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    And just to make sure, the attacking creature was blocked in this case, so it won't deal any damage to the defending player unless it has trample.
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    Please use card tags when posting like this:

    [card]Rooftop Storm[/card] = Rooftop Storm
    Carrion Feeder

    This works as your brother says. He controls the Carrion Feeder, so he can cast Gravecrawler from his graveyard. Rooftop Storm lets him cast his Zombies for free. This means he can do this loop an arbitrarily large number of times.
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    Wizards has shown a willingness to put out endless strings of mechanics that put +1/+1 counters on your guys, so I don't think there is any problem with pushing into slightly different space with your Salvage mechanic. You could always flavor it slightly differently (maybe "Remembrance" or "Heritage" with the idea of drawing strength from the past) so that it goes easily on non-permanents as well. "Salvage" to me seems like it should only be on artifacts (just the word).
    I'm not sure what the context is, but RTR had a number of Scavenge-ripe targets like Wild Beastmaster. If you go with a mechanic that only adds one counter, you could have some similar creatures, but also creatures like Crowned Ceratok or the outlast guys that care about counters in more of a binary fashion, getting bonuses just from having one.
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    Keep the discussion limited to the concept, not the people posting. Thanks.
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    Yes, assuming nothing else happens, the Master will set life to 1 and Kaalia will deal 2 damage.
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    I was exploring what mechanic themes they might pull off here a while back, might be relevant food for thought. Eldrazi are another decent candidate for the non-white group, it's kind of unfortunate in that respect that Eldrazi Displacer is good.
    It would also be sweet if a WUBR guy could pull off the four celestial animals.

    Quote from Gerrard"s Mom »
    Hey, I'm sure other people have worked on 4-color Commander sets and whatnot, I see at least one other attempt by Lef on the front page of the forum right now. I don't know if this thread is going to actually make many cards, but I was trying to figure out if there are any mechanics that are actually limited to all but one color, or close to that. We might then be able to use those examples to inform some themes for Commander sets or factions in a full set or something. I know the arguments that 4-color is close to meaningless, just trying to scrape any signs of meaning out of the existing card pool.
    Basically, I'm trying to come up with a list of mechanics (broadly defined) that appear exclusively or almost exclusively in 4 colors, plus maybe some that only appear in 3 colors but could reasonably be extended to one but not both of the other colors. I'm focusing on the Modern card pool to try to weed out weird bleeds.

    Green gets flying bleed fairly often, but the other colors get it pretty much every set. Not a very good tip to build anything around, but I guess a faction or commanders in this combination could use flying.
    Has never appeared in black or green, but black is quite a bit more likely to exile cards in general, and some of the artifacts like Mimic Vat feel pretty black. A focus on manipulating exiled cards works well for the not-green group since green is the most earthy and grounded, whereas exile kind of represents abstraction and being removed from the natural order.
    Green has only Prey's Vengeance, while black has two rebound cards. I don't think there is anything mechanical or flavorful to keep rebound out of green though, except that green is the most creature-focused and this is a spell mechanic.
    Gain control
    Green only has Gilt-Leaf Archdruid in the modern pool, and its reliance on destiny means it wants you to make do with what you have in your own deck. White is sparse, but all of the nongreen colors are capable of stealing stuff.

    In general it feels like this group should have smaller, evasive creatures, with good spell support in removal and tricks. It can exploit your resources by exiling or stealing them. A civilized but volatile group.

    White gets cantrips and occasionally draw triggers for things it likes to do, but all the other colors are better at drawing in their various ways.
    White, blue and green are tied at 2 madness cards each, but I think blue has a lot more "mad scientist" flavor and is far better mechanically at cycling through cards and UG Madness was an actual deck. I can't really think of any good reason for green to have madness though, unless you reflavor it a bit as recycling or making use of discarded stuff.
    This is slightly surprising since white gets some kinds of reanimation, but I guess it never got any actual undying cards, basically to reinforce the white humans vs other monsters in Innistrad.
    Mana Manipulation
    Red and green are the main colors to ramp or ritual into mana, but black and blue also have histories of manipulating mana types and gaining mana from nonland sources. White only rarely can search out some lands, usually with an equality stipulation. Delve could extend from Sultai into red easily.

    Based on the ideas above, this group should be churning through a lot of cards finding the best ones, but also having plenty of ways to take advantage of its spent resources. Mid to large sized creatures, a lot of organic growth fueled by dark and dangerous secrets.

    Blue basically never destroys anything, except in Polymorph and cards with related flavor. This group could have triggers off of the actual destroy action, or more broadly on things going to the graveyard from the battlefield.
    First strike
    A couple of weird mono-green examples put this here, but I don't know if it's much to go with. I guess the idea is that blue doesn't care too much about combat damage; infect, wither, lifelink, and for the most part trample also fall in this group.
    Obsolete, but I guess with Spectral Rider it technically fits here. Menace kind of works but isn't particularly white.
    There is only one mono-blue echo card, and echo kind of goes against blue's philosophy of planning ahead and using resources well.
    Chief Engineer is blue's only convoke card, and doesn't have it itself. I don't think this one is particularly good since blue seems like it could have reasonable flavor of working together on convoke, or exploiting the tricky nature of convoke for counterspells and whatnot. I guess blue is the worst at making tokens, so the other colors have more inconsequential bodies around to use for convoking.

    This group is most focused on the battlefield. It wants to get a lot of its own things there as quickly as possible, and remove other people's stuff. Go wide and stay on the offensive. A reckless, instinctual horde, perhaps bound together through unquestioned religion or dogma.

    The color balance in Avacyn Restored gave us these two options. Soulbond is a great fit since black only trusts itself, but the other colors are willing to forge meaningful relationships. Black is probably better at top of deck manipulation and drawing than white is mechanically, so it's basically only flavor that put miracle in these colors.
    Only here because of Greater Morphling, and would probably fit better in the non-black group.

    This one is a bit tough to figure out based on what I have found so far. I guess these colors as a group are looking for synergy, so things like Slivers and Allies fit well. Share with the whole group instead of focusing on one individual. There is room for individuality and improvement, but a majority focus, so perhaps something like a democracy would fit.

    This is the one that prompted this line of thought. After appearing on Bant and then jumping to black in M13, exalted has appeared everywhere except red. This makes pretty good sense. White is all about volunteering to help the group, and black exalted can either be pulling all the attention to themselves or flavored as servant type creatures. Blue has no problem contributing to another for strategic advantage, and I guess green exalted is just about natural cooperation and the mechanics of pumping a big attacker. Red, being the most individual-focused, just wants to do what it wants to do without worrying about the social constraints of being expected to help out another attacker, and mechanically it usually wants to put out a lot of guys and attack all at once. Red is much more about the infectious emotion of combat, not calculating the benefit of having one person go to battle.
    Xathrid Slyblade gives black one entry here and white has a couple of things that give you hexproof or can get hexproof as kind of a protection-lite. Red has no hexproof cards at all. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, I guess red just isn't very careful about protecting itself.
    Enchantment bonuses
    Enchantments are red's major blindspot or weakness, but the other colors all have various rewards for playing enchantments, but red has almost none outside of the thematic bleed for Forgeborn Oreads.

    This group of colors focuses on building up and protecting one powerful threat, through contributions from other creatures, Auras, etc. A strict hierarchical society, working for the benefit of a single or few powerful entities. They also seek to limit the freedom of their opponents through rules and denial.
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    Quote from Gerrard"s Mom »
    I further think "instigate" would have been the perfect term.

    I like the word, but "instigate target creature" reads pretty strange.
    "Instigate a creature. (Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature and it becomes a Rebel in addition to its other creature types.)"?

    Yeah but "instigate" doesn't normally take just a person as an object like that without an infinitive as complement. You can "instigate the people to action" or "instigate a quarrel" but it's not natural to say "he instigated his friend" or something like that.
    "Recruit" is pretty good but doesn't seem to carry the inspiring connotation that the +1/+1 would imply. "Impassion" and "Inflame" are options but not quite right. Maybe "Rouse" is actually the closest.
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    I further think "instigate" would have been the perfect term.

    I like the word, but "instigate target creature" reads pretty strange.

    Quote from shinquickman »
    Sway to the Cause is definitely not Mono-R. Perma control is something only Blue can do, also black on a few occasions. A variation of Might Makes Right is more fitting.

    Sure, maybe this space is better for like a rare that can both motivate (at least once) and Threaten a Rebel every turn or something like that.

    Thanks for all the other comments, if I actually get around to building a custom cube I'll look for more feedback then.

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    Aether Revolt is definitely the place for a Legendary Thopter.
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    Yeah, actually it's unfortunate that "Rebel" didn't quite fit the flavor position that the Allies had, since the Eldrazi weren't the government or anything. Or that Wizards didn't decide to use the somewhat broader "Ally" in Masques block. There are conceptual ties and it would have been great for casual builders and maybe even for Constructed potential to have an open-ended "extra class" tribe in this flavor space that could sustain different implementations across planes, instead of to have these isolated groups like Rebels, Allies, the Coalition, and the Mirran resistance. Of course, some might consider the mechanic and flavor distinction between these factions a plus.

    Tribal interactions are definitely the other piece here, so I guess this is more of an A+B mechanic or whatever they call it than a linear one; you need motivate cards and Rebel payoff, although motivate is generally going to be reasonable on its own. Tribal interactions are also the only way to tie back to the old Rebels, since motivate can't really do anything with Rebels in your library.
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