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    Yar kaburi can run me as needed, will check in from time to time
    now to wake up in 4.5 hours from now
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    Heedless of her companions' possible intentions regarding gates and levers, Emeryn rounds the corner and charges straight for the fanatics within.

    With initiative as listed, I guess Reed, Strathalmere, and Paravrax can take turns stepping to the mouth of the hall and shooting (it appears to be at least 50 feet from the main hall to the center of Room 2). Then I guess Emeryn will just Dash all the way down the hall to close with whoever is left standing, unless someone stops her by that point. IIRC, Korvat can dash in and take a swing as well, but I can't.
    Unless we get all the way into the room and move to the side slightly, our ranged attacks are going to have at least partial cover due to people stuck in the hall, as far as I can tell from the map in #821.
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    It's pretty cute as a rattlesnake commander though, plus you can play blink effects to pull it off without having him die. Not the strongest, obviously, but it can actually save you a lot of damage if you can let your opponents know you have it.
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    At Reed's direction, Emeryn raises her shield and rounds the corner to the spectator's cage.

    Going to be in Japan for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, so I'll only be checking in occasionally Frown
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    Cool, sounds like we are pretty close to working something out then.

    I don't think I've ever played with a looping list, although I believe I saw this setup; people are asked to critique the next X people after them on the player list, right? That must be where the mention of global scoring also came in. Is the system assuming 100% critique participation, then? I'm not the best statistician, but it seems like that poses some problems as well if anyone misses their critiques. If I was supposed to get 5 critiques and 3 of them weren't submitted, I'm not going to get the same range of opinions as someone who got 5 critiques, even if you correct for percentage of possible points.
    I would agree that, if the CCL does move forward without groups, everyone should get the same challenge. Different challenges for different groups was fine when the groups only competed within themselves. I do think some really fun creative stuff was done with that; for example, in one of the last CCLs I was in, Asrama split us up by emotions and had the Love group come up with a memento of our loved one while the Revenge group made a weapon, or something like that.

    Yeah, I don't think voting in the finals is required to participate in Round 1 next month, just a good place to advertise.

    It's definitely good to get the host's feedback at least on the final round, whether that is just a write up or providing an actual Top 3. I think the host's vote should be reserved to break ties in a poll.

    Do you guys prefer ending with a peer critique round, like 8 people critiquing each other, or having a poll?
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    Hey guys, glad to see that the CCL is still going, sorry that I'm pretty out of touch on things. Definitely appreciate you writing up a new proposal, Ryder, nothing at all wrong with trying to make changes to improve the system. Hopefully we can get a consensus among the recent hosts and participants.

    To me, the fundamentals of the CCL are peer review and a series of flavorful challenges. I do also feel that there is a casual aspect to it as opposed to the MCC since you will get a variety of peer opinions. The biggest obstacles that the CCL faces are the work required to host it and the difficulties maintaining participation through the team rounds, getting critiques in particular. With that in mind, I'll address the specific points in discussion below.

    Point System
    Is there a big advantage to ranking everyone and giving points down to second to last as opposed to the Top 3? I agree that there doesn't seem to be a mathematical difference, but it can be hard to rank people when doing critiques, so Top 3 makes it a bit easier since you don't have to rank down to 4th, 5th, etc. It's also easier for the host since there are fewer numbers to keep track of, which is a big plus.
    I am not sure what the current status quo is, but I am opposed to having scores counted across all players as opposed to within teams. Even with the percentage normalization, circumstances are often different for different teams (sometimes a team may only get one or two critiques, for example). I also think it's fun for each team to have different challenges in some rounds, so it is most fair for each team to only compete within their team to advance. The drawback is that you could have a strong team that sees strong designers eliminated and a team where a weaker player squeaks by, but the team selection should be random and I think both of those situations can be fun and keep a variety of players involved.

    Length of the Contest
    The CCL is definitely known to run well over a month. Simultaneous critiques and submissions have been tried before, I think, and would probably be fine during the 2nd and 3rd round, but I think it is somewhat confusing to have everyone submit quarterfinal cards and then go back and say "only these 8 players actually made it". If I understand Ryder's proposal correctly, this happens again with the semifinals, where all 8 quarterfinalists submit but then get paired up when you figure out who passed the quarterfinals. In the past, I have enjoyed challenges that are personalized to your opponent, like "make a version of your opponent's legendary creature in another color" or whatever, and this would make that difficult.
    I would like to float a different proposal to give the CCL more breathing room; cut one or more of the elimination rounds. I think the eliminated players often lose interest after quarter and semifinals and fail to vote in the finals. I always liked the quarterfinal round when we had each of the 8 players critique and pick a Top 3 from the other 7, because those players were usually pretty invested and provided interesting feedback. Here are a couple of ways we could restructure the elimination rounds:
    • Everyone critiques the Round 3 submissions and you get the top 2 from each team to advance. I think 8 (or more if there are more teams) is too many options for an effective poll, so these people should critique each other. You could end based on those rankings or cut half the players for one more round.
    • You could cut to just the top player from each team (both can advance for ties). Have them do a final challenge and go directly to a public poll. Specifically, I would recommend a multiple choice poll and assume that each of the players votes for themselves (plus any other competitors they want to vote for).
    I'd like to avoid any rounds where only the host judges, since the CCL is all about multiple peer opinions. Perhaps ironically, the final polls are often where you get the least feedback, since people just vote and don't post any comments. I think 4 options might actually make for a better poll since it would be a bit broader competition.
    So with those suggestions you could cut down to 5 or even 4 rounds total, allowing as much as a week. You could try a schedule like below.
    • 1st to 7th: Round 1, long to allow for plenty of people to see it and get in.
    • 8th to 12th: Teams assigned for critiquing of Round 1 and Round 2 submissions
    • 13th to 17th: Critique Round 2, Round 3 submissions
    • 18th to 20th: Critique Round 3
    • 21st to 24th: Top 2 from each team submit for semifinals (normally 8 players)
    • 25th to 27th: Peer critique of everyone else in the semifinals, cut to finals (normally 4)
    • 28th to end of month: Final submissions
    • 1st to 7th of following month: Final poll open during this time and advertised in Round 1 of the next CCL

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    I can understand that Starfall and Luan were hiding out of sight, but how did the cultists miss me running back and forth grabbing Paravrax and Korvat like 20 feet away when they went from Room 7 to Room 3? I was fully expecting to run into combat around there. I can roll with it since we have several posts establishing that the cultists passed by, just confused.
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    Emeryn hesistates, but yields to Reed's firm nod. She turns and heads back, flinging open the door to the dusty room where Paravrax consults with his toy. "We've got trouble, get out here," she commands, only making eye contact for a moment before she turns toward the kitchen. "Korvat, we'll need some more axing," she calls to him as she approaches, "and where's Luan gone?". Waiting for the others to join, she looks at the entrances to the south, wary of any additional enemies.

    Does your panther do anything if you are down? Are the cultists just ignoring a huge cat?
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    Emeryn sees Reed turn toward the east. "What was that?" She starts to follow him down the hall. "Luan, sounds like another battle has started!" she calls to him hurriedly as she and Reed lead the way.

    I assume if Reed heard it and I'm standing right next to him I can just go with him. Not sure if Paravrax has the door closed to his room, but I would assume Luan and Korvat see us leave as well.
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    Emeryn rests her morningstar loosely on her left hand, turning it slowly with her right. She looks impatiently at the door to the room where Paravrax consults with his mechanical kitten, at Korvat gulping down stew made of who knows what while Luan pokes through the kitchen nearby, and at the passage to the east where Strathalmere has disappeared with his rather large and non-mechanical kitten. She looks down at Reed, a slightly impatient arc to her eyebrow.
    "Is this one truly still of use to us? If he won't tell us of their further defenses, we should put him to death. The judgment of the people of Groesford clearly applies to this lot as well."
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