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    Maybe we'll get it in the next set, but I have yet to see what exactly the renegades are fighting for. We were told that the Consulate shut off some aether and are focused more on inventions to control it and use it for weapons, but it isn't very visceral yet, basically sounds like the renegades are complaining that the government doesn't give everyone free Wi-Fi.
    It seems like creative has tried to give us variety on the Consulate side, there was a straight-up Consulate defector amongst the renegades today, Padeem was fairly sympathetic in her brief appearance earlier, and Dovin is definitely taking the logical "needs of the many" approach from what we have seen so far. It seems clear that Kambal is in it for personal profit (from the cards) and Baral is going to be a fairly one-note sadistic revenge hypocrite guy, but that makes five characters already showing a variety of viewpoints while being associated with the Consulate. If anything, for me the burden is still on the renegades to make me sympathetic to their cause.

    Also renegades, rebels, partisans, allies, coalition...at some point here they are going to run out of names for their struggling resistance factions.
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    Obscure reference...maybe we'll find out that
    the aetherborn turn into whales when they die or something
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    Biggest news to me is the templating on the red Puzzleknot, where it says "Sacrifice Fireforger's Puzzleknot: It deals..."
    Looking at, say, Mogg Fanatic, I think this is new that we can use "it" if the cardname is already used on...the same line I guess? Maybe only right before?
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    It's interesting that they massively inflated the loyalty economy on the planeswalker deck walkers, with +2 and +3 abilities and high starting loyalty. Helps them stick around through an attack or two and be difficult to get rid of. They obviously aren't Standard material, but I think that helps newer players get the satisfaction of getting out a walker and keeping it out to use for several turns. As such, I think they do a good job of doing what they were intended for, which is pretty much kitchen table play.
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    Quote from krishnath ยป
    And to put the final nail in the "Ashiok is an Aetherborn" coffin, as fun as this has been: The official description of Ashiok is that Ashiok used to be human.

    Where are you seeing that?
    http://magic.wizards.com/en/story/planeswalkers/ashiok doesn't say anything like that.

    I was surprised to hear the official statement that Ashiok is not aetherborn, I guess there are some differences in the details but the aesthetic is awfully close. The ideas about the aetherborn and the Blind Eternities that popped up here were kind of interesting, though, maybe that will be a plot point with regards to the interplanar transport device Rashmi invented, like the aetherborn want access or are the only sapient creatures that can use it, since it only worked on inorganic material so far and they are supposedly made of refined aether.
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    Seems like a strong guess. At four, that would move Kaladesh into second for the number of native walkers from a plane (with cards).
    (5) Nicol Bolas, Liliana, Karn, Venser, Teferi from Dominaria
    (4) Chandra, Saheeli, Dovin, Ashiok? from Kaladesh
    (3) Ugin, Sarkhan, and Narset from Tarkir
    Domri, Vraska, and Ral from Ravnica
    Arlinn, Sorin, and Tibalt from Innistrad
    Nissa, Kiora, Nahiri from Zendikar

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    Shawn himself just made a mistake explaining how the vehicles work, saying that you tap "one creature" not 1 power worth. I like the way it works but they need to be careful in their messaging.
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    The hints had been there pretty obviously already, but this story confirms that the matter transportation experiment opens the potential for interplanar travel (I don't think there is any other explanation for Saheeli's concern). As this has been the ambition of the Phyrexians throughout their history, there's an obvious seed for that, but it also opens up the possibility for a future block covering a multi-plane conflict, something on the scale of Origins that could actually be more or less tied together in one story. Could be something like Time Spiral or a Masters set with multiple returning mechanics in a new mix.

    Rashmi certainly seems like a possible artifact-related legend, but I'm not sure if her semi-mystic reliance on the Conduit and being an elf was hinting at G in addition to U and R. Looks like we also have Enlightened Keeper Padeem as a legend, presumably WU.
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    Note that, due to the "card you exiled" wording, this should only work when cloning your own creatures, unless you are copying an opponent's Arcane Savant, for example, and you also happen to have an Arcane Savant in your draft with an exiled card.
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