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    Let me put it this way: If WotC adopted these frames, I would honestly consider selling everything I own in attempts to collect foil versions of everything.

    ...anyway. Amazing frames. The only problem I have with them is the expansion symbol. I would prefer it to be at the very bottom left of the card, right next to the artist credit. I don't want the symbol to just be on the typeline (I've always felt that was a mistake made early on in Magic's history that now can't be fixed), and having it in the place you've put it I'm not too sure I like how it interacts with the art.

    Aside from that: Font's are good choices, multicoloured lines and some awesome background textures just make this feel more like a real Magic frame than anything I've seen before.

    Keep up the good work!
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  • posted a message on A Tragic Passing: Richie Proffitt, aka PolarBearGod, has just passed away
    I've added a tribute to my sig, that's about all I could think of doing.

    I'll miss him. Least of all for the great work he did in the Fantasy Art for Card Creation thread. I've spent many an hour killing bandwitdh admiring everything he did for MtGSally.

    (Ironically my sig pic seems to fit, even though I made it last year...)
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    The one on the right.

    I can't explain why I like it, it just "feels" like a better border for the art box. I think its because you have the mana cost crossing it, therefore its not such a "hard" edge as the rest of the frame.

    (Also, am I correct in assuming you intend to array the power/toughness vertically to the left of the textbox? I can't imagine where the copywrite/set number would go.)
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    If I may add my two cents:

    The second frame in the first post (Angel of Salvation and Jaya) would be an amazing extended art frame. However, for a "normal" version of the frame, I would suggest two minor alterations.

    1) Get rid of the transparency. This enables you to apply a texture to the frame (instead of just a colour) without it clashing with the artwork. Maybe as an example redo Jaya with that texture used in the two Kamahl frames in your second post?

    2) Extend the text box all the way to the edges of the card. The attached image (hopefully) shows how I feel this should be done. Maybe even possibly flatten the type box? (extensions shown in red. Excuse my shoddy Paint skills)

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  • posted a message on Does anyone here like Space the Convergence?
    Ancestral Recall
    Blaze of Glory
    Dark Ritual
    Lightning Bolt
    Giant Growth
    Black Lotus
    Glimpse the Unthinkable

    The theme is the original cycle of 1cc instants in First Edition, or at the very least have 1cc in general.

    P.S. Has anybody else noticed how well the card type symbols match this frame? It's almost like they were designed to go together. And having the colour symbol in the corner would be useful in some kind of "landless" format where cards become lands.
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    At the risk of sounding like I'm just going "me too!", title font 8 and the third text box seem to be the best.

    The other two text boxes are really obvious, and impact on the artwork (and text in the case of the first one). In any extended art template, the most important thing is making the text as easy to read as possible while still keeping the artwork looking good, and I feel the third frame achieves this with the least "random arbitrary lines" around the text.

    Krashbot above has already mentioned why the 8th title font is good, so I don't need to just repeat what they have said.

    Look forward to having this available (PSD or even MSE2) soon.

    EDIT: Yeah, I would put the mana cost on the left, but I appear to be in the minority about that...
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    Don't worry Virot, I got the reference.

    Of course I liek Mudkipz, but a cat is fine too. Kitty
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    The biggest problem I see with this is the sheer scope of it all. Can you imagine trying to fit arcane magic, divine magic, shadow magic, pact magic, truename magic, psionics, node magic, combat stances, and incarnum all into five colors in one block?

    And then inevitably fans would create their own sets based on third-party supplements, like Iron Kingdoms, DragonMech, or The Book of Erotic Fantasy :o.

    Magic already has most of the core D&D races and classes as creature types, and personally I'm not missing Bard, Gnome or Drow at all. I'm pretty sure we can even squeeze in Beholders as Eyes. Possibly give them protection from sorceries and instants to mimic the anti-magic eye?
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    At the Lorwyn prerelease I traded away my foil Dryad's Caress for a Revised Edition Ornithopter, just because the guy wanted the "foily cleavage".

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    I've seen this ability before. It's "Loyalty—Reveal" from VS. (Not that I play or anything...)

    Still, good to see it being used in a tribal block. Obvious reinforcement of the theme, although on turn one it seems more about luck than skill (*cough*Leylines*cough*). It's the first thing I would think of if I had been working on Lorwyn (and thank the Card Gods I'm not).
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