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    This is a topic for Magic General, not rulings, but basically you can either use them in something like a Cube where you draft cards again, or they are pretty much worthless, like the majority of cards pulled from packs.
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    Yeah, the Assassin, Beast, and Insect are all pretty cool. What makes the Insect token?
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    My only gripe with the set is where are the construct that affect draft? They were and continue to be awesome drafting. That said, the rest of the set far far exceeded my expectations.

    In the story, they closed the Academy and banned cogwork from the streets. Not sure what the story reason is exactly here, but I think the brand idea is to differentiate it better from Kaladesh, which is taking the steampunky flavor for itself.
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    Done. As for your idea, how do you verify someone's deck contents to see that they only have white cards?
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    Agh why did they keep the Mardu color ordering in her casting cost
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    Nobody gets priority during the untap step. Your opponent will get first priority during their upkeep, then priority passes to you. You can cast it at this time before they go to draw step. Often, players don't expect anything to happen on upkeep, so you may wish to indicate that you have an effect as soon as they are done untapping. However, even if the opponent does quickly draw, you can stop them and back up to the upkeep to cast your card. Call a judge if there is any confusion about the timing (in a tournament).
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    My daughter seems to be doing fine for now, and it looks like I haven't been edited out yet, so I'll make an effort to check in this weekend. Need to refresh myself on the world and characters a bit I think.
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    Quote from Flisch »
    Quote from PanteraCanes »
    Quote from 5colors »
    That is what I am thinking. She is an assassin and doesn't mind "killing" but her having the nobel face his mother defiant had a white streak. Plus WB is the colors of spirits and she seems to be our spirit walker in the same way Liliana is the zombie walker or Serra was the angel walker.

    So Liliana creates and controls zombies. Serra I am not sure of but I would assume that she is similar in creating and possibly controlling angels? Kaya does not create nor control ghosts. So this parallel seems very out of place. She actually hunts and destroys them. Also her powers do not seem to interact with the ghosts, she appears to need her daggers to do that? Maybe she was using them as a focal point but it seemed more like using an artifact that interacts with the ghosts and ghost realm.

    She could actually phaseshift into the spirit realm without her daggers, as shown when she one time grabs the tail of the ghost and the other time when she shifted her legs when the nobleman tried to grab her.

    This is also kind of inconsistent - I remember it stating that she couldn't follow the ghost up, so she is bound by gravity/things to stand on, but she can phase through the walls, but if she phases out her legs she doesn't fall through the ground? I guess this has always been a problem for phasing characters in many media though.

    There is a surprisingly large number of story-relevant ghosts strewn about that she could deal with, so it seems like a good hook for a character though.
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    Seems like WB is a pretty good bet yeah. The reveal didn't really make sense to me...he left another of the same signet rings in the room where he killed her? Or was that her ring? Did she rip up his shirt and the portrait of him after she died?
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    Just came back, 3-1. All of my rares were in white, blue, or colorless: Sanctifier of Souls, Always Watching, Wharf Infiltrator, Identity Thief, Elder Deep-Fiend, Engulf the Shore, Tamiyo's Journal. The Deep-Fiend was very good, there were two times I was able to flash it in on the turn 4 upkeep to basically time walk the opponent. Identity Thief was a little weird but I had two people misplay thinking that it could only copy the opponent's creatures, so I was able to save a guy out from under an Aura once and another time they tapped down my Stitched Mangler instead of the Thief, so I just turned into a Mangler and got to reset the ETB ability. Engulf the Shore is weird in limited but I used it a couple of times to clear aggressive fields and reset some of my ETB guys. I think Wharf Infiltrator only ever connected once when I didn't have a creature to discard. Sanctifier of Souls was incredibly good, a game-changing top deck in one case since it allowed me to block flying and push through with a big guy.

    Also had Nebelgast Herald and Drownyard Behemoth for flash tricks that worked very well and two Sigardian Priests, which were ok but there were many times I wished they could hit humans. Subjugator Angel is of course quite good at ending stalemates and Extricator of Sin was pretty interesting the one time I was able to get it out and transformed. I had the black meld pair in my pool but nothing else too exciting in black or red.

    Out of commons I saw on the other side, I was pretty impressed with the 3/2 vigilance green guy and the white bear that pumps +1/+1 on the turn it enters.
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