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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Only Black / Library of Leng; Superbajt wins! (450 points)
    1) Anachronity -- 3-3?
    I'm pretty sure I win on the play by just being faster than you, but I think you can barely beat me on the draw by playing lifelinkers and then playing ghoul on the last turn. I think that saccing to Mogis early won't help things: on my winning play it seems not to help, since later on it doesn't meaningfully affect anything and early on you don't have enough momentum to outrace Cavalier; and on the losing play I don't think you even need it. Below are the basic lines I figured out; I'm not sure if they're legible and I'll come back and clarify if need be.

    2 Blossom
    2 Call
    3 Faerie (19-20), Cavalier
    3 Pulse blossom
    4 Mogis, s3 (19-17)
    4 make a 1/1
    5 mogis 2 dmg, pump 2, s5 (19-10)
    5 s1 lifelink (18-11), make a 1/1
    6 2 dmg, pump 3, s6 (18-2)
    6 s2 lifelink (16-4), make a 1/1
    7 mogis 2 (or sac), s6

    2 Call
    2 Blossom
    3 Pulse blossom
    3 Cava
    4 1/1
    4 Mogis, s2 cava (18)
    5 s1 (19-all), 1/1
    5 mog 2, pump 2, s4 (13-19)
    6 s2 (15-17), 1/1
    6 mog 2, pump 3, s5 (8, 17)
    7 s3 (11-14), 1/1
    7 mog2 pump3 s5 (5-14)
    8 s4 (9-8) Ghoul
    8 mog 2 (or sac, either way) -- pump 4 (1-8)
    9 s8
    3) Feyd_Ruin 0-6 Agreed.
    4) Magus of the Aesthetic 6-0 Besides anything else, I'm pretty sure I can win by just playing Cavalier and waiting until I have 36 lands.
    5) ManyCookies 0-6 Agreed.
    6) MyNameIsFourteen :: 3-3 Agreed.
    7) Personman 3-3 Agreed, thank you. (I need to avoid Bitterblossom in the future, I hate doing this counting math.)
    8) Superbajt 0-6 Haha lol no I do not. This is hilariously evil.
    9) WhammeWhamme 6-0 Agreed. Yay Mogis!

    | 2? X 0 6 0 2 2 0 6 | 18

    I expected more Bitterblossom, honestly. I guess 2 decks and a Call the Bloodline is a fair few. Also, Superbajt's deck is awesome, and BSZ is also super cool.
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  • posted a message on Kresh deck needs some fine-tuning
    Just gonna put this out there: I have a Sidisi deck that often wins by sacrificing tokens or mass recursion in order to make a huge Nantuko Husk / Bloodthrone Vampire / Carrion Feeder, which seems somewhat similar to what Kresh wants to do. As such, I'd like to recommend one of my own best win conditions:

    Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. Ooh baby.

    He can function both as something large to grow Kresh (that can be recurred by himself), and even without a large graveyard he's a win-con in combination with Kresh that avoids combat damage and hits everyone. Heartily recommend.

    Also, besides what others mentioned, I question Wight of Precinct Six, which seems like a dumb beater most of the time (although maybe for your purposes sheer size is enough) and Kozilek's Channeler, which seems like it's bad at ramping and really bad at beating down.
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  • posted a message on New player needing help with EDH deck
    Quote from ShesCrazy12 »
    About the Deckbuilder's Toolkits - do they always give you different cards with each box? I have already bought two of them.

    I love them as a starting point, but in your position I wouldn't get another one. They combine a large set of fixed cards with a group of semi-random other groups -- if you have 2 then you're highly unlikely to get many individual cards from it you didn't already have. They're great for having a set of basic cards to fill in decks you don't have quite enough cards for yet -- basically, for starting a basic collection. However, especially since it's EDH, where you can only have 1 of any particular card, they're useless for repeats.

    I would go for very cheap singles and individual cards you love (and also remember that card shops have rares and often have bargain-bin commons/uncommons, I've found great junk that way), then get out there and try the deck. EDH can be much more forgiving than other formats because of the social, multiplayer aspects, and you may not know what you want to improve in the deck until you try it. Also, one last time: all this is my opinion, and people have wildly different views on how people should start out. I'd wait for others to comment here, if anyone else will.

    Good luck! Smile
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  • posted a message on New player needing help with EDH deck
    Welcome to EDH! Smile DISCLAIMER: This is all just my opinion, feel free to ignore it, there are many others who disagree vehemently with me.
    Quote from ShesCrazy12 »
    Do you guys think I should buy booster packs, or buy them on their own?

    Easy rule to remember: don't buy booster packs unless you're playing in a Limited environment (Draft, Sealed, etc. -- for instance, a prerelease -- which I do encourage you to try sometime). It's important to build up a basic collection of cards, and the best way (IMO) to do that is to get Duel Decks, official Preconstructed EDH decks, Deckbuilder's Toolkits, and (yes) try Drafting/Sealed. That way, in the long run, if you decide to switch to another deck then it should be somewhat easy and you won't need a ton of new cards.

    However, since you're trying to make one deck now, there's just absolutely no chance you'll open the specific cards you need. An average booster pack might give you around 5 cards or so in your colors (blue and white); I'd guess maybe 1 of them (if that) will be something you'd be at all interested in playingin your EDH deck. A lot of them are bad commons, just 'french vanilla' creatures (that is, they have no special abilities except maybe a keyword, like Wind Drake or Huatli's Snubhorn); others are out of your colors; and some just don't do quite what your deck is looking to do. Frankly, and this is just my opinion, but I don't find opening booster packs to really almost ever be even remotely close to being worth the price of $4.

    Instead, ordering singles online is relatively cheap and will get you all you need. One time, I spent a total of $10 for some cards for a red/blue edh deck; I got 3x more cards than I needed and now can build tons of decks. I prefer to stick to cards under $0.50 or $0.25, but that's just me being a cheapskate; sometimes it's really worth it for a card you're lusting over (or one that you need to build the deck, if you're ordering a commander). This will vary based on your monetary tastes: I tell beginners to just use basics and 3-mana mana rocks, because you often have more fun finding exciting, splashy cards; however, if you're jumping into a competitive environment, a deck full of cheap (mana cost-wise) cards and good (expensive money-wise) lands is probably preferred and will definitely be something you can reuse in other decks down the road.
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  • posted a message on Creatures you wish were Legendary
    Blaze Commando. It's a unique effect that isn't quite exactly replicated by any other card that I know of, and it would bring R/W in a it different direction from the usual if built around.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR VW; Superbajt wins! (467 points)
    I've made a whole lotta mistakes... I managed to ignore shroud on Tiger somehow, flip that 6-0 to 0-6. Pretty sure (not certain of anything anymore) Maze means I still win the Depths matchups, though -- if anything, it should be easier to not worry about two potential Lages. | X 6 0 6 2 6 2 | 22 |, then.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR VW; Superbajt wins! (467 points)
    I'd thought Mogg was the person behind the PHM account at the moment, but it looks like they didn't enter... so knobbodi, maybe?

    Anyway... first, though: for Personman and ManyCookies v MyNameIsFourteen, can't they follow a strat where they play Depths, slowly tick down the counters manually, and then play Stage for the Lage token? If MNIF plays Cloudskate to bounce the token, you can immediately make another one with the original Depths.

    2) knobbodi 6-0
    I figured Bridge would come up. Words races Doll. Also, given the traditional image of Stuffy Doll as a voodoo-type doll -- stick a needle in me, it'll hurt you -- isn't it completely backwards that Pithing Needle turns it off?
    3) Magus of the Aesthetic 6-0
    Words kill tigers. tyger, tyger, burning bright... Flammable felines - what a weird subject for poetry.
    4) ManyCookies 6-0
    I T1 Needle Stage. If you counter it then Maze deals with 1 Lage token, and you can't make 2 'cause they're legendary. You otherwise need to counter my Words, and from there (since Stage copying Maze is out) I win with a Bird.
    5) MyNameIsFourteen 2-2
    Delirium Skeins / Mental Misstep / Riftwing Cloudskate
    Agreed, nice. I love it when discard strats work.
    6) Personman 6-0
    Maze beats Depths.
    7) Superbajt 2-2
    Anurid Scavenger / Kolaghan's Command / Path to Exile
    Agreed; I just need to hold back Needle so you can't make me discard Words.

    | X 6 6 6 2 6 2 | 28 |

    Pretty alright, I'd say! Maze of Ith turned out to be way better than I had even realized when I chose it, because it keeps Lage tokens on the board so that nobody can make 2 of 'em. Words of War was alright, which just goes to show Mom was right: using your words is always better than using your fists, or using plane-warping Lovecraftian monstrosities.
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  • posted a message on Forget precons, Yasova needs help
    Quote from bloodinside »
    Quote from ProfessorWhen »

    Although it doesn't work with Yasova's ability, Hazoret's Favor is nice with control effects during main phase 1.

    are you sure about that? Cannot we put the two abilities on the stack as we want to?

    You need to choose targets when the ability triggers, at which point you don't control your opponent's creature yet. Regardless of how you stack the abilities, Favor can't be targetting the opposing creature.
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  • posted a message on [Lets Brew] Baron Von Count - Metric Madness (Resource Guide)
    That's very disappointing. Oh well.
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  • posted a message on [Lets Brew] Baron Von Count - Metric Madness (Resource Guide)
    Hey, I know y'all are looking at Baron as a commander, but I did want to mention that, in a differently-colored deck, By Gnome Means, and arguably Ambiguity (ironically, it's unclear) allow you to put multiple doom counters on the Baron. Now, there's no ruling on whether you can immediately drop them on the '1' position, but as far as I'm aware there's also no rules saying you can't put counters anywhere you like on a card, assuming it doesn't say otherwise.

    Someone should ask Maro, but the important point is: one of the versions of Everythingamajig and Giant Fan both should let you put multiple doom counters on Baron von Count.
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  • posted a message on Rusty, Need some pointers!
    First off: Welcome home!

    I actually quite like the Wizards Commander premade decks -- they're really not awful as default and they give you something to work with. They've released 4 sets so far: Mono-color, enemy colors, 4-colored, and 3-colors; the 3-colored sets were original and are kinda expensive now, but since you mentioned you were looking at blue-green, the 2015 decks can be found for about $40 (here's the decklists). Otherwise, though, this forum has a ton of great threads in the Commander section. If you poke around a bit, it should be easy enough to find some good guides (and the final decklist will probably be cheaper since you can tailor it yourself).

    As for magic in general: creatures are better than ever, Standard goes up and down (you left around when it started going downhill), and buying singles is still by far the cheapest option. I, personally, think EDH is definitely the best place to start (though some would disagree with me), so good on you for that. It might be a bit of a leap since you said you weren't sure about your playing skill, but the relatively casual nature of EDH in most groups should help alleviate that.

    If you're looking for specific blue/green commanders, //[email protected]([U">+[G])&type=+[Legendary]"]this Gatherer search should cover 'em all (plus some planeswalkers, which you mostly can't use). Edric, Spymaster of Trest is a top-tier general for a deck full of Flying Men-type cards; Experiment Kraj and Vorel of the Hull Clade are wacky Simic +1/+1 counter weirdness; Ezuri, Claw of Progress is the 2015 Commander deck leader and is a great swarm / +1/+1 counter leader; Prime Speaker Zegana, Tishana, Voice of Thunder, and Momir Vig, Simic Visionary are both just great goodstuff commanders. There's also the option of expanding to 3 colors, which gives you (I think) a much better selection of options but will probably cost more in the deck.

    EDIT: As usual, links to Gatherer break the forum software. Geez. Just look up 'Gatherer' and enter in blue, green, exclude other colors for color, legendary for type.
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  • posted a message on 4CH DOOMED!; Convoy_Avenger wins! (425 points)
    ...right. That is, uh, something I could do. Potentially. *ahem*

    6-0 Mogg
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  • posted a message on 4CH DOOMED!; Convoy_Avenger wins! (425 points)
    1) AvatarDylaang :: 6-0 You're a slower clock and can't stop me.
    3) Convoy_Avenger :: 0-6 You can proliferate.
    4) Feyd_Ruin :: 6-0 You're a lot slower.
    5) knobbodi :: 3-3 Agreed
    6) Magus of the Aesthetic :: 0-6 Sanctuary!
    7) Mogg :: 3-3 I might be wrong, but OTP for you don't you go T1 Agent, then I take damage 3 times on upkeep?
    8) MyNameIsFourteen :: 3-3 Mirror, mirror...
    9) WhammeWhamme :: 0-6 Sanctuary!

    | 6 X 0 6 2 0 2 2 0 | 18

    Okay, just gonna say: I was so tempted to play Angel's Grace (and/or Gideon of the Trials, but he's more vulnerable). It's a guaranteed tie against every deck that you can keep mana open against. I went for the cheeky option instead, which actually turned out to do very well (besides for the Leyline -- I needed enchantment removal, instead.)
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  • posted a message on Very Cryptic Command has Multiple (Randomized?) Printings
    Seriously, though, this makes so much more sense lol Smile

    I wonder if it's almost an attempt to show off what it was like in the 'old days' of Magic? LIke, when there was no good universal knowledge of what's out there and you could discover new cards from someone else and not be able to get them anywhere else. With enough random options, it could easily be the case that it would be difficult-to-impossible for one website to stock all possible versions of a card.
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  • posted a message on Un-Banlist?
    This looks pretty good, but I question a few of the choices:
    1) Ol' Buzzbark is one of the legendary creatures, and is probably the best choice for a dice-rolling commander. I'd agree with you if he were a common or something, but as one of the marquee potential commanders he seems a sketchy ban.
    2) What's wrong with Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil? Panglacial Wurm even means that it's probably not actually too far outside of the rules, and I don't think there's any powerlevel concerns.
    3) Okay, I might be missing something big here, but why Magical Hacker? It's on the RC's list, but I don't see why. It's strong, yes, but not that strong.
    4) Rare-B-Gone is super duper powerful, but I think that things like Ruination and Blood Moon play into the same space -- punishing people who spent a lot of money on their decks. Given that rares aren't always even the best option for all decks, this seems strong but not inherently overpowered.
    5) Again, why Ineffable Blessing and More or Less? The first especially -- yes, it's crazy with tokens, but I'm not sure I'm convinced it's more powerful than, say, Sylvan Library or Glimpse of Nature -- or that it's so much more powerful that it needs to be banned.
    6) I totally understand why Staying Power is here, but I will say it's extremely disappointing Frown Why this but not, say, Topsy Turvy or Rules Lawyer?

    This looks like a good starting point -- I mostly question Infernal Spawn banning.
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