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  • posted a message on Feline Ferocity Speculation
    I really don't think they are going to push the cat tribal deck into a cat soldier equipment direction. 2015's Forged in Stone deck already explored that idea with Kemba and assorted cats and weapons. I think they will rather go for a feral style, or push lifegain synergies like the original Ajani.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Okiba-Gang Shinobi
    I play this in my Sidisi, Brood Tyrant deck and its been good every time i played it. Usually this comes down before my opponents have good stuff in their yard and all they get is a fetch or ramp spell.
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  • posted a message on Atlazan IS Ravnica
    Ravnica as a world design is too convenient too change. In an endlessly large city ANYTHING could exist and ANYTHING could happen. It is very easy to create highly engaging original content for the plane. Not to mention everything about Ravnica is highly relatable for both enfranchised players or not, because it is the one plane that comes closest to our real life world and players already know (and phantasized) so much about it that it almost feels familiar. So I'll join the crowd of unbelievers when it comes to radical changes in Ravnica.

    However, I too think it likely that at least the booster art and graphical layout with the mesoamerican glyphs could be authentic and very much hope they are. The setnames not so much. In the original thread, someone pointed out that is is very likely to get two cryptic/foreign sounding Setnames beginning with "A" in a row, and I think they got a point. Also, "Conquest of Power" is obviously not a real set name.
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  • posted a message on Effective non-counter answers in blue?
    I like Curse of the Swine very much and I run Reality Shift in some decks. Imprisoned in the Moon is good too. Apart from that, if you dont want to counter, your best bets in blue are bouncing and stealing.

    Worthwhile bounce:
    Worthwhile steal:
    You can also go colorless: Scour from Existence, Nevinyrral's Disk, Spine of Ish Sah, Oblivion Stone etc...

    EDIT: If you are looking for anwsers in general, I would also recommend cards that use your opponents resources, like Clone Legion, Rite of Replication, Bribery, Acquire.
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  • posted a message on Do you pull punches?
    Quote from JDviant »
    Talking about infinite combos specifically, I'm getting my playgroup to use a point system and killing everyone off at the same turn with an infinite combo will be a negative. And I like infinite combos that win the game, probably too much.

    Whats the reasoning behind this? I would think that dragging out the game by comboing off and killing only one person per turn is worse than simply ending the game once you have the means to do so.
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  • posted a message on Do you pull punches?
    Deckbuilding is where I pull punches. I have several decks and try to maintain an overall stable powerlevel between them so that they can reasonably compoete against each other (I often invite friends who don't own decks) and the other decks in my local meta. I refrain from 2 card combos (especially with the commander) and will defang decks that have too much power (e.g. I cut Purphoros and Food Chain from my Prossh deck).

    I also avoid killing a single opponent in the early game because it is lame for them to have to watch/wait out the rest of the game.
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  • posted a message on positive depictions of heavier-set / fat / large people in mtg?
    Regal Force is (literally) majestic.
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  • posted a message on Fatal Push collected company spoiler
    What really sucks about this card is that the only place they could really reprint this in a set is a Masters set. The fact is that Revolt, from a flavor perspective, is super limiting. It's not Bushido limiting, but I doubt it's as easy to find a place to effectively have the Revolt mechanic from a flavor perspective. I love the mechanic and I think there's some really cool design space in it, but it'll be tough to reprint. So get them while they're widely available. I'm super thankful it's an uncommon, but a few years from now this card could get very expensive for an uncommon.

    You are not seriously complaining about reprintability of a standart uncommon when the set isn't even out yet?
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  • posted a message on Accused of taking long turns in Commander and getting criticized. Unjust?
    Well, as long as you're playing ktichen table magic with your friends, I'd think good practice magic would be to not leave your friends waiting for extensive amounts of time, so pick up the pace whereever you can. However, your friends ought to cut you some slack, especially if you're not intentionally taking long turns.

    Maybe change your deck from time to time so you have a faster (less complicated) alternative?
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  • posted a message on Best boosters sets for commander sets? (best price/use of cards)
    Seem to me like you want a cube.
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  • posted a message on Monarch cards
    I run Skyline Despot in my Dragon Tribal EDH. Haven't drawn/cast it until now but i expect it to be worth it. Regal Behemoth is in Mayael the Anima and looked absolutely bonkers so far. Roon of the Hidden Realm got Palace Jailer and put up great results as well, since the return clause is not olinked to the card but to monarch state, so you can flicker the guy merrily.

    Overall I love having The Monarch in play as it gives a new political aspect to play with in multiplayer games. I have had trouble tracking monarch staus however, and I am still trying to figurew out how to do this best. Wearable crown...?
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  • posted a message on Premium (Foil) Commanders in C16
    Quote from Bradipo322 »
    I would like to say an important thing: The players who likes foils are the vast majority of the playerbase.
    Finally we get foil commanders and some people won't stop complaining, I don't get it.

    Nobody here "won't stop complaining", this threat is a civil as it gets. If you have nothing to add, please don't post.

    On topic:
    I too like non-foil cards better, especially because the foiling in magic seems lackluster to me., But I don't think wizards will print two sets of commanders per deck (foil + non-foil), that would simply flood the market with those commanders since nobody really need two copies.
    Especially with the 4c-commanders it is very unlikely to see them in some bootser-based set like EM/MM or Conspiracy, so we'll probably never see all 5 as non-foils...

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  • posted a message on Is feasible the Return of Colored-Artifact? (Aether Revolt)
    Quote from SamuGelb »
    Maybe if the set after Kaladesh are "Return" to Theros can be significance for the Color-Devotion.

    But they won't include colored artifacts in kaladesh just for the follow-up block. If kaladesh has a color-matters theme though, we might be in luck.
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  • posted a message on Soul Separator
    Quote from Horrornick »
    reverse mimeoplasm!

    Oh god if you use this on The Mimeoplasm you'll reverse it and get the ETB trigger again.... mimeoception.

    EDIT ... or does it work that way? Judge!
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from schnerbst »
    Whats up with the decision to give Bruna and Gisela different rarity? Seems utterly random...

    Gisella is tournament ready, Bruna less so but has potential. See Baneslayer Angel.

    I can see the power level argument, but Bruna has different rarities on both sides of her cvard, or am I being stupid? Brunas collector number is 15 hand has the "R" rarity indicator on the bottom of the card as well as the set symbol. Brisela's bottom half also has collectors number 15 (so I guess it's the flip side of Bruna) but has indicators for mythic rarity both in the set symbol and the rarity marker at the bottom.

    The question is, at which rarity will Bruna be printed?

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