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A Reckoning on Kamigawa
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  • posted a message on Bloodline Inheritance
    I think it'd be pretty fair costing 7 or 8 mana overall. I'd not worry about self-mill -- generally if that's a concern then you should be in a winning position anyway. (Plus, this seems targetted at EDH, where it's even less of a concern.)

    Agreed on maybe choosing 1 creature type -- this is possibly the most confusing card ever created in terms of keeping track of what has what abilities. 'Drop nontoken' only goes with the 'draw only 1', but I think keeping nontoken would be fine. This way makes for more of a fun big engine sort of thing, where you play cards and then draw into more of them, and so on. Adding token creatures would shift the emphasis toward using it for combos and token decks, which I frankly don't think we need more of, and also doesn't feel as fun to play with for such an expensive card.
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  • posted a message on 5 Card Backbuild - Hands Posted
    Quote from Choptimist »
    Actually, is Anachronity's deck legal? Isn't playing Game of Chaos an instant loss?

    Phyrexian Unlife won't convert life loss to poison counters, only actual damage. Game is life loss. So, they'll go to an arbitrarily enormous amount of life, you'll be at an equally enormous negative life total, but you won't die because Unlife. Then you whittle 'em down a turn at a time with Megaliths.

    Honestly, I'm a little concerned about format diversity -- even in LR, this completely blows all the Battle of Wits and so on decks out of the water, in that it takes as 'infinite' a number of turns as is possible in Magic, compared to the 400 turns or so of the old decks. Congrats to Anachronicity for perfecting the art of truly awful wincons.

    0-6 Anachronity -- So it turns out giving infinite life to the Reservoir deck is a bad idea. Phyrexia's got nothing on multiple blasts of concentrated aether.
    0-6 WhammeWhamme -- Molten Frame.
    0-6 DoubleFried -- I take around 90 turns, plus a dozen or so for setup. You take about 200. Very nice. (Also, I totally should've used a depletion land instead of tri-land, dangit!)
    2-2 Choptimist -- Yup, I can't play my lands and I need them to do anything, but playing 1 land and reservoir off Hypergenesis means you can't win. The decks sit and stare at each other.
    6-0 Personman -- by the time you have the mana needed to play all of your cards in 1 turn... I'm still just getting set up, maybe gained a couple life. From there, Megaliths easily races Farmstead.
    0-6 knobbodi -- I like Molder.
    0-6 Feyd_Ruin -- That was it! I thought of Nix and Mental Misstep, but couldn't think of the free 0-mana counterspell.

    | 0 0 2 6 0 X 0 | 8 |
    Hey, I got a low score! That's good for backbuild, right? Right?
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  • posted a message on 2CH ELR Super Static Orb - Hands posted - Score your row now
    0-6 WhammeWhamme : Hippo outraces Tongs, and I can never cast Defiance.
    6-0 Knoboddi : Tongs are faster, and I can get 3 more ahead from Defiance too.
    0-6 Anachronity : Yeah, I can deal 3 to Vraska, or Wheel her away, but I can't both kill her and wheel her away. Concealing murder is always such a hassle.
    0-6 Feyd_Ruin : Hot dang. That's a fast Titan.
    0-6 Choptimist : Yeah, just counter Defiance and you got it.
    0-6 Personman : Gross indeed.
    3-3 tomsloger : Yeah, it's whether or not the Wolf token can get me.

    0 6 0 0 0 0 3 X | 8
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  • posted a message on I am the grammar police, lol... but seriously...
    "Let's here the rebuttals" indeed.

    Anyway, I guess I sorta agree with you, but what do you want done about it? It's how people talk online. Nobody is going to, or should, enforce a site grammar or spelling policy.

    As for your PS: the whole point of your so-called 'millennial acronyms' is that they save time typing, not speaking. Unless you're reading these posts out loud, syllable count is completely irrelevant here, whereas using the shorter acronym can indeed "save time" for both the author and the reader.
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  • posted a message on 4CH Growth - Hands Posted
    0- 6 Anachronity :: This is a gorgeous hand, and yes, I lose hard. As for Mutavault: technically i can do things with Kiki-Jiki or Exarch, but really it's cause I didn't want to go looking through all the nonbasic lands again.
    0-6 Choptimist :: Yup, Revoker on Vial.
    6-0 Feyd_Ruin :: Pretty sure I just sorta combo off unimpeded here.
    3-3 knobbodi :: Yup, first to Vial or Chalice.
    3-3 Personman :: Vial v Chalice.
    0-6 WhammeWhamme :: Yeah, true with Jitte.

    |0 X 0 6 3 3 0 | 10 |

    @PerfectHandMagic: I like the new layout for the banned lists!
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  • posted a message on 6CH; WhammeWhamme wins! (467 points)
    I'm assuming Anachronicity is playing Opalescence?
    1) 1-4 Anachronity :: OTP, I play 2 Loti, you can add 4 from sanctum at best and kill 1 lotus, but Swipe for 1 still stops your wincon. OTD, Aura locks me out.
    3) 6-0 Feyd_Ruin :: OTD, I can counter your first play. After that point, you'll get Swiped for casting anything.
    4) 6-0 knobbodi :: I missing something about Dust Bowl here? Anyway, you have no T1 play, so Swipe you or die to Salvagers.
    5) 3-3 Mogg :: I can always Misstep Song, so I'll ignore it. OTP, you'll get Swiped. OTD, Titan can just kill me.
    6) 3-3 Personman :: OTP, get Swiped. OTD: You do the whole Progenitus thing.
    7) 0-6 WhammeWhamme :: Foil a Lotus. (Gilded Lotus?)

    | 1 X 6 6 2 2 0 | 17 |

    Sure, I'll take it! (As always tell me if I'm wrong.)
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  • posted a message on 5CH Wildest Growth; Mogg wins! (400 points)

    Okay, so, play/draw doesn't affect my matches.

    Here's how ours goes:

    C1: Inky, Devoted Druid. Resolves, because it's literally irrelevant as long as I hold the counter up for the other half of the combo.
    (It doesn't even let you attack and hold up Mindswipe, because you need U/R for Bluffs)
    W1: Play second land
    C2: Swing with Inky (1 poison). Can cast Vizier to eat Arcane Denial, but I still get to add a counter (because charging the land gets 2 mana for Arcane Denial). If Vizier is not cast, then I just charge up at EOT (creatures cast at sorcery speed). (1 counter)
    W: Go
    C: Swing with Inky (2 poison), EOT W adds a counter (2)
    W: Go
    C: Swing with Inky (3 poison), EOT W adds a counter (3)
    W: Play the Griffin (leaving a land untapped so I can Denial)
    C: If Inky swings, I block and you lose. So it stays home... and then I win the race (17/4, 14/5, 11/6, 8/7, 5/8, 2/9, death for you)

    And there's the other thing I was missing! Any time one of matches comes down to a weird race, I just need to assume I'm wrong somewhere.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Wildest Growth; Mogg wins! (400 points)
    Quote from Mogg »
    Satyr + Maze generates sn arbitrarily large amount of mana (Maze doesn't actually remove Satyr from combat), so cycled Decree makes a lot of tokens.

    Oh, I see! I knew there had to be something I missed. 0-6 then.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Wildest Growth; Mogg wins! (400 points)
    2) Feyd_Ruin 3-3 :: Agreed
    3) knobbodi 1-4 :: Agreed.
    4) Mogg 2-2??? :: I might be missing something obvious here, but can't I trade Vizier with Satyr (if you attack without Ithing it, which if you do I won't tak edamage anyway), block a 1/1 with druid, and trade a 1/1 with Nexus? If you try to Claim Nexus, I can Swipe it. 2-2 tie?
    5) tomsloger 3-3 :: OTP, you can't cast anything T1 and I can Swipe by T2. Win with Nexus. OTD, you Silence my T2 and win T3.
    6) WhammeWhamme 6-0 :: Pretty sure I barely win the races here. Even if you counter my Druid, you can't both store mana and cast your 4-mana counterspell, so either I kill with Nexus or you eventually let me play Vizier. At this point, I win the race by blocking/shrinking your Griffin for a turn. Similarly, OTP I try for T1 Druid, have it countered, you can play Griffin but I win that that race, or you play nothing and I can wait with Nexus. (Please double-check this; I might be very wrong here.)

    | X 2 1 2? 2 6? | 13 |

    I like Mindswipe, but Druid/Vizier was too awkward for it. Weird races helped though.
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  • posted a message on Three More Reprints - Tolarian Community College Spoiler
    Quote from thatmarkguy »

    Excitement may be tempered by the simultaneous realization that its eventual ban is probably already written in ink.

    They took down Ponder, Preordain, and Probe. I don't think they want people to be able to run multiple blue 1-cantrips. Either this or Serum Visions should start writing its will.

    Given that this was just printed, RIP Serum Visions.

    Super excited for Opt though! Also, I neither hate nor adore the Duress art, but I love its flavor text.
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  • posted a message on Can this mechanic possibly work?
    Well, for one thing, it causes an automatic tie whenever a creature takes lethal damage.

    Also, thematically, it seems a bit weird to me that things can't die (whether through damage or otherwise).
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  • posted a message on 5CH Wildest Growth; Mogg wins! (400 points)
    ...I would honestly be happy to play Staying Power rounds all the time. I think the key is, instead of an emblem, just have one or both players start the game with an actual copy of Staying Power on the battlefield -- that way you can do something about it. Although you'll probably still have to ban Angel's Grace.

    EDIT: Wait, I've got it -- just add life rule!
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Countdown ; WhammeWhamme wins! (600 points)

    Lotus Vale (or any other land) is fine, because Word can't cause it to be played until the opponent's second turn.

    Word is illegal, though, because of the existence of instants with a mana cost of {0}. Word can cause one of these cards to leave an opponent's hand before his or her second turn.

    Would anyone like to suggest a replacement card?

    Oh, right, 2nd turn for lands. I need to think these through more. As you say, though, still illegal. I'll just take Evermind or something else uncastable; it was my own fault (and I never used Command so it might as well have been uncastable anyway).
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Countdown ; WhammeWhamme wins! (600 points)
    1) Anachronity 6-0 :: Pride alone beats Nexus.
    3) Mogg 0-6 :: Dang 'rang on my enchantment thang.
    4) Feyd_Ruin 0-6 :: Needle Pride, then win at your leisure.
    5) knobbodi 6-0 :: Pride beats Nexus.
    6) WhammeWhamme 0-6 :: I had been counting on using Command to lock you out with Outcast, which leads to 4-1 for me. I had forgetten, of course, that I lock myself out of Words this way.

    6 X 0 0 6 0 | 12

    Yeah, I pretty much just did the 3 things that I thought would be cool this week with no thought for how they went together. It's probably for the best I didn't do well, though, 'cause I just realized that Word of Command is illegal as a result of Lotus Vale, which OTP I could make them play, which would get replaced by going straight to graveyard -- violating 3.1d.

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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Countdown ; WhammeWhamme wins! (600 points)
    I'm actually past the deadline here, and I'm totally fine with being disqualified if need be. I basically just forgot this week. (I also couldn't send a PM.) (Also don't worry Ana I didn't look)
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