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  • posted a message on Athreos, God of Passage
    Hey, Akaneko. Very cool deck. This looks like a very similar route I first took my Athreos, God of Passage list. I hope you stick with him. He is a very fun commander to have and one would be surprised how many times they get "that" creature back.

    You reference reanimation but I do not see some of the premier reanimation spells in Reanimate and Animate Dead. I feel these are almost too good for a black list not to run (especially one dedicating a portion of your strategy to like you are). Obviously they are stellar cards, but if you are looking for an instant way to reanimate creatures I would also take a look at Necromancy.

    As for Gray Merchant of Asphohdel, this card was a house when he was in my list. At that time I had a lot of B permanents so gaining life with him was simple yet effective. If you are trying to flicker him I would recommend adding as many B permanents as possible (that do not dilute the strategy). I am not the biggest fan of Ashes to Ashes. I like your current removal slots as they are.

    Over time my list turned into a more dedicated Hatebear strategy. Feel free to take a look at my list (in my sig) and to stop by my (hopefully) primer someday.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    So far I have been very happy with only a 1x Search for Azcanta. It's a great early game draw and although it is slow in the late game, it can still transform into a land the next turn and offer us some pseudo-scry.

    This deck's greatest strength in the current meta is the fact that it has a very not well-known play style with a great finisher (valakut). I heavily recommend people breaking out their blue variants of Shift.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Mono-R Control with Jaya Ballard!
    I am not sure how I feel about Dire Fleet Daredevil. It's nice that it is cheap, but I do not like that it is limited to only the turn it is cast. I also do not like that it is limited to Instant/Sorcery (would be OP if it did everything obviously). Let us know when you see it in games and what it does.

    I have the same problem as you Weebo. This mono red shell has been here for is tough to find cuts.
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  • posted a message on Athreos, God of Passage - Massage Therapist
    Hello, everyone. I am here doing my first set review. I am currently taking a look at each relevant card for this Athreos list. Some cards will not be included in this review due to their specific synergies/abilieis (think vampire important cards).
    Rivals of Ixalan Set Review

    Rivals of Ixalan Set Review

    Bishop of Binding – If we wanted an effect like this we would be playing Fiend Hunter. The bishop is one mana more expensive for the plus side of being able to pump a vampire.
    Famished Paladin – There is some lifegain in this list. But not enough to make use of him. A 3/3 for 1W is a little underwhelming for EDH.
    Martyr of Dusk – Seems to be the most abuse-able white creature in the set for us. I would only play this card if I was crafting a list that was going wide or a more aristocrat-style list.
    Radiant Destiny – Unfrotunately our creature types are a little all over the place. If we were dedicated to one tribe, say clerics, I could see this being included.
    Slaughter the Strong – I like that this effect makes players sacrifice instead of destroy. We do have a lot of creatures with power under 4. In a meta where you are dealing with heavy stompy lists I can see this making the cut. Perhaps it will be tested in the future. One thing I do not like about it is that it may let our opponents keep their utility creatures.
    Sphinx’s Decree – Cool little card to slow down our opponents. But because we aren’t running an all-in combo list I am afraid this doesn’t find a home here.
    Trapjaw Tyrant – Great beefy body for the low cost of 3WW. It would be nice if we could find a way to do damage to ourselves but this list isn’t poised to abuse the dino. In this list he would be a 5/5 that swings in and occasionally gets blocked to exile a creature.
    Zetalpa, Primal Dawn – Oh my, key word soup. If you are around the kitchen table this is the perfect little timmy card. Unfortunately at the high cost of 6WW this dino won’t be making the cut.

    Dead Man’s Chest – Cool little utility card but this does not seem to fit the bill when looking at our list in a nut shell. We are more in the market of creatures with abilities.
    Dire Fleet Poisoner – I definitely love me some Ambush Viper. The pirate ability is useless to us. As much as I think this is a cool
    Dusk Charger – The City’s Blessing looks interesting as a mechanic. But I don’t think a 3B potential 5/5 vanilla is suitable for Athreos.
    Dusk Legion Zealot - I like the Elvish Visionary feels I am getting from this. As of right now I can see this being something we look at if we want to go wide. I feel like this card is much better in an Edgar Markov list.
    Golden Demise - I definitely like 1 sided board wipes. But I would rather have my wipes be unconditional at removing non-indestructible dudes. The current wraths I have in now do it better.
    Mastermind’s Acquisition – Great option for people running a budget list, but I would rather have a 2 cmc tutor. Its ability to reach outside of the game is something that you would have to talk to you play group about.
    Oathsworn Vampire - We do have a very small lifegain sub-theme. I could see this making the cut based on being sac fodder alone. Currently, I do not have plans for this.
    Pitiless Plunderer - Creatures will be dying in our list, but I do not think the ramp will be very useful to us. Our cmc averages around 2.61, this means additional ramp isn’t necessary.
    Ravenous Chupacabra - I love the unconditional spot removal. I wish it was 1 mana cheaper. He is a close call, but I definitely like having an edict effect on a creature that hits everyone’s board over this for now. Could be worth testing in a creature-dominated meta.
    Recover – I like that this cantrips but our commander essentially does what this spell is trying to do.
    Tetzimoc, Primal Death – I Love the design of this card. But he is a little too expensive for a lower CMC curve. Good beater…that deathtouch is pretty funny on a creature this big.
    Tomb Robber - Great little card advantage engine. Perfect CMC curve for us and menace to top it off. If we are looking for more card advantage this guy could find a home.
    Twilight Prophet – Double costed Dark Confidant looks great. I feel like the city’s blessing is easy to achieve in EDH…but I will first be testing how often I can achieve this. Could be a great curve topper in our taxing list.
    Vona’s Hunger – Cool effect, but I would much rather have this effect stapled onto a value creature.

    Elenda, the Dusk Rose – Our list is designed to take advantage of creatures dying. If we are trying to go wide she can definitely be considered for our list.

    Azor’s Gateway – Unfortunately I do not think we have the range of CMCs to abuse this. Plus, the extra mana isn’t going to be completely useful to us.
    Golem Guardian – Neat idea, but I am afraid this is just a beater. We have enough of those kind of effects (or at least the amount we want at this moment).
    The Immortal Sun – I believe this will be a staple in more casual EDH lists. The curve is too high for us. We are a hatebear list and may not have room or want this.

    Arch of Orazca – We have a lot of card draw currently, but this could see an inclusion depending on how many of this effect you want. I believe 5 and tap is too high of a cost….especially in our format


    I am currently not too pumped for this set. But there could be some gems worth testing. Happy testing, everyone!
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Memnarch, Stealer of Games
    Quote from Gen0syde86 »
    Ok I guys. I have to admit something. I'm a fraud now:(. I no longer use Memnarch as my Commander. He is just a lowly peon on my deck as an alternative win con. I moved into using Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor as my commander-in-chief. He was better for me as I moved more and more into a combo deck. Now my deck has 1 win con..... Combo out in almost every/any way. Aboshan felt less threatening to other players and actually did a better job of not losing me the game.

    Not the Memdaddy! all seriousness I appreciate obscure commanders (look at my sig). Do you play in a aggroish meta? Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor looks like he would do great there.

    Depending on what kind of list you run I still think Tezzeret the Seeker is still one of the best PW'ers in EDH and worth running in your list. There is probably a few artifacts that are either very important to your game plan or just great in general. What does your list look like? I would like to see any new discoveries you have made that could be applied to Memnarch.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Memnarch, Stealer of Games
    Quote from benjameenbear »
    What are everyone's thoughts about Azor's Gateway? I think it has awesome potential, but I think it could also just be a trap. I feel like Memnarch is particularly suited to it because of Paradox Engine, Aphetto Alchemist, Voltaic Key and Tezzeret the Seeker. The backside of the card is absolutely broken for this deck, and it makes Palinchron a 1 card combo again. I'm strongly considering it but would like others' opinions on it.

    I am really tempted to like it. It's flip side is obviously a near-game ender for us if we are able to cast Memnarch and take 3+ important permanents. But I am worried that the exile cost for us will be a little more difficult then we expect. My deck's cmc is hovering around 2.71 and in any given hand I seem to average around 2-3 different total mana costs. Most of these being rocks I want to cast early. I think the exile is much too steep when compared to discard as well.

    I agree with a lot of what NimBalor said. I don't think this card would hurt in any list but a well tuned mono U fueled competitive machine may not want this.
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  • posted a message on Athreos, God of Passage - Massage Therapist
    Tymna the Weaver is on the wants list. I think she will be a great addition.

    I'm also looking into discard creatures as well, based off what you recommended bear. One card that seems to be catching my eye is Liliana, Heretical Healer. Its easy to flip (in this list) and I like that it starts out as a creature. I like that the +2 hits each player, instead of having to target a player like other discard spells do.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    Quote from Kozent »
    Hello, thanks ^^

    Yes abrade after tests gonna stay in the board, it did a great job ^^

    For the 2 scapeshift , I was running 3 since the beginning , but with SFA ( and supreme will ) , we are digging much deeper , that’s the reason i’ve tried with only 2 copies , up the SFA to 2 copies ( wanted to see it more frequently and as you say, with the may close you can have 2 on board , one flip and the other as a « scry 1 » ) ; and it ’s been doing great so far !

    I'm currently on a 1 of SfA. I like the split of 1x Farseek/1x Search for Azcanta as both can serve a similar purpose of ramp (while one has card advantage/selection built in). I'll give more of an an update on how I feel about it once I get some more testing done.

    It's too bad not a lot of people are brewing U Scapeshift lists. I don't feel completely locked out of any game I play and I feel as if a list may have some legs in the future.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    Quote from Kozent »
    Personnaly , search and supreme will have been great so far ! The first for card selection and acceleration/dig for scapeshift, and the second for the versatility ! It may cost one more than worldy councel but he option of countering a spell in the early game , is just great !

    Here is my list :

    The only changes I’ve made are 2 abrade in the board ( - 1 ancient grudge -1 nature’s claim ) , loved the card can be your 5-6 removal spell againt heavy creature’s deck like Human !

    I'm definitely taking a hard look at Abrade myself. In a heavy Vial meta its also decent against any other small creature strategies that we want to bring in extra removal for.

    One thing that I do seem to agree with is that SfA allows us to use our Bring to Lights more proactively than normal. Sometimes I find myself clinging to a BtL just because I know its my sole win condition (mb). I'm currently on 1 SfA but I may want to put another in. That "may" clause is pretty nifty when you already have a Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin.

    How did you feel about going down to 2x Scapeshift. It has been done in the past, I just want to hear your reason. I understand that SfA means we are digging deeper. But I would almost never go below 3 Shifts.

    Nice list.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    Quote from Dassfinger »
    Hey guys, just saw this:
    Might Search for Azcanta help making this deck good again? I miss playing my scapeshifts along with a cryptic command

    I saw this list and it really made me miss the good 'ole days of straight RUG Scapeshift. I do question the lack of Supreme Wills. I think 2 is a great number for any U Scapeshift list. It allows us to dig while holding up an answer if we are desperate. I also think not having the 4th Cryptic Command in that sort of build is a crime. Nothing is sweeter than a turn 3 Cryptic.

    Search for Azcanta is definitely getting some hype. UW Control lists seem to be using it to their advantage. My two fears about it in our list is that we normally do not want to be binning lands and that it is very slow. But filtering our draws (discarding those unneeded late-game ramp spells) seems great. I also like that SFA also acts as a faux Farseek during the late game. Yes, we have to wait a turn for it to flip and ramp but that doesn't seem like the worst thing we can be doing.

    I am still on the Bring to Light as I think it is more powerful than the RUG lists. But I am looking forward to the day where RUG can make its return.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Nice to see an updated primer. As this is the deck my brother plays (he's not that into mtg) I am excited to see some innovation with the list.
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  • posted a message on Athreos, God of Passage - Massage Therapist
    Game report finally up! Thanks for being patient.

    11/18/2017: Won
    Turn Order: Tana/Tymna, Athreos
    Had the chance to play a 1v1 game at GP Portland. My opponent was nice, he drove from Idaho, and only came to the GP to jam commander (Kind of like me…except I play Modern as well). I started with a hand of Viscera Seer, Blood Artist, Demonic Tutor, Orzhov Signet, Karmic Guide, Vindicate, Snow-Covered Swamp. I thought long and hard about this hand. I was so close to looping for an infinite combo. I took the risk and kept it (being on the draw confirmed it for me). Opponent plays Mountain pass. I draw for turn…no land. Play swamp, Seer go. Our opponent untaps and misses is his land drop. From that information I feel as if we are playing a hatebear 1v1 match. This should be interesting. I untap and draw a Snow-Covered Plains. I play the land, cast a signet and pass. Opponent, untaps casts his newly drawn Sol Ring into a Rakdos Signet (no land for turn). I draw a Windswept heath crack it for a Scrubland and throw down the Blood Artist. He plays a Swamp and taps out(ish) for a Phyrexian Arena. I play Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth for turn casting Athreos, God of Passage and tutoring for a Revillark. Over the course of the next two turns I plan on combing. It is risky but I am afraid I may be buried underneath is soon to be card advantage. He untaps, draws 2, casts Tymna the Weaver and passes. I draw a plains for turn (I am extremely fortunate to be hitting these land drops), cast Revillark with one white open. If everything goes smoothly this turn I will be able to win on our next. Opponent untaps, draws 2, attacks with Tymna, pays 1 to draw 1. Our opponent is sitting on a gold mine of card advantage. Our opponent taps out, and casts Harvester of Souls. Well this is going to be interesting. I untap play out my Karmic Guide and start to loop the combo with Revillark, Viscera Seer, and Blood Artist. Our opponent draws 39 cards, loses 39 life, and is all tapped out (from previous turn). He offers the handshake and that’s game.
    Overall we kept a risky hand that found its way because of lands. If I were to redo this match I would almost search up the same Phyrexian Arena to match his card advantage with my own. But a fast and relatively early combo was able to get there.
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  • posted a message on Athreos, God of Passage - Massage Therapist
    Quote from yeedeehege »
    I played 2 games with this general. I have bad experience.

    Game 1, my life total got too low, i became an unwilling hostage to say yes to all Athreos 'trigger.

    Game 2 i was the best player in terms of board/life total yet the Athreos's player keep asking me. got so paranoid I conceded in the end. It's like the Joker finally inject Batman with the joker venom... and became the batman who laughs.... Grin

    I think it's a good general, but the pilot needsa great amount of tact, and smooth talking makes this general bearable. else it can turn into a pretty toxic general.

    U considered Magus of the Abyss?

    I can definitely assure you that anytime you are playing against an Athreos player with low life you will most likely be the target every time. This allows us (the Athreos player) to consistently recycle any used synergies and goodstuff creatures. I suggest giving the Athreos the "weak" creatures like Kami of False Hope, Knight of the White Orchid (if they run them), etc. Although those guys may be annoying, its much better to give them those than a Fleshbag Marauder or Grand Abolisher. This general definitely dabbles in politics.

    I haven't given Magus of the Abyss any thought until now. I like how destroying our own creatures can get Athreos triggers, but one of the strong points of this deck is to not rely on Athreos (granted we use him a bit). I also am not a fan that our opponents get to choose. I do like the easy cost of 3B though. Perhaps one of these days I will give him a chance with the other options people have recommended. Thanks for the tip. Welcome to the thread.

    I haven't forgotten about the game report. Will be coming shortly.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    I am in the process of dusting off my Modern skills and coming back with my favorite deck ever printed (RUGx Scapeshift). I never truly left the format as I would always stay updated and read. I have been extremely pleased with the MB. 3x Lightning Bolts/Repeal have been a nod to the ever increasing aggro decks in the format and being able to spot removal problematic creatures early on. Looking at you Storm...(Izzet Charm pulling double duty, as a 1 of its great). I do have some lingering questions.

    As you may notice the SB is at 16 cards. The Chalice of the Voids are a test and surprisingly enough it hasn't showed up yet. Off all 16 cards, what would you cut to make the sideboard a solid 15?

    List below:

    edit: Should specify I am playing mostly online. Meta is wide.
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  • posted a message on Dralnu, Lich Lord of Storm
    Came out of retirement I see. I like the list. I always imagined that if I were to play a UB list Drainu would be the commander.
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