are iconic races and typical races. (And of course, each color is associated with certain classes.) The iconic races are angel, sphinx, demon, dragon, and hydra.

    The term used by Marologists everywhere for something like rebels (a highly linear mechanic that only appears in a few sets) is 'parasitic'.

    Moving on, though, the big problem I have with playing rebels in Commander is all that shuffling.

    Thanks mr. stuck-up. I have no idea and care little about how Maro calls tribes, but I know English and iconic means

    a : widely recognized and well-established

    which Rebels sure are, at least for us players who've been around for some time. They were THE deck to beat at some point back then, so much that Lin Sivvi got banned. If you don't like them, don't play them.
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    No problem. I moved Bound under rebels, I agree that it makes more sense. :p
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    Quote from JDviant »
    Bound in Silence & Crib Swap are two nice tutorable rebels.

    Bound in Silence is already in the deck.

    Crib Swap would be awesome but sadly all rebels have been errata'd to only fetch permanent cards.
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