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  • posted a message on Battlefield Thaumaturge and Incremental Growth
    Yep, you announce the Incremental Growth, Battlefield Thaumaturge sees three targets, and it costs 3 less to cast.
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL April Round 3 - Triumph and Treachery
    Critiques for Immortality

    I guess this is killing a player. It's interesting how it affects certain decks more than others, a sideboard mill card? It's nice that it builds itself naturally.

    This is pretty cool, but should be rare. It probably wants to Coercion the cards into exile to prevent them just dropping lands.

    The potential for 3-4 poison counters for 4 seems awfully swingy, but it's a decent concept I suppose.

    Fun minigame, but it seems like it should have the risk of you getting poisoned as well (giving poison to that player if they have the most or tied for the most cards?).

    I kind of want a 3 on the creature destroying part to make it balance. Otherwise, seems too obvious for the challenge.

    1. Antny223
    2. Doombringer
    3. Ink Treader

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  • posted a message on Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts vs Krond the Dawn-Clad
    Yes, because that would be an ability from an Aura. The Emissary is not a creature while it is bestowed.
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL Discussion
    Thought: Maybe the CCL should just be 4 (or 5?) "Swiss" rounds instead of cutting people.
    Reason: Expands the time per round, lets people participate the whole time.
    Drawbacks: The math for the current CCL scoring is intimidating enough that people aren't that keen to host, and this would encourage more of that.

    Basically, let's get some ideas for reorganizing this contest so it takes less time to run and is more fun to participate in. There are two main aspects of the CCL that I want to preserve:
    • Flavor-based continuous challenges (Asrama's story so far this month is a good example)
    • Making sure every submitted card gets a few peer reviews.
    Anything else can go on the chopping block as far as I'm concerned. Alternate scoring methods could be polls, maybe some sort of "awesome/needs improvement" points distributed as you see fit? Flavorful teams are fun but it may also be nice to open up to different numbers/formats of teams.
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    Done de done done done with my judgings
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC April 2014 Round 3***
    Quote from NVRBLND
    Volcanoridge Alpha 3BRG
    Creature - Dragon (R)
    Devour 1
    As long you control no other creatures Volcanoridge Alpha has double strike and trample
    The dragons of Jund assert their dominance through brute displays of strength, rage and hunger

    Design (9/10)
    Creativity – Interesting Jund take on the "loner" mechanical theme.
    Elegance – Devour works great with the final ability, allowing you to eat everyone to make a powerful threat.
    Potential – Wide appeal

    Development (8/10)
    Viability – Sure
    Balance – Haste is what Spike really wants here, allowing him to maximize a tapped out board with an all-in dragon attack. Although the lack of haste probably hurts its chances of making much impact on Standard etc, it's certainly a nice threat for Limited and more casual Constructed.
    Creative Writing – Fair

    Challenge (2/2)
    Quality (2.5/3) – Missing at least a period and probably also a comma (after the "As long as" bit).

    Total: 21.5/25
    Quote from Zoomba
    Enduring Rage RR
    Instant (U)
    As an additional cost to cast Enduring Rage, exile a creature card in your graveyard.
    Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the exiled card's power. If the exiled card is a dragon, that creature gains double strike until end of turn.
    Some beast's might are too strong for a single death to extinguish.

    Design (8/10)
    Creativity – Sort of a roundabout Corpse Lunge.
    Elegance – I don't know if double strike makes the most sense, you'd think the spirit of a dragon would give you flying right? It's also slightly weird that it pumps toughness for X, I think it would be fair giving +X/+0.
    Potential – It has some Johnny potential for sure, more than just a Limited trick.

    Development (8/10)
    Viability – Red enough, uncommon seems right
    Balance – At best this can be 18 extra damage; new Legacy deck? :p It depends a lot on the context of its Limited and Constructed formats I guess, but it requires enough setup that it can probably afford this slightly aggressive costing.
    Creative Writing – Good enough

    Challenge (2/2)
    Quality (2.5/3) – Subtypes are capitalized (Dragon) and you exile a creature card "from" your graveyard. Also, I think you want "beasts'".

    Total: 20.5/25

    Quote from Rhand
    Dragon Totem 2RR
    Artifact (M)
    Whenever a Dragon creature you control dies, you may search your library for a creature card with the same name, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library afterwards.
    X, T: Until end of turn, target creature you control gets +X/+0 and is a Dragon creature in addition to its creature types. Spend only red mana this way.

    Design (7/10)
    CreativityRemembrance, Verdant Succession etc do exist, but the second ability makes this feel new.
    Elegance – Having a way around the Dragon restriction is cool. I guess the red mana restriction sort of adds to the flavor, but feels a little old school and could probably be cut. Being a colored artifact is a bit weird but does seem necessary because of the tap.
    Potential – EDH players so sad, but fun for Casual Constructed Johnnies

    Development (8/10)
    Viability – Not sure this is mythic worthy
    Balance – The power boost alone is pretty good in a primarily red deck. If you're already playing Dragons, this is something you can run out just before you start playing 5 and 6 cost Dragons to have some insurance. It doesn't have a huge board impact though, so it wouldn't make the cut for more focused Constructed formats. The power boost makes it fairly good for Limited, especially in smaller formats where you have at least a shot at activating the first part.
    Creative Writing – Straightforward, makes sense

    Challenge (2/2)
    Quality (2.5/3) – According to Remembrance, you want "If you do, shuffle your library."

    Total: 19.5/25
    Quote from doomfish
    Seal of Dragonmorph 2R
    Enchantment (U)
    Sacrifice Seal of Dragonmorph: Until end of turn, target 2/2 creature becomes a 6/6 red Dragon, loses all abilities, and gains flying.
    Morph 3R (You may cast this face down as a 2/2 creature for 3. Turn it face up any time for its morph cost.)

    Design (6/10)
    CreativityLumithread Field and seals have been done, but now we have both, for a good approximation of the fabled "morph instant". For a convoluted Dragonshift.
    Elegance – I had a major "wait what" moment when I saw that it only targets 2/2 creatures. I guess that's cool and all but doesn't really make sense flavorwise (there are non-morph 2/2s) and doesn't seem to add much play value.
    Potential – Niche combat trick

    Development (6/10)
    Viability – Gaining flying is a little weird without the blue that Dragonshift has.
    Balance – You can probably 1 for 1 someone with the base effect, or push through some damage, but it's not super cost effective. Best case I can think of is blocking two large creatures with 2/2s and morphing this to fog one and kill the other, but that requires a lot of setup. It wouldn't even be a sure play in Limited if it could hit any creature, but the 2/2 restriction really hurts it, even with the assumption that there will be a lot of morphs.
    Creative Writing – Doesn't really tell me why this is a morph

    Challenge (2/2)
    Quality (3/3)

    Total: 17/25

    NVRBLND: 21.5
    Zoomba: 20.5

    Rhand: 19.5
    doomfish: 17
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL March Final Poll
    Sorry I missed the polling period.

    Asrama - I think the angel is pretty dangerous at this cost, it's on par with Platinum Angel since the only out is to kill them in one shot. The Call is pretty interesting, haven't really seen Bifurcate from the graveyard afaik. Lot of deckbuilding potential, although it would be more powerful as a reanimator if it could be single target and cost 4. The Restorer also has an interesting flow of creatures. I don't really get the idea of what is happening in your block mechanically, but the story is nice.

    max - Seems like the first guy is more blue/black than green/blue to me, particularly in his description. The actual Drone card feels somewhat disjointed and doesn't make much of the transform mechanic. It would have been fine if it just had two abilities, one to add counters and one to spend them to hurt creatures. The connection to learning is also a little obscure. Seal Within Shards doesn't feel super seal-y (like Detention Orb maybe), and it's kind of weird how it works but could be good in my EDH meta.

    Congrats Asrama Smile
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game – ] Mostly Mute Monk Mafia - Day 3
    great job
    Thumbs Down
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game – ] Mostly Mute Monk Mafia - Day 3
    Void recalcitrant
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  • posted a message on Why doesnt every deck run 4 Gitaxian Probes?
    2 life is not an insignificant cost. Every deck would also run Street Wraith if 2 life was always worth a cycle.
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