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Magic Market Index for Sept 22, 2017
The Limited Archetypes of Ixalan
Treasure Cruisin' with Monored Burn
  • posted a message on Combat Tricks
    I'm not seeing anything worth giving infractions for, but please keep it civil.

    Can't we achieve what the OP wants with something like:

    Target creature gains first strike until end of turn. You may switch that creature's power and toughness until end of turn.
    Choose one:
    - That creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
    - That creature gets +0/+1 until end of turn.

    I don't think this is really a good idea, because most people don't get that if you're switching, you have to give +0/+1 to add to power, and moreso for the fact that it's so much extra text for something you rarely want (more toughness and first strike). This option would work for most of the cases you want:

    Target creature gains first strike until end of turn. Choose one:
    - That creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
    - That creature gets +0/+1 until end of turn. Switch its power and toughness until end of turn.
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  • posted a message on Custom fram/template for MSE
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  • posted a message on First Strike Fix: Does this work?
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  • posted a message on Modern Deck: Crackdown Combo
    Not that this is really good, but Ceaseless Searblades gives redundancy on the Construct with Wandering Fumarole only (or with Lavaclaw Reaches). Mirror Entity also helps both of those if you can Fling your guy or something similar.
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  • posted a message on Help with Ghirapur Map?
    Hi everyone,

    I think this will be partly speculative, but I'm trying to build a reasonable map of Ghirapur to use for my Aether Revolt league in my playgroup. Can people check my assumptions against their own mental image/any facts I may have missed in my admittedly spotty research so far?

    • By three major rivers, I assume that means like Pittsburgh, where two rivers come together to form a third one, dividing the city into roughly thirds.
    • Districts are the Greenwheel, Freejam, Eleven Bridges, Embraal, Weldfast, Bomat, and Kujar?
    • Seems like Eleven Bridges is in the center, and also along the Dukhara Canal, so I guess the canal must connect two of the rivers, and this district falls in the resulting area between waterways (and also on the other side of the canal)?
    • I gather that Aradara Station, the Bastion of the Honorable, and a big central plaza are also in Eleven Bridges, is that where you would say the Fair mostly took place? Also, should the Consuls' Spire be here?
    • I would put the Bomat at another confluence of rivers
    • Freejam and Kujar seem vaguely like upscale places that might border Eleven Bridges, Embraal and Weldfast could probably be a little farther out along one of the rivers, and I guess Greenwheel can go wherever?
    • I guess the "greenbelts" like the Cowl should kind of be big parks that come between districts?
    • The Giants' Walk is described as both a migrating path (so I would assume it goes through the whole city) and an artist's colony, should I just take that as a colony in a stretch along the path, maybe in Weldfast?
    • The Dhund is under night markets, which supposedly change location, but also sort of connected to Gonti's hideout, so maybe all in the Bomat?

    Thanks! If I get something worked up, I'll share it, although it will be fairly stylized to serve the purposes of the area-control metagame we are running for the League.
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  • posted a message on Aether Revolt General Discussion (Spoilers Allowed Here)
    Also since they already arrested Baral, are they going to release him again to dispel the illusions? I guess maybe Baan would see that possibility and allow it, although I'm not entirely sure why Baan would be motivated to sabotage the "aether disruptor" either, it doesn't seem like his top priority would be to protect Tezzeret's stolen pet project.
    Sounds like Saheeli is probably going to get some kind of "I have to stay and help rebuild" write-off for now, which I guess fits the character so far but does explain why Maro initially said "yeah she's not important to the story".
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  • posted a message on "Phase out" vs "Gain Phasing"
    Quote from Kamonohashi »
    Cards like Taniwha or Reality Ripple, don't give the permanent the ability of phasing. They just cause it to phase out-- once time and only one time. A card phased out by Taniwha or Reality Ripple will phase out immediately, then automatically phase in during the controller's next untap step, and remain phased in for the rest of the game.

    Is this correct?

    Seems important to note that Taniwha keeps doing this again and again, and also has phasing itself, so your turn sequence looks like this:

    1 - Play Taniwha (nothing happens now)
    2 - Taniwha itself phases out on your untap. Nothing happens to your lands since it isn't around on upkeep.
    3 - Taniwha phases back in on untap, then it phases out your lands on upkeep.
    4 - Lands phase in, Taniwha phases out (on untap)
    Repeat 3 and 4.

    Quote from Kamonohashi »
    If I understand correctly, here's how I would expect the card works: I play Teferi's Realm as part of my turn. After my turn ends, and at the beginning of my opponents upkeep step, he selects which type of permanent he wants to "phase out." Those cards phase out immediately. After his turn ends, at the beginning of my upkeep step, I choose which type of permanents I want to phase out. They phase out immediately. At this point, both my permanents and my opponent's permanents are phased out. At the beginning of my opponent's next untap step, his permanents phase back in and remain phased in for the rest of the game. After his turn ends, and my next turn begins, my permanents phase back in, too, and remain phased in for the rest of the game. At this point, all of the cards are back for good.

    If the above is correct, and I wanted to use this card as part of a destruction strategy, my opponent would have a chance to phase out (save) a number of his permanents before I could play a destruction card like Akroma's Vengeance. And, if he had a destruction card in his hand, he could play it as soon as his permanents phased out, leaving me with nothing whatsoever on the battlefield. Is that correct?

    Note that Teferi's Realm phases out everyone's cards of the chosen type, not just their own. For simplicity's sake, assume everyone is picking creature, and you are playing with just two players (A and B).

    A1 - You cast Teferi's Realm, nothing happens now
    B1 - On upkeep, chooses creature. All creatures now phase out.
    A2 - On untap, your creatures phase back in, but then you proceed to upkeep, and if you chose creatures again, they will all phase out.
    If everyone keeps choosing creature, the creatures will all just show up at the beginning of the upkeep for a second and then phase back out. They could activate abilities or be targeted by instants etc at that time, but you would only ever get to attack by casting a creature with haste.
    What generally tends to happen is that someone bites the bullet and chooses non-Aura enchantments, phasing out Teferi's Realm itself. Then, everything the next player had phased out phases in on their turn, and so on, until Teferi's Realm's controller's turn comes around again and it phases back in for another choice.
    You can only get one-sided mass destruction to work how you want it to with Teferi's Realm if it is at instant speed, by phasing out all the creatures (or whatever) on your turn, then waiting for them to phase in on the opponent's turn and respond to the Realm trigger while only their stuff is still phased in.
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  • posted a message on Future of Masterpiece theme
    Quote from ThyLordQ »
    I feel like the Masterpieces for Amonkhet are going to swing one of two ways, depending on how they do the block.

    If the block focuses less on the Egypt elements and more on the Nicol Bolas part, it might be Greatest Hits of Nicol Bolas, the Masterpiece Collection.

    If the block leans more towards the Egyptian elements, than it might be more inclined towards the mythological aspects, but mostly those relating to Egypt. I have doubts about anything from Theros showing up here.

    I could see only Grixis-colored cards to emphasize the Bolas angle, maybe at least in the first set of the block.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers
    Marshall fails to RTFC on the red one, which can only hit players, and is pretty awful.
    I feel like there is a niche deck where you get like 6 of the black one and rip up their hand.
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  • posted a message on Merchant's Deckhand
    Flavor text is something like "If you can build that, we can haul it." - Bes Tavani, Bomat merchant
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  • posted a message on Pacification Array Windmill slam preview
    Icy made cheap for easy improvisation
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  • posted a message on Curse of Vengeance (and Homeward Path reprint)
    Oh man wasn't thinking the Mardu Curses deck would get much this round. I might even bump it up to 4-color non-green.
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  • posted a message on Clean up step
    Yes, as you have that quoted, clearly the discard happens first, and anything put on the stack as a result (as the Alchemist's Greeting would be in this case) resolves before you move on to 514.2.

    EDIT: Apparently this is wrong, see below.
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  • posted a message on what's the shorthand for "combat damage to player" effects?
    "saboteur" is probably what you are looking for
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  • posted a message on A Future Look On Partners
    I imagine it won't be next year, but a few years down the road it would be great to see some more partner creatures of one or two colors, and particularly to fill the Vorthos criteria of making partners that are actually from the same planes. New versions of all the Weatherlight crew would be really cool, for one, or Ravnica guild leaders with partner so you could team up any two guilds, like the original concept of the Nephilim.
    It's cute that the mythics and rares that share a color identity have some connection, but it would have been nice if each of the 4-color combinations had a partner combination that makes flavor sense. I suppose it's possible that there are some across the decks, but there are only 7 combinations for each 4-color group right now if I'm counting right.
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