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The Magic Market Index for Jan 12, 2018
Treasure Cruisin' Tempered Steel
The Magic Market Index for Jan 5, 2018
  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from sckazinski »
    About Kumena: Are we sure that he was on the REAL sun? My guess is that there are a lot of fake Suns in Orazca, to confuse invaders. Like the chamber of the Grail in Indiana Jones.

    if we had more stories..I would 100% buy this, but there is a bunch to wrap up in the time they have left.

    The other issue with this thought is that the story shows both Kumena's and Vona's Ascension cards, which implies that they Ascended, which implies that yes, indeed this is The Immortal Sun.
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  • posted a message on Rivals initial evaluations - pick orders, card ratings, top cards
    So my Commons Analysis:

    Cleansing Ray - Looks quite Sideboardy. Even worse because the creature removal part is in the color of the tribe it hoses. Not an early pick by any stretch.
    Divine Verdict- Certainly maindeckable. Probably better for Vampires or Fliers than Dinosaurs given it can hit blockers. (Lets your tokens through.)
    Exultant Skymarcher - Better than a Wind Drake, so certainly has a spot. Not flashy, but it will get the job done. (Must check on how it stacks up to other Common fliers.)
    Legion Conquistador - Even better than it was in Ixalan, as the density is even higher and the Forerunner of the Legion can find it to kickstart the process. Also helps towards Ascend
    Luminous Bonds - More expensive Pacifism is still Pacifism. Not as good against Enrage, but likely excellent against Merfolk. Notably hard removal against pirates. Also counts towards City Blessing (but so does your opponent's card.)
    Martyr of Dusk - Solid. Trades and maintains permanent count for Ascend.
    Moment of Triumph - Nick trick. Life gain rider is more important than in most environments. Looks nice on Adanto Vanguard.
    Raptor Companion - Looks pretty okay for WR Dinosaur decks. Unfortunately dies to the Dino Forerunner.
    Sanguine Glorifier - More balanced version of 4/2 black equivalent from SOI. Likely slightly better (which is not saying a whole lot) given the token theme.
    Snubhorn Sentry - Looks good for Ascend decks if those work. Also notable as a 1-drop Dinosaur.
    Squire's Devotion - Likely better than Moment of Triumph. Immediate token (which allows it to chain though not the best play). Also, really good on Adanto Vanguard.
    Sun Sentinel - Slightly better bear is bear.
    Sun-Crested Pterodon - For dinos, 2/5 Flying Vigilance is a huge wall that can chip away at life totals. Looks like plant (NPI) for WG Dino deck.

    Overall: Vampire stuff overall looks quite nice. Dinos are a bit more... all over there.

    Crashing Tide - First card is best card (for Merfolk). Seriously, this is Repulse. Even Pirates don't mind this because they love tempo.
    Dead-Eye Rig-Hauler - What was that about Pirates and Tempo? Definite solid card.
    Kitesail Corsair - It's a 2/1 Flying on attack, which is an interesting take on Welkin Tern. Fairly high pick regardless.
    Mist-Cloaked Herald - 1/1 Unblockable for 1 is... well, a basis for a deck if you get all of the +1/+1 counter shenanigans going...
    Negate - Nice for either Merfolk or Pirates. Not very high pick, but something you probably want one of.
    River Darter - Seems situational. It seems very modal. Against Dinos it's a better Phantom Warrior, but against the others it's actually a pretty good blocker.
    Sailor of Means - I like these. Dino players also like seeing them (against them). Clearly meant by WotC to be a linchpin of Treasure decks.
    Sea Legs - Quite a nice card. Pretty flexible. Doesn't really help fragile Pirates against removal, though.
    Secrets of the Hidden City - Restrictive Divination with possible upside. May be a deck with ultra-cheap Merfolk vomiting their hand onto the battlefield and then playing this to restock. WU Vampire/Merfolk token decks would make this very nice.
    Soul of the Rapids - Rather expensive for 2-toughness. 3-power flyer that is hard to remove for 5 is still good, I guess.
    Spire Winder - 2/3 Flying for 4 is... not that impressive. There are a lot of cards that can block it. Ascending makes it quite a bit better, but this and Secrets are the only Blue Ascend Commons... perhaps top of curve for Merfolk Ascend decks.
    Sworn Guardian - Basic Merfolk is basic. Not likely to be played unless Merfolk Ascend is a thing.
    Waterknot - Claustrophobia reprint is always welcome. Like the Pacifism card in White, both counts for your Ascension and doesn't lower your opponent's count.

    Overall: Possibly a fast Merfolk Ascension deck that refills with Secrets. Couple of very nice Tempo/Bounce cards.

    Canal Monitor - Looks pretty forgettable. Not a Tribe, and 5/3 Vanilla for 5 is... meh.
    Dark Inquiry - Not too impressed, but has definite situational uses. Would prefer to discard 2 cards.
    Dinosaur Hunter - May help against random dinos. Still bear with random upside cannot be bad. Notable good target for Sea Legs.
    Dusk Charger - Er ok? Black Ascend decks likely will leverage White for Vampire tokens or Pirate colors for Treasures, but this is neither tribe. Don't think payoff is worth the risk of basic Hill Giant.
    Dusk Legion Zealot - Very solid. Unholy offspring of Phyrexian Rager and Elvish Visionary.
    Fathom Fleet Boarder - 3 for 3/3 in Black is always welcome. In Pirate deck, likely not to trigger downside. In Vampire deck, lifeloss may not be downside.
    Grasping Scoundrel - 2/1 Attacker for 1 in Black? Sure, why not. Very nice aggro Pirate. Note that early drops that aren't worthless help with Ascend.
    Gruesome Fate - Vampire token finisher.
    Impale - Typical Limited Black Removal. You're still playing it.
    Moment of Craving - Good removal. Notably kills Adanto Vanguard.
    Recover. Quite playable.
    Vampire Revenant. 3 power flier for 4 isn't terrible, but Vampires have a problem with 1 toughness.
    Voracious Vampire. Can help to push through if you can keep board clear.

    Overall: Pirates seem to do better than Vampires in Black. Removal is always appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Is WoTC Playing it Too Safe?
    Is WotC playing it safe? Perhaps. Given its resources and its ability to consistently remain #1 of paper CCGs (at least), perhaps that is a good thing?

    After all, there is only so much shark you can jump before your game dies. I mean, everyone compares it to Hearthstone, and sure, that makes a sensible comparison these days. But consider the pedigrees. You're judging a game that is about to hit 25 years to a game--in a format that allows wildly different concepts--that is about to be 4 years old. Will Hearthstone be around 20 years from now, and if so, will it be playing safe then?

    A classic example of WotC 'playing it safe' was original Kamigawa. Even though I loved it, it was objectively a great deal weaker than Mirrodin and 'didn't play well' with either Mirrodin or Ravnica. But what if a block like Kamigawa was necessary to have the game today? Imagine if they doubled down on Mirrodin and pushed harder on equipment and affinity.. would the game still be here today? I'm not making the case that the above is a certainty, but it offers at least a contrasting view.

    And regarding Unstable, it may not be quite as zany as previous Un-sets, but it certainly has more zaniness than normal Magic sets and it plays a great deal better. Host/Augment is perhaps the single best mechanic they have made in years. I certainly would argue it is the best parasitic mechanic made in years. I feel, sometimes, that with alternatives like Hearthstone out there, the Magic playerbase misses a key difference between them. Magic takes itself seriously. Hearthstone does not. Hearthstone was specifically created to spoof WoW concepts and be the Un-game in the WoW IP. So... yes, I am not surprised that Hearthstone is 'zanier' than Magic, perhaps even silver-bordered Magic.

    At the end of the day, if Magic R&D plays it too safe, their game will die. So far, though, I don't see that happening.
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  • posted a message on Dusk Legion Zealot
    Smaller cheaper Phyrexian Rager in better tribes?

    Sold. Smile
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  • posted a message on "Golden Guardian" // "Gold-Forge Garrison" .:. BigMagic Spoiler
    Presumably it's meant to work with Enrage?

    Regardless, this looks like a lot of fun.
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  • posted a message on Cherished Hatchling .:. MTG Young Mage Spoiler
    Conspiracy Meren approves. Wink
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  • posted a message on Form of the Dinosaur
    Quote from Courier7 »
    Your life total is probably lower than 15 at the beginning of your fifth or sixth turn, so the first condition helps. After that, it counts as a free kill spell every upkeep--there is no downside here, even with the second condition letting the other creature deal damage to you. If you are worried about that damage, though, then just remember that Life Goes On.

    I really want to set this up with Soul-Scar Mage and Nest of Scarabs, though--kill a creature (even an indestructible one) and get 15 insects every upkeep? That sounds like a fun plan.

    Quick rules question: if you deal damage as -1/-1 counters (as with Soul-Scar Mage) will that reduce the damage the creature does to you? I assume not, but my rules knowledge is not encyclopedic. (Basically, I'm not sure if last-known value is used here and whether it updates.)
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  • posted a message on Karn, Jhoira, and Teferi to appear in Dominaria
    Quote from Manite »
    Crazy hypothesis: When Ajani meets Karn, invites him to join the Gatewatch, and explains to him about Nicol Bolas, maybe Karn proposes forging a new Legacy Weapon capable of stopping threats like Bolas and the Phyrexians? And of course each of the Gatewatch gets to contribute a piece to the New Legacy.

    Better hypothesis: When Ajani meets Karn, invites him to join the Gatewatch, Karn tells Ajani to "Kiss my shiny metal @$$" and then goes and does it himself with the help of Teferi and Jhoira. And blackjack and hookers


    Wink Grin Couldn't resist.

    I couldn't, either. Wink
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  • posted a message on Form of the Dinosaur
    They even closed the Stuffy Doll loophole.

    Welp, guess I'll just have to give my opponent creatures... not that hard to do.
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  • posted a message on Secret Base - TokyoMTG Youtube Spoiler
    Billiondegree: No need. This points to a card that can add or change watermarks on cards.

    SNEAK can use it without such shenanigans, but the others can, too, theoretically.
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  • posted a message on Animate Library and Novellamental Wizards spoiler
    I'm almost surprised that Animate Library hasn't been done already in an Un-set.
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  • posted a message on Handy Dandy Clone Machine
    Quote from Caranthir »
    This was good enough as it is, but the art seals the deal. I about died when I saw this one.

    And the flavor as well.

    Seriously, almost every card seen so far is a flavor/reference/pun gem polished to highest glow here.

    Well, give them three years to do all this and I would expect it to be polished. Wink
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 11 20 X marks the spot
    Quote from Crispen_Smith »
    Quote from desruprot »
    X is great while being somewhat Ambiguity also going into your opponents hand in response to remove is a funny action to take. With the wording on X's third ability could you cast your own spells for 3UB?

    As written X basically seems to allow this. 3UB for Emrakul v1 seems nasty, though so hopefully there's a fix.

    I do not think so. X allows you to activate his abilities while in an opponent's hand, specifically. There's nothing that says that you can activate his abilities while in your hand.

    Also, I don't think that you can tap a card in someone's hand, so that clause seems to specifically be written to allow you to play the cards in your opponent's hand for 3UB.
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  • posted a message on The Immortal Sun and a black Dino
    Edit: Double-post.
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  • posted a message on The Immortal Sun and a black Dino
    Tetzimoc is much better than Multikicker B : Destroy a creature, as you can pay for it multiple turns in advance

    I just wish it said 'or from the Command Zone'.
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