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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    So PPTQ tomorrow, and my weapon of choice is U/W Wink My updated list:

    My list is focused on beating Temur, and Control game 1. My Sb is a concession that aggro is still an arch type I need to beat after SB. It might be better to have the 4th Caracal, but Gideon is a house in the mirrors.

    If Vehicles picks up the list will need to change. I'm not set up to deal with Toolcrafts into hearts....
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    Played paper today, the differences between mtgo and paper are real. I missed some interactions, and just didn't shuffle enough. The deck performed great! It would've gone 3-0 but I went 2-1-0. I won the mirror in G3, with 0 cards in my library. I milled him out and held the fort down with an active Gideon and Gearhulk to protect him. Gideon is just...he's good and he's making it into my 75 on Sat.

    Vs Mono Black aggro I dropped the wrong land (thought it was Rivulet and instead played a Glacial Fortress), I played Desert's Hold but due to my quick reaction I just went full on blonde mode and missed ganing 3 life. I lost that match by 1 life... Laughing

    The deck is good, I really like the desert package.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    We are already favored against affinity, and burn is a solid 50/50 depending on the build. If players MD 3x Matter Reshaper's the match up becomes favorable.

    Vs Storm and Titan Shift, you need different answers/ hate cards. I would much rather play against storm than Titan shift. I have 3x Rest In Peace and 2xGrafdigger's Cage to stall them. Permission on only goes so far agaisnt storm, I think it's best to just pressure them and leave in removal for their baral's. Vs titan shift? Pfft, curve out?

    Are you playing on mtgo? How's it going lately? I haven't been playing modern due to the PPTQ season changing formats, but I think Bant Eldrazi is underplayed. Very underplayed.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    You aren't looking to mill decks like temur, or tokens. You are looking to mill U/x control, and the mill plan also works in the Mirror. Milling yourself also gets 4 into the yard thus putting you closer to your approach. G1's are about staying alive, you control that board ans stall up until the point where you hit the 'opps I win button". In that sense, this isn't a traditional control deck G1.

    Example, you have 8 lands in play, cast your first approach. Cool, that's 7 cards deep, maybe you don't have 2-3 turns , so you untap, draw, (now approach is 6 cards away). Let's say you draw cycling card, well, you pass, they do their thing, you cycle, (now you are 5 cards away), and the you mill 4, (now approach is 1 card away). You untap, draw approach and it's on to G2. That is why you play Ipnu Rivulet.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    I've been testing a lot on mtgo, and have been getting positive results. There was a 5-0 list from yesterday and it has been wrecking for me:

    5-0 list player StanleySteamer

    List I have been running

    The Sb is currently not optimzed, but I still like 3 Gearhulks, and 2-3 Gideon. It's possible that the 7th Plains should be another Desert of the True (I think the Shefet Dunes was a concession to needing that W to come into untapped).

    The desert package has been quite good. Desert's Hold has impressed in every creature match up and milling out opposing control decks is viable. I'd like to message this player and get some input on his SB plans, but there is a significant decrease of ramunap red, locally and on mtgo. I have a PPTQ this weekend, and will be running approach over Temur since I know that most of the spikes in my area on some energy variant.

    Opt isn't worth it, and I am also not a fan of Aether meltdown, I would rather just have 7 sweepers in the main and chain them. It works.

    It should be noted that hand disruption alone doesn't beat this deck, nor does countermagic on it's own. However, both together are a pain to deal with. I think our worst match up is Sultai Energy (after SB'ing). They can clock us, disrupt us, and use permission to keep our sweepers at bay. Every other match up feels fine, the control mirror is highly skill intensive, U/B G1 is favorable, after board the deck needs a solid plan. U/B Control is the one match up that needs some ironing out, they go small, and bring in 2 drops. We could do the same, I was thinking of Glory-bound Initiate or Adorned Pouncer (the latter plays well with Carcals). I need to test this before Sat.

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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    The match up would depend greatly on the configuration of your build. Some list include Aether Meltdown, Cast Out or Ixalan's Bidding as "removal". If vehicles is coming up in your area (or mtgo, I've played against, and beaten it), it may be time to jam some Hour of Revelation which is looking better and better. What U/W lacks is efficient early removal, if we had our version of Fatal Push we would be fine.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    Im going to junp into another competitive league tonight. i wasnt worried about those match ups, i won against tokens amd temur. it was sultai energy, with both duress and negate/ spell pierce back up that did me in, 2x at that. b/r aggro was tough because i drew 0 settle the wreckage in both games.

    I think what this weekend of nationals showed us is that the deck is viable. My small sampling from mtgo ptq isnt enough data. I was thinking that we need more threats after board against control, kefnet did come to mind. It is moments like this when we miss spell queller.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    Hey all, quick write up. Played the MTGO PTQ yesterday, and went 2-3 drop. The good news? I won every single G1, the bad news? Players are prepared to beat Wrath style control deck by upping their counter suite from the energy side. The Sultai Energy match up is especially difficult after SB'ing.

    What did I beat?
    Abzan Tokens 2-1 (We are very favored here)
    Temur Energy (2-0 they do not have access to Duress, hence your hand doesn't get shredded)

    Losses? 2x to Sultai Energy and 1x to B/R aggro.

    I've worked a lot on this deck, and am at a point of concession. The meta has shaped up to be hostile towards wrath style control, and resolving a 7cmc win con against other control decks is a losing angle. Running a little spot removal could help but it's not going to shore up the SB issues the deck has and the control G1 match ups. What can we do to improve things? Some spot removal and hard counters are necessary. I'd take a look at the lists that 5-0 and adjust from there.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    It's still good, I just won my mtgo match because of Carcal's and Authority of the Consuls. They had Rampaging Ferocidon + Hazoret on board but Settle the Wreckage did its job and I finished G3 with 39 life.

    It may be okay to cut 1 Cat, but it seems like a necessary SB card in many match ups.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    So, a trend I've been seeing is more and more lost Legacy's out of the various tokens deck SB'ing. I feel like we are favored, but I'm still getting used to the match up. G1's are almost a bye since you have to brick on not finding your Approaches. G2-G3 are harder, and I am leaning towards the 3 Negate package, along with Regal Carcal and Gaearhulks to act as speed bumps. The issue here is that you cannot win with these threats, they will make chump blockers and stone wall your alternate win cons. Kefnet may be worth it, and I do like Hour of Revelation. Losing Cast Out is huge thought, and I tend to lean on that card quite a bit. Maybe we can have it out of sb? It seems like Hour of Rev was tailor made to halt and stop the token based strats.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    Been testing a lot on mtgo. The U/B match is hard, but I think we can reconfigure to improve this match up. G1's I've won off of milling (i know I know...but hear me out), Ipnu Rivulet is a card I actively dig for G1. I've had U/B players aim for it simply because it will mill them in the late game. Usually I sandbag them and then drop once we have drawn a billion cards each. When it comes down to it, we have more removal for their threats then they have threats in their entire MD 60. So the mill plan gets there.

    G2 and G3, yeah, duress is a pain, and our SB package isn't always geared to beat control. So, I like trying a 3rd Search for Azcanta out of the board, gearhulks, and hard counters. Soft counters do well against decks that want to curve out, but in this match up I always want access to Disallow. I do bring in some threats but it's expected. Most U/B pilots know that we will bring in cats, and gearhulks. Gideon is also meh here, I wish we had a sticky threats to bring in, or a trump card. Going to have to look hard for the tech.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control - aka. - Approach of the Second Cats 2.0
    Finally, we have a dedicated U/W approach thread. I'm running a pretty stock list on MTGO and have beaten most of the tier 1 decks over the last 2 weeks. The main match up I have diffculty with is the mirror (I'm configured to beat aggro/Midrange G1). I think this deck is still great and, you can beat duress by diversifying your threats after board. The deck digs deep so it sees a lot of cards; Match ups become harder but you can also play around things and bring in a variety of cards on the play and on the draw.

    I've seen some great tech from Japanese based players, and it has involed Angel of Sanctions + the Gearhulk plan. The deck is malleable, and rewards tight play execution.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Yes, the Matches I've won against Titan have all involved an on board Drowner of Hope. Path is okay, I think cutting 1 is fine, the most impactful cards are TKS, Drowner and Smasher. The 3 drops are just there to pressure, holding up permission = a losing position if you are unable to deploy threats.

    chalice on 2 is great for our deck since we have 0 2 drops in the main, and run RIP out of the SB. The deck goes 1-3, and is set up to do so. Chalice may be our go to answer to combo. It was done before, and it's one of the reasons Eldrazi Tron is so successful.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    I played a PPTQ this past weekend and went 3-3. I could've played better and gotten into top 8 with my breakers, but I punted HARD when I was x-2 against Kiki Chor (A deck that I have played against 2x in the last year). That said, my 2 losses came against titanshift which were...expected but come with a lesson. A friend took Bant Eldrazi to X-2 and missed top 8, so the deck is fine/ very viable.

    Before readjusting my SB I went all in on RIP and regretted that decision against Kiki Chord (With Eldritch Evolution). Grafdigger's cage is a must for the deck; It is too important to leave out right now. My wins came against:

    Affinity 2-1 Win Favored
    Grixis Deathshadow 2-0 Win
    Grixis Deathshadow 2-0 Win

    Titanshift 0-2
    Titanshift 1-2
    Kiki chord 0-2

    That Kiki chord misplay happened when I jumped the gun to path the angel and realized a mere seconds afterwards that I needed to time it in response Kiki's activation/tap ability. I tilted hard and spiraled down hill from there. The next game I got stuck on 3 lands and feel behind.

    Vs, DS variants, we are so favored. It's one of the main reasons to play the deck, and I think the meta has improved our position:

    Vs Eldrazi Tron Favored (I really think our curve out is more consistent then theirs)
    Vs Grixis Deathshadow Favored
    Vs Burn 50/50, Matter Reshaper greatly increases our win % G1. Game's 2-3 are 50/50
    Vs Affinity Favored! EE is huge and so is Spawner
    Vs Abzan Favored
    Vs Jeskai Control/Midrange Favored (this deck is no delver)
    Vs Jund Favored
    Vs Eldrazi Taxes , whatever, we are faster and more consistent then they are

    TitanShift Bad..mucho bad
    U/R Storm Bd, but it improves after SB
    Ad Naus (not a huge part of the meta anymore, U/R Storm is faster)
    U/W Is tough, they have quite a few decent answers but it's not terrible (but not great)
    Merfolk (MEH)
    Elves ( MEH MEH)
    Counters Company (You need to curve and have removal)
    Living End (Talk about BAD)

    Every deck has good and bad match ups, but as the format stands the deck is fine. We can T3 TKS very consistently and can T2 TKS better than Eldrazi Tron. We may not have the late game power that the tron lands provide but we get Stirrings and EE, + Path's to disrupt early. The nature of the deck is to be a little weak to combo G1, but we can tailor the counter suite and Sb package to adjust. That's the allure of Bant Eldrazi for me.

    On Engineered Explosives, Bant Drazi is hands down the best home for this card. If you want to have a chance against Elves/affinity/Merfolk, or the goyf decks, run this card. It's a house.

    Current Build:

    Lesson's learned against Titanshift:
    1) You Can't Control them, and any permission you bring in is to slow them down
    2) You must curve out, I took a G1 win (Yes a G1 Win) buy going T2 Displacer, T3 TKS, T4 Smasher, T6 drowner. I invalidated their Titan and sung past his tappened titan ftw. Mistakes were done during the SB process and in misunderstanding my role in the match up. We are the beat down, not the control deck. I tried boarding 6 Permission spells and quickly found that that was a huge mistake. You gotta clock them.
    3) They top deck better than you.
    4) Mulligan Slow hands.

    What do you all do against Valakut.dec?
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  • posted a message on Esper/UB control
    I feel like every single UB based control deck should be playing The Scarab God somewhere in it's 75. That card is a win con on it's own. The first few weeks will see fairly large number of Carnage Tyrant's in MD's and SB's. Expect this card to come from every single G/x based Midrange/Tribal Deck; From Energy variants to Dinos.

    If the meta winds up being Ramunap red and Temur/Dinos week 1 then durdling around with Search for Azcanta is not where you want to be. Blue Gearhulk is a must, and Glimmer of Genius should be the defacto 4cmc card drawing spell.

    My focus has been on expanding my range this past standard, but I may be coming back to my control roots. You will need answers to:
    Gods (Hazoret, The Scarab God)
    Creatures with Hexproof and uncounterable ones at that
    Counter wars (Temur packs a whopping 4 Negates in it's SB)
    and any new brew that may take SCG Dallas by storm (I will be there).

    Hour of Glory
    Vraska's Contempt
    Grind // Dust

    are some cards that will have to step up to being this format's premium removal spells. If I were to run Control at SCG Dallas I'd tailor list to beat Ramunap Red and Temur 1st. Adjust from there.
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