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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    Here are the cards that I'm currently running at 550 that I have sorted somewhere other than their actual color identity, card type, or casting cost based on them playing differently. They may be more possibilities, but I'm not running those cards. This is a good starting place though.

    Porcelain Legionnaire (white or artifact? 2 or 3?)
    Spectral Procession (creature or noncreature? 3 or 6 or X?)
    Exalted Angel (3 or 4 or 6)
    Eternal Dragon (creature or spell? 2 or 7?)

    Spellskite (blue or artifact?)
    Phyrexian Metamorph (blue or artifact? 3 or 4?)
    Daze (0 or 2?)
    Force of Will (0 or 5?)
    Crystal Shard (blue or artifact?)
    Thassa, God of the Sea (enchantment or creature?)
    Vedalken Shackles (blue or artifact?)
    Dig Through Time (8 or X?)
    Faerie Conclave (blue or land?)
    Shelldock Isle (blue or land?)

    Sarcomancy (creature or enchantment?)
    Tombstalker (8 or X?)
    Snuff Out (0 or 4?)
    Dismember (1 or 3?)
    Volrath's Stronghold (black or land?)

    Greater Gargadon (1 or 10?)
    Shrine of Burning Rage (red or artifact?)
    Purphoros, God of the Forge (enchantment or creature?)

    Call of the Herd (creature or sorcery?)
    Birthing Pod (green or artifact? 3 or 4?)
    Tooth and Nail (7 or 9?)
    Treetop Village (green or land?)
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  • posted a message on Using rares to fix holes in Peasant Cardpool
    I thought about adding a few rares into my peasant list a while back. The problem I ran into is it's really hard to draw the line on power level. It's completely arbitrary. Emeria Angel has too much competition for my rare cube, so I'll just put it in my C/U list. But is it too powerful for that environment? I decided it was too much trouble pouring through all the rares out there and picking out the ones that "feel" uncommon. The one exception I've made is the inclusion of Savannah Lions, but it did have an uncommon printing on MTGO, so I don't feel too bad about that one.
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  • posted a message on Rare Lands in C/Ube?
    I've been running pain lands in the aggro color combinations for quite some time now. Fixing in general is not bad for Peasant cubes. You can make the colors you need. It's just slow. Trying to play an aggro deck where all my dual lands ETB tapped quickly turns my aggro deck into an awkward midrange deck. Throwing the pain lands in has helped this issue out tremendously. I would highly recommend it. And if you don't like the gold symbols, you can always stick with the Ice Age versions for the allied ones.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    Quote from willdice ยป
    I mostly agree with Calibretto suggestions, but even then we get things like Kor Sanctifiers being a 3cmc creature, as the Kicker is ignored, but the whole point of the card is being kicked.

    We may have found the loophole. Creatures with Kicker, I would rank with the Kicker cost included. Most of the time these creatures are rarely cast without the added cost. Kor Sanctifiers is also the only Kicker creature that's commonly played. I've cut it now, but when I ran it, I put it in my 4cc section.

    I also agree that Krosan Tusker and Eternal Dragon should not count as 6+cc creatures as that's not how they play. This is especially the case for Tusker.

    There's no need to make this too complicated. It's fairly easy to recognize how certain cards might play differently in practice than what's written on the card. There's also only a handful of cards in the cube that end up being classified somewhere other than their printed version/cost.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    I try to just play everything where it's most ideal.

    - Phyrexian mana cards go into the cmc section that treats the Phyrexian mana as 2 life loss, but they are in their respective color section because ideally you want to have that color mana available to mitigate that cost.

    - Morph cards go into the cost that's the most expensive for the morph cost. Willbender is a 3-drop. Without three mana, you're not playing that guy. Exalted Angel is a 4-drop. Without four mana, she's a Gray Ogre and that's not good enough. Nantuko Vigilante is a 3-drop.

    - Kicker is an alternate option. Burst Lightning is a 1cc spell, not a 5cc spell. Multikicker, however, is variable, so any of these would slot into an X section. The same is said for other variable costs like Delve.

    - Convoke goes in at it's normal casting cost. Stoke the Flames is my only Convoke card and it's a 4cc spell.

    - Evoke also goes in at it's normal casting cost. Shriekmaw is a 5-drop with the option to be a sorcery speed Terror.

    - The only Miracle cards I run are X spells, so that classification is easy for me. I don't know where I'd classify Terminus.

    - Suspend is the Suspend cost. Rift Bolt is a 1cc spell. Riftwing Cloudskate is a 2cc creature.

    - Alterate costs the make a card "free" to cast go into 0 cmc.

    - I could see X spells getting their own section for each color. We just need to decide what qualifies as an X spell.

    - The untap lands mechanic goes into their normal casting costs. Treachery is a 5cc spell.

    - For tokens and token creators, anything that's basically one shot make a dude (or dudes) goes into a creature slot. Cards like Sarcomancy, Call of the Herd, and Spectral Procession are considered creatures. Permanents that spit out multiple tokens, either each turn or upon certain conditions, are that permanent type. Bitterblossom and Curse of the Shallow Graves are enchantments.

    - Sarkhan Dragonspeaker and Gideon Jura are planeswalkers. They both have other functions beyond the self animation. Chimeric Mass and Chimeric Idol are colorless creatures. Becoming a creature is all they do.

    - The Gods are noncreature enchantments.

    - Reanimate and Control Magic are both spells. These types of cards are not creatures.

    - I think the Evoke cards should definitely be considered creatures.

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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    In cube organization, I slot everything in "as plays". So Spectral Procession and Call of the Herd are both in my creatures section. X spells (and other spells with variable costs like Tombstalker) should probably all be voted together. The same for color aligned lands.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    Yep, that would be it. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it appears that multicolor voting never happened in that project. Frown
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    I agree with Spike Rogue. It really doesn't make sense to compare GW cards to BR cards. Also I can't seem to find the original PRE project threads to compare how multicolor was handled in those votes. The link in the Great Cube Resource Thread is broken.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] Megathread
    If we're doing this by cmc, then how are we classifying the split cards? In organization, I classify them with my multicolor cards. I could see Fire/Ice being lumped with the 2cc spells, but where would you rank something like Life/Death? And what about the fuse cards? Is Far/Away a 5cc card? Seems complicated.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE TOP 10] 1 cmc creatures of each color
    I went ahead and added Sarcomancy into my black creatures list. I've literally never considered it anything other than a creature in both cube building and SuiBlack deck building. Also, man, blue is so short on solid 1-drops.

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