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    posted a message on Which scientific area do you think should be researched more?
    Scientific education and communication. You rectify people's and their representatives' ignorance and lack of foresight, you have unlimited moneys to play around with on whatever projects.

    You dump a ton of money into any one project, there may not necessarily be results due to lack of leadership, or even resistance, from powers that be, among other factors relating to the lay and their attitudes.
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    posted a message on What to do With a Windfall?
    Dude, he only said girlfriend, not wife.

    I was jokingly going to suggest buy her a rock and make an honest woman of your girlfriend, then go travelling.

    More seriously, if you can't travel with your girlfriend or do something that benefits you and your loved ones, just be sensible and save to something - a house, a car, or whatever you might want. Money comes and money goes, but you could always do with a little more rainy-day savings.
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    posted a message on Site is still unbearably slow and clunky on mobile
    In addition to this things above, the site is laden with random scripts (some apparently are porno scripts or something). It's really unpleasant, but I guess there's the always the option to go away, of course.

    Cheers for the work involved in moving the site and all, btw.
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    posted a message on 1 in 4 Americans Doesn't Know Earth Circles Sun
    So, what I really would like to know and maybe it has been made available here, but who was sampled? How many were sampled? How many of you could describe how this 'study' was conducted? (How about them apples now?)

    Rather than discuss the implications or make speculations, I would really, really like to know the above and why this even matters. It's great general knowledge that the third planet orbiting the star of the Milky Way, the Sun, is Earth, but it really doesn't do anything for me or anyone; anyone who would be seriously interested in this would surely have a more intricate and indeed beautiful understanding of astronomy.

    Even if it were useful to know this, the inferences that some people are drawing aren't simply spurious but are ridiculous, not unlike those who draw and suggest them.
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    posted a message on Which scientific area do you think should be researched more?
    Neuroscience and psychiatry. The appreciation of both are abysmal but have profound implications.

    There are other things, but I don't really care about them quite as much, even if neither neuroscience nor psychiatry are specifically my work.
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    posted a message on Good Sources to School Myself Free Online?
    Khan Academy videos for biochemistry or for statistics are good, but you should buy a good book and work through it and do problems.

    WRT statistics, what's your background and what do you want to get out of it? What amount of rigour and how much probability theory do you want to deal with? What disciplines will you apply statistics to (e.g., legal, medical, scientific, engineering, business; each discipline has its own gold standard, best practices, etc., etc.)?
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    posted a message on Even more things tracking what you do while on MTGSalvation?!
    Quote from MemoryLapse

    No one is forcing you to come here. You dont like the way they run their business take your happy ass elsewhere. Cya!

    Quote from Galspanic

    Right, but if you want to be here and don't want to feel like your privacy is compromised, that seems like an absolutely valid concern. Let's just drop this argument and work on trying to find ways to help people find a comfortable place here.

    Thanks for your handling this.

    I share similar concerns. I understand the site's business model requires some of these scripts, and it so happens that, for the coffers to remain full and business to remain solvent, information must be sold. However, not only are there issues to do with (1) privacy and (2) security, but these tracking things are also markedly compromise the performance of the website. A statement and explanation from the site staff as well as the technical, Curse people would be rightly appreciated, and an address of these matters would be thoughtful for users, the site and those truly running this thing.

    Moving forward, I would like to see Tooooon's queries answered for the common good.
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    posted a message on Post Release Feedback
    Apologies this isn't the most appropriate place for this.

    In bullet form,
    1. Thanks for purchasing MTGS and integrating it into the Curse gaming network.
    2. There are some issues with MTGS now. One most key one is accessing MTGS, the forums or threads in the forums is associated with a concomitant spike in CPU usage. Occasionally, my browser (all of the major ones) freeze and, sometimes, a prompt pops up informing me of a non-responsive script. Many of these are for analytics, including, but not limited to, Google's ones and "Script: http://static-dominaria.cursecdn.com/1-0-5154-30198/js/core.js:28".
    3. Quoting doesn't exactly work as it used to. I understand that things might change, but surely quoting is supposed to actually quote the text...

    Can't remember what my other things were, but they don't seem so important.

    Cheers. Keep up the good work.
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    posted a message on Becoming epically good with basic arithmetic
    Thanks for your replies, people.

    Quote from TheEndIsNear
    I'm a bit late, but I tend to do some pretty big math for "normal people" in my head which tends to impress them.

    I find "simplifying the multiplication" makes things harder.

    For example, yesterday, I was doing 7^7 (which I got wrong, I got 831343 or something, instead of hold on... 823543 (someone check that for me, it litterally took me like 10 seconds, but I'm unsure (I remember being wrong and what I said, not the real answer)) and I ended up with 343*2401 (which should give you the number above. I feel like the way people tell you to do it would be (((((7*7)*7)*7)*7)*7)*7). I tend to try to make the two sides as close as possible, to get the more manageable numbers. 6^6 for example, I'd do 216^2. (real fast, ummm, 46656?)

    But that's just me :/
    The issue is probably retaining all of those numbers faithfully. I know what is holding me back from doing insane (properly insane) mental arithmetic is that; I'm okay with clever little algorithm or tricks.
    Quote from gelf
    Mental math also lets you have a rough idea what answer the calculator should give you. If you see 312 x 41, you should be able to estimate that the answer will be around 12000ish. That way when you use the calculator, if you make a mistake and it puts out the answer 1200, well you don't just take it at face value.

    Being able to estimate a correct answer, then confirm it with a calculator is a good skill to have, rather than simply taking whatever answer the calculator gives you.
    Very, very good post. Thank you very much for such a helpful and thought-out post.
    Quote from Blake
    I think if you want to be REALLY good, you need to practice thinking of numbers spatially (like Daniel Tammet) or train on an abacus until you don't need an abacus. An abacus is probably more likely for 'normal' folk as Daniel is a synesthete, but I think it's possible if you trained really hard. That would make numbers so beautiful, in a direct and sensory way. Would be pretty cool Smile
    I don't believe you can become a synesthete. If you could, the likelihood of becoming or learning to become is likely to be inversely correlated with age. Though I know Jed Fonner (from the MIT Media Lab) are trying to develop toys to simulate an experience of synesthesia.

    The abacus part is interesting. I might look into this.
    Quote from Sterling Angel
    Quote from Nai

    But the biggest thing here is 'simplify'. Make it as simple as possible so you're not juggling 5 digit numbers in your head.
    I even simplify when adding and subtracting. Take 300 - 257 = 43, I turn the problem into (300 - 260) + 3 = 40 + 3 = 43. I have been doing math problems this way in my head for so long now that simplifying is automatic for me. I find it's a much faster way for me to do problems in my head.
    Okay, I guess the most key question here is, "but can you guys do these questions, unassisted, without pencil or paper (and certainly without any calculating apparatus), within a maximum of three seconds?". That, my friends, is the speed we're aiming for.
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    posted a message on Is this a joke or a satire?
    I was watching a repeat episode of a TV programme with Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell. It was on religion, and the episode explored Bibleman. (If you have to Goopedia/Wikigle it, perhaps it's not worth replying or please preface your answer with that fact.)

    So, as the title says, is it a joke or a satire? If not, do you believe that it delivers a very Christian message or is it appropriate? I have watched a few episodes (:stupid: time is ... something? something is something else?) on double-speed, and it seems awfully un-Christian, violent and hateful, for example.

    What of other religious TV programming too? Seriously, who the heck watches them?

    Honestly, is there any religious (any faith) TV programming that you could suggest?
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    posted a message on Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead.
    Quote from brasswire
    One of few the actors today whose performances I truly looked forward to and could make me enjoy a film just by being a part of it.
    Wow, really?

    Hoffman is a guy who had much promise in his early days and talent in his latter days, but it seems that he is very polarising; there are two main camps, those that fanboy him who claim that he is the best thing since sliced bread and there are those that dismiss his acting chops, claiming that he is over-rated. Shrugs
    RIP, a tragic way to go, he will be missed.
    It is undeniable that ODing is not a very classy way to call it in, but tragic? I don't think so; the silver lining is that Hoffman has now moved on and is no longer struggling and suffering from his addictions. He is, as the cliche goes, 'in a better place'.

    Those of us who are still alive, this might sound a little strange: don't dwell on mourning his passing; celebrate his life.
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    posted a message on Guy three doors down from my house scratched my car, how can I prove it?
    Quote from Vergage
    So I drive to my parents house today after parking my car in a different place for once (few cars further down than normal) and notice multiple scratch marks on the back right bumper.

    So my house mate knocks on a few doors, asking if anyone had seen anything and they all said no. I then get back and have a look at the cars parked down the road, and notice matching scratch marks on the front of the car who parked behind me that night, with a tiny amount of blue (my cars colour) paint on it.

    Now the owner of this car is one of the people my housemate talked to, and he denied it and said he hadn't seen anything.

    Now I've took a picture close up of the scratch on the guys bumper where you can clearly see a bit of blue paint, what else should I do going forwards considering he's denying it?

    • File a matter w/ police, showing them 'evidence' in support of the possibility that your parents' neighbour's car hit yours.
    • Let police do their job. Get over it; keep calm and carry on with whatever you do. It is only stuff. (How zen of me.)
    • Inform your insurance co. as appropriate.
    Remember it's not your place to accost this guy in a dark alley, play detective/dominator and obtain a confession from him using duress/torture. It could very well not be that guy, of course.

    Best of luck with sorting this out.
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    posted a message on The "What are you Drinking?" Thread.
    Schnapps, because I'm an alkie. Shrugs

    Just joking. I did drink Schnapps; it was Lunar New Year, and you have to wash down tea with something.

    Now I am drinking water as well as progressively working my way through these Dilmah Exceptional teas. Some of them I have tried before, but I received a box of 16 flavours recently and didn't know about most of them until, you know, recently.
    Quote from Bitsy
    Coke Zero. I'm trying to quit pop again and when I do drink it Coke Zero is what I drink. No calories or sugar and it tastes so much better than Diet Coke. Its like Coca-Cola has been withholding flavor for all these years to punish us for being fat. Shocked

    Really, what difference does it make, though?

    Everyone dies, but Coke Zero, being zero-fat, zero-calories, etc. simply sounds implausible as well as too good to be true.

    When you actually know a thing or two about Coke Zero (I really don't know for sure what little I know is true), you'll probably reasonably conclude that Coke Zero is in fact worse than regular Coke (unless you're, you know, diabetic or something; even then, that's considering...).

    If you really want to quit pop, though this sounds dismissive of how difficult it is, just quit it! I'm sure it isn't insurmountable for you.
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    posted a message on Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead.
    De mortuis nil nisi bene dicendum but wow, drugs.

    Fine, something decent. This will be sad for Hoffman's three children, his romantic/de-facto partner, his family, his friends, his fans and the dudes behind that trilogy [ninja: Hunger Games, Pt. 3b], though most, if not all, of Hoffman's scenes have been filmed and are solid.

    TBH, I am not too surprised that this would happen, given the prior history of alcohol and other drug issues. What is surprising is the déclassé way of dying, with a needle in one's arm. Slant

    As a general comment, it is sad that other matters do not receive as much attention or discussion compared to this, which is otherwise very topical and trivial.

    I do not dislike Hoffman's work in general, in whatever roles he played in life - actor or director - but I do not like it either. However, that is generally speaking; specifically, I thought Magnolia was something special, and I hated the hell out of Synecdoche, which has marred my appreciation of Kaufman and any of the people associated with the film.

    Still, what a way to live in the world and to leave it (if, indeed, this is a thing. Some are suggesting that this is a hoax :-/).
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    posted a message on Watch Lovers!
    Quote from DokuDokuH
    Ive never understood the draw of those kinds of watches. They seem... impractical? Excessive? Maybe a bit gaudy. I've got the pebble steel right now and I appreciate the understated design and basic geometry.
    What, all six of the above?
    Quote from ajw
    9909, although I can be caught wearing a watch for the sake of it looking good, I generally wear them at work or other events when time is important (like at an mtg event). So much easier to turn your wrist a bit to see the time than pulling your cellphone out of your pocket.

    Indeed, it is easier to check the time on your watch than on your phone. For potentially crazy reasons, I like watches at my former (as well as any) workplace; though I take precautions and measures to keep my phone and person clean, I don't like taking avoidable risks and needlessly increasing the risk of making my phone 'icky' and transferring that 'ickiness' to the side of my face. Weird This is probably telling of something. Laughing
    I like the third watch you have there, I need one with a leather strap as the metal bracelets are quite heavy (which matters when you are typing a lot, not to mention that the metal gets scratched).
    Well, there are thin, light metal bands/straps/bracelets, though perhaps that isn't very masculine? Shrugs
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    posted a message on Watch Lovers!
    I am somewhat pragmatic with watches and can be found wearing the watches below.

    Frankly, I am ambivalent over watches. One part of me knows that they still matter and are indicators of something or other (wealth, class, sophistication, style, fashion); another part wants no part of many things, including, though not necessarily, conspicuous consumption or makes me so pig-headed about being 'pragmatic'.

    Needless to say, my parents, thinking that I do not appreciate it, are disappointed that I do not wear a watch they bought me as graduation gift. (It is not even a luxury item; in fact, it is a specialist watch. :weird:)

    On another note, although now that everyone has a phone and can use it to check the time, I still rely on my watch a lot. It's like a tic.
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    posted a message on Gothic music; meaning/interpretation of Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon"
    Quote from Dirty Filter
    Well, I haven't really explored them too much outside of their radio hits. I did like that song they had on The Crow soundtrack, so if their darker output sounds like that, I might like it, but their poppy stuff doesn't do it for me.
    To each, his own and all, but please do try to listen to The Cure! They are a rather influential band and are respectable in their own right.

    I cannot suggest a particular method that will work for you when it comes to listening to their discography or a subset of it, as I neither had the patience or wisdom for asking anyone or doing my research. Instead, I commenced with their Greatest Hits, which included an acoustic-only bonus disc that only further cemented my opinion of the band. After that, I would go through tracks on albums - starting with the latest album of the time, Bloodflowers, followed by Three Imaginary Boys; Seventeen Seconds; The Head on the Door; Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - systematically, starting with track 1, then 2, then 3, and so on. Later, I listened to 1980's Seventeen Seconds, 1981's Faith, and 1982's Pornography, which were tonally darker and textually more richer.

    Really, you might like The Cure, and I think it would be hasty and unfair to not give them a listening session of Greatest Hits and some of their albums (if you can't do that much, perhaps at least listen to "A Forest" and "The Hanging Garden").! Smile If you do give them a try, do get back to us on how it went.
    I also don't like The Smiths (besides How Soon is Now), but that has as much to do with Morrissey's personality and politics as their music.
    Wow, really? Fair do's.

    Moz is an unique and colourful character, but I don't really let that influence my opinion of The Smiths or other works involving Moz, such as his solo career. Like them or not, which is entirely a person's prerogative, The Smiths are also an influential, but comparably 'underground', band, and Johnny Marr is a damn wizard with the guitar.
    Another recommendation: Rowland S Howard. After The Birthday Party split up, he went in a bit more accessible direction than Nick Cave.
    Although more post-rock than gothic rock, I am aware of Aussie Rowland S. Howard. In fact, I very don't mind "Dead Radio".
    Speaking of Nick Cave, are you familiar with the Bad Seeds' guitarist's other band, Einsturzende Neubauten?

    Haus der Luge
    Yes, I am! I went through a phase of listening, though not exclusively, to works by KMFDM and Nine Inch Nails. I thought to look deeper than that and I came upon EN. I appreciate the entirety of their discography (till 2008, when I last listened to them), particularly their more gothic rock works. Indeed, they take the gothic rock in a more rock direction and heavily incorporate industrial rock stylistic elements and sensibilities.

    Thanks for the recommendations! Smile

    I know it isn't the great thing to use, but I just Similar Artists'd Joy Division and The Cure (for ref.):

    Mmm... Bauhaus! It's been a while since I listened to them too.

    Mmm... Broodish English boys playing post-punk/New Wave/gothic rock. :knod:
    Quote from Wildfire393
    Those are the ones that are most similar to actual goth music.

    If you want some stuff similar to Depeche Mode, I've got a ton of good suggestions:

    Wolfsheim - Amazing synthpop act that broke up about ten years ago due to the lead singer wanting to start his own (worse) solo band. Best albums to check out would be "Spectators" and "Casting Shadows"
    De/Vision - One of my absolute favorite bands, they consistently release excellent music (about one album every 18-24 months). Try "Two", "Monosex", "Subkutan", or "Unversed in Love" (the last being the most like golden-age Depeche Mode)
    Zynic - Recent synthpop artist with a definite new-wavey flavor, particularly in the second release, "Blindsided"
    Mr.Kitty - Current favorite band of mine. He releases everything privately as pay-what-you-want on Soundcloud/Bandcamp. Check out "LIFE" and "Eternity"
    B! Machine - Amazingly chill, minimalistic synth stuff. I'm particularly fond of "Infinity Plus", but most of his stuff is good.

    I couldn't find any on the website of the dedicated, independent music store. Frown

    I guess I'll have to do a little more looking around.

    Edit: Wolfsheim are awesome! Grin Oh, yeah, how rude of me; thanks for these testimonials!

    Edit 2: I have looked into De/Vision and Zynic all of them now, and I like what I am hearing. These bands that I have looked into thus far are all excellent synthpop acts. Smile
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from qtiplord
    You are correct = Bachelor of Science of Journalism. Much to my dislike.
    I should've went for an English degree, but some of my high school teachers and counselor persuaded to me to pursue journalism:
    - "you can't pass up being accepted by one of the Top 5 journalism schools in the country." (at the time)
    - "Journalism and English degrees are basically interchangeable."
    Etc., etc.
    Little did I know that:
    - journalism studies practically beat adjectives out of a writer. PLBBTT!
    - the Internet would blow up as it is now; thus making print journalism near obsolete.
    - My freshman year was '96/'97
    - in Fall of 2000 I took "Online Journalism" (I don't recall the exact name, but it was a new class added to the curriculum, as an elective).

    I do have a "minor" in Creative Writing. Whilst getting my Journalism degree, Ohio U. required X amount of hours for "specialization." I chose English- Creative Writing. The amount of credit hours for it essentially amounts to a "minor." Or whatever.
    Sorry, I didn't really get too many words of what you were saying. Internet: the bane of print media as well as journalism itself. That was more or less it, right?

    Surely, those graduates holding B.Sc.Journ.s must adapt as others must to this brave new world or their skills are applicable to things other than journalism alone. Nodding the Affirmative
    Quote from Whitemage57
    M / 30 / Bachelor's Degree in History which has me in a banking job interestingly enough. LOL.

    Yes, I guess there are many other things that could be done, as could anyone else, but what else would you have done other than becoming a banking guy?

    I don't mean to call anyone out; but, Catalmafie, what is it that you hold?
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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    Lior - "This Old Love"

    I don't know how you could characterise this music. It sounds like indie rock more than indie pop. Shrugs
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    posted a message on EN: 'Error applying transforms. Verify that the specfiied transform paths are valid.'
    Hi, I am trying to install the latest version of EndNote (I wish they had a smarter installer or update function), but I keep getting this system message. How would I go about fixing this?

    By the by, I tweaked my system services recently. I don't really recall what I tweaked but I was guided by this reputable page. Could this tweaking have anything to do with this?
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    posted a message on Looking for Youtube resources
    Quote from Nai
    I'm well aware of the pipe-dream status of this. This is more for my own entertainment than anything. I play games, so I might as well do thi while I do.
    I am glad that you are aware of this. I would hate for you to be disappointed and do hope the best for this venture/you.
    Google isn't doing that on their own. If a video goes up and the original copyright holder doesn't want that video up, google takes down. And if you do it often, they suspend or remove. But it's based on the wants of the original copyright holder.
    Of course. As long as you are aware of how this applies to this enterprise. Demonstrably, you are aware of this, so all's well.
    It's just a matter of actually doing the research.
    Thumbs Up

    Sorry I haven't been much good help, but go get 'em. I look forward to viewing some of your material soon. Smile
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    posted a message on How prayer worked for me.
    Thanks for sharing that. If you could share more of such stories on your MTGS blog (have you got one?), I am sure we'd continue to follow your insights and reflections.

    Indeed, how the Lord works. It's well beyond comprehension and merely 'mysterious'!
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from Stalker
    What would "Law Degree" equal to? I know in the US, it's a post-graduate degree, but in germany, it's actually a college degree with another two years of actual "real work" added upon and another exam (kinda sorta like the BAR, I guess?).

    They also have that in Australia, New Zealand and England. Um, well, you posted, so that's all right.

    I guess it would be a diploma rather than a professional degree. However, since it qualifies, or is part of what qualifies, you to practise, then it would also be a professional degree too.
    Quote from TheEndIsNear
    Yeah most of these are very confusing to me, like the US of A tendency to not differentiate between university and college.

    I feel you. It's actually not that confusing, though.
    Quote from resonance
    The definition of university and college are clearly distinguished between in the United States.

    university = master's/doctorate granting institution
    college = bachelor's granting institution


    university = entire academic institution
    college = one portion of the university (i.e. College of Letters and Science)

    Yeah, that's not indistinguishable; it's confusing ambiguous, which leads to confusion.
    Quote from wild_harvest
    Male, 22, two Associates: Performing Arts and Business.

    currently working on my BA in Business and a third Associates in Military History.
    Um, just curious, aren't associate's of lesser standing than bachelor's?

    I know I have asked what are they good for and someone answered very well, but I don't think I asked how they compare, at least regarding their worth.
    Quote from ltj999
    Male, 26, masters in psych and in my last year of clinical psych PhD.

    20 years of school down! One to go!
    Congratulations, man!

    When you are a graduand/graduate / doctor, you'd be young for a clin psych PhD, right? American too?
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Intro Pack Decklists
    Quote from Crimson
    I wonder if they even make a profit with Intro Packs. They're so BAD.

    Surely, they must be turning a profit or they would change the formula!
    Quote from Modest Ohmu
    Whether the card will actually make much of a splash or not, they are hyping it as the new Bob. Putting it in one of these would probably mean they sell alot less boxes off the bat. Why crack packs for your chase rares when theyre in the intro deck? This would also mean the intro pack that had it would be stupid money, potentially like Rats Nest (had umezawa's jitte). Again, thats assuming Pain Seer is as good as the hype (which I dont think it will be..)

    That would have been cool though, I wish we saw more powerful cards in these, but that never seems to happen

    A very insightful opinion with that good old exemplar "Rats Nest".

    Does everyone recall how none of the BOK decks sold, but people would hoard "Rats Nest" and then resell it at, like, 2 to as high as 10 times its original price? That was a pretty dark period in the secondary market as well as in Magic.
    Quote from Master Moja
    The thing is though; Wizards doesn't need to put bad cards in them just to sell them to casual and new players. They could make them moderately good, like the RG one I guess, and then have them appeal to both players who want to start into magic and players who want to get a couple of good commons, uncommons, and rares.
    Yeah. I guess they don't have to put so much rubbish in these intro decks; I feel that Wizards are even cheating newbies.
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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    Spice Girls' "Stop". Such a good guilty pleasure song. XD XD Begorrah, it brings me back to my youth.
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from DokuDokuH
    M/26/MBA & JD (in a few months!)

    Sorry, I just noticed this. Yeah, the poll screws you over.

    I guess, what with there being specialist master's degrees by coursework, such as the MBA, I should have added the option of professional degree and master's. Thankfully, you were intelligent enough to check both master's and the professional degree. Smile Cheers.
    Quote from sipes1946
    interest in theology and possible interest in pastoral duties at some point

    Ah! Sounds pretty cool and groovy as a professional degree. I considered it for all of five seconds but remembered religion, sadly, isn't really my shtick (no offence. I don't mean to imply that religion is, you know, farcical or whatever).

    I mean shtick in the original, traditional sense, as in thing.
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from Bitsy
    I never said I wanted a family and its sad you expect me to want one or even consider one in my career path because I'm a woman.

    Okay, really?

    Anyway, FYI, I simply made a comment without it being loaded. I may have misinterpreted this during the dark of night.
    Quote from sipes1946
    updated my original post

    Much appreciated.
    Quote from sipes1946
    M / 45 / BSEE MSEE MDiv PhD Physics
    Wow, that is a lot of studying!

    Wow, an MDiv! The MSEE and PhD seems like a very logical progression from a BSEE, but what prompted you to undertake the MDiv?
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    posted a message on Gothic music; meaning/interpretation of Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon"
    Quote from qtiplord
    I don't have too much to add, but thought I'd throw in my love for The Cure. Disintegration is one of my top ten favorite albums.
    I am never sure when people say that; I [I]always[/I] suspect that other people are immature and are referencing [I]South Park[/I] (because that has universal acclaim :rollout:): "Robert Smith is the greatest person that ever lived", "Our saviour", "[I]Disintegration[/I] is the best album ever." :p
    While I consider Type O Negative goth and like their work, I can understand why they can be considered gothic-metal. There is [I]a vast[/I] difference between Type O and the Cure/Joy Division/Depeche Mode
    (a band who you described very accurately).
    Wow, really? Um, I guess thanks, considering I don't really know anything about music.
    Speaking of Vast, you might consider checking them out (or him, I should I say). I don't really think of Vast as a goth band, but you can hear some influences there, particularly in his earlier work.
    Um, I'll definitely YouTube it, given your infectious enthusiasm and apparent expertise. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Ninja edit: I could like VAST, but it isn't gothic or goth music as you said. It's sort of like ambient/synthpop (but not electropop)/dream pop/industrial rock/experimental rock/alternative rock. (FYI, I have only listened to "You", "Touched", and two other songs, so that could be reasonably characterised as a bad, unfair, inaccurate evaluation.) Regarding the other aspects of their music and their artistry, yeah, it isn't too crap, hahaaa. Tongue
    Quote from Truesight
    I'm pretty big into Gothic Doom Metal.
    You know, I am okay with metal, but I just don't like goth/gothic metal and its variants.
    I do like The Cure, though! It's been a while since I gave them a listen, though.
    Any other bands like The Cure?

    Also, seriously, who doesn't like The Cure?
    Other bands I enjoy include Tristania, Cult of Luna, HIM, Moonspell, and Within Temptation.
    Heard of all of them. The only ones I could come close to liking were Within Temptation and Tristania (surprising for me, because I like my music from the Isles or, to a lesser extent, other English-speaking nations Slant [I am trying to move on from this]), in descending order. Maybe [I]de gustibus[/I] or whatever, maybe I could come to like the others.
    Quote from Wildfire393
    Right, right. All I was saying it that it seems like mostly what you've asked for has been New Wave-influenced goth rock. If you'd like recommendations for good stuff a la Depeche Mode, that's pretty much where I live musically.
    I'll try you suggestions "Clan of Xymox, Asylum Party, Veil Veil Vanish, Silke Bischoff" in a sec. Thanks again for them.
    Quote from Wildfire393

    Urg, Blutengel. Blutengel is about as goth as Manson is.
    I liked them a lot when I had only one of their albums (Labyrinth). Then I made the mistake of reaching out into a few more of their albums and realized that there's pretty much nil in the way of development or maturation between the albums. Literally 90% of their songs are about being a vampire or wanting to be a vampire, across the board.

    Wow. Just wow.

    I just realised something. I may have been unclear, but it really doesn't matter as you can discuss anything goth or gothic here. I really like New Wave-influenced gothic, which is in fact markedly different from electropop/synthpop gothic. For instance, (although it isn't actually gothic), Depeche Mode is clearly stylistically different from The Cure.
    Quote from Dirty Filter
    I'm not into The Cure
    OMG, are you serious? Tell us about this!
    but I love all of the other bands you mentioned, but most modern goth rock turns me off on all levels.
    Excellent, excellent. I think we would get on swimmingly and could host a bloc party, not that that really would be appropriate.
    Do you like Swans? Their 80s stuff is super heavy no wave industrial rock, but their 90s output was pretty akin to goth rock.

    I can't say I dislike them, but I can't also say that my heart is jumping for joy when I hear them; this feeling really isn't limited to The Cure (:heart:).

    There were two songs by Swans that I liked. Though that may be the case, I didn't really explore their music because of their band name. Slant
    I also recommend Have a Nice Life, another band that isn't strictly speaking goth, but they do have a lot of 80s synth pop influence (as well as industrial, post-rock, and black metal).
    Thanks, will try and may get back to you on this. Smile
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    posted a message on Official Music Discussion Thread
    Sorry for the epic necro. I don't think any such thread would be wildly successful, but does anyone listen to pop (how [adjective]!)?

    For some reason or other, I have been going through a '90s phase with the Spice Girls, 'N Sync, etc. XD
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from Jay13x
    I seem to be with the Majority here with my Master's degree (MS).

    Going by the poll alone, as at 11:18 am (NY time), 29 Jan 2014, there are 27 others and 6 master's-degree-as-highest-level-of-educational-attainment.
    Quote from terrapin
    M / 17 / high school degree, currently in college but no degree yet, of course

    Soon, mate. We're rooting for you.
    Quote from northprophet
    M / 32 / College drop-out from BARel.
    Sorry, what?

    Bachelor of Arts in Religion. Right?

    Man, you guys need to use periods for my sake.
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    posted a message on Keranos, God of Tempests?
    Quote from deidarakoon
    Keranos, God of Epiphanies 2RU
    Legendary Enchantment Creature - God
    ~ isn't a creature as long as your devotion is less than seven.
    Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, you may have ~ deal 2 damage to that creature. If you do, its controller draws a card.
    IMO, 2RU is one too cheap, going by the casting costs of the Born gods.
    I personally think this fits Keranos better than any "whenever you cast an instant or sorcery" idea, because it fits more flavorfully with the way Keranos does things. He zaps oracles and through these zaps they recieve visions. It also combos pretty nicely with Omenspeaker and the like. Heck, it even promotes playing instants and sorceries in conjunction with Young Pyromancer and stuff like that.
    Yeah and yeah.

    I do wish that blue/red would do more than (non-creature) spells and could push other types of decks, though. That's wishful thinking, just like hoping that we wouldn't get a milling UB god. rollout
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Intro Pack Decklists
    Hey, thanks for posting the lists. It appears that the links are not working as intended, however.

    For better or worse, there are rares from other sets. Though it is nothing more than a gut feeling, I do not like it and it feels cheap or like cheating to do this. Slant

    Even as decks for newbies, these intro decks must have been concocted by the most cynical deck designers at Wizards. While they are not supposed to be tournament-level quality, they aren't meant to be this disappointing. Right?

    If you play these decks against each other, it would seem that the RG one would come out on top, whereas the decks with blue seem to be weaker than the others. The BG one looks like hodge-podge but it looks like it works.
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    posted a message on What did you think of Avacyn Restored?
    That set was a nightmare.

    1. They didn't make anymore werewolf support.
    1a. The wolfir (Wolfir Avenger) are obviously werewolves, but they made them wolf worriers, despite them bringing the tribe back for some older cards (Treacherous Werewolf.) The part that makes it really upsetting is they said they brought it back specifically because they didn't want the [wolf class] system for werewolves.
    1b. They dropped it abruptly for the third set, just like with allies in Zendikar block. After Rise of the Eldrazi, wizards said they wouldn't do what they did with allies again. Then they did it again.
    1c. Did anyone read Vorstclaw? God that pisses me off.

    2. Limited was miserable.

    3. Miracles were miserable to play against.

    4. Avacyn restored shared the same block as Innistrad. This by comparison makes the set look so much worse.
    This post hits the nail on the head 100%.

    Avacyn Restored was like a non sequitur to Dark Ascension and Innistrad. The entire flavour aspect was appalling and made sense only due to the fact that this is the narrative created by Wizards; they can write whatever the hell they want and it simply makes sense. Slant

    Though, really, why bother with Werewolf as a creature type, as opposed to, say, Human Wolf? Presumably, a Werewolf is just a Human Wolf, just as Dirty Wererat is a Human Rat (Minion). Accordingly, any card that deals with Humans should also deal with Werewolves, and any card that deals with Wolves should deal with Werewolves too. However, with this Werewolf subtype, cards aren't very likely to have either of those and will not be helped or hurt by cards that care about either of those types. If there were anything that cared about Werewolves specifically, surely some clever wording could have worked such that creatures with both types would be helped or hurt.

    The issue of Miracles wasn't simply 'miserable to play again'; it was also an awful when it came to rulings too. At face value, it's easy to understand what it does, but it nevertheless proved to produce more questions than you would have expected.
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Retraction Helix
    Fine (as opposed to not even fine) in Limited.

    Not really sure what else to say on this. Retraction Helix isn't particularly inspired or inspiring.
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Quote from AEIOUsometimesY
    Quote from mondu_the_fat
    What's the difference between the last three options?
    e.g., MD vs PhD vs MD, PhD

    Professional degrees would also include something like a PharmD, DVM or JD.
    Also included are M.B.,B.S./B.M.,B.S.; M.B.,B.Ch./B.M.,B.Ch.; B.Med.; B.Vet.Sc.; LL.B.; B.Pharm.; M.Pharm.; etc. I guess it's just as well the Census doesn't use professional doctorate.

    Teaching degrees and vocational/technical courses, such as nursing, oral health, physiotherapy, chiropractic 'science', diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine, medical imaging, etc. might also be considered professional degrees too; or, maybe they are just vocational or technical, though. Shrugs
    Quote from mondu_the_fat
    What's the difference between the last three options?
    Thank goodness for AEIOUsometimesY.

    The difference, and not examples of, is a professional degree permits you to practice a profession. In a sense, a B.Comm. would also be considered a professional degree; however, for the sake of this thread, a [first] professional degree is as defined by the U.S. guys, as follows.
    First-professional degrees may be awarded in the following 10 fields:
    • Chiropractic (D.C. or D.C.M.)
    • Dentistry (D.D.S. or D.M.D.)
    • Law (L.L.B., J.D.)
    • Medicine (M.D.)
    • Optometry (O.D.)
    • Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
    • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
    • Podiatry (D.P.M., D.P., or Pod.D.)
    • Theology (M.Div., M.H.L., B.D., or Ordination)
    • Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)
    Those of you with Ph.D.s, what are your Ph.D.s in or what is the thrust of your contribution to human knowledge?

    Those of you with professional degrees, 'cause my breaking things down further would make the poll messier, specifically what are these?
    Quote from LuckNorris
    M/19/High School Graduate

    Currently in University, trying to get my degree!

    Not sure if you're some college, no degree (which doesn't necessarily mean that you dropped out or something) and post here explaining would have been better.
    Quote from sipes1946
    M / 45 / PhD
    Hi. So, that's a Ph.D. and no professional degree?

    Understandable how you could have misinterpreted the poll. Admittedly, it's not great, but Census questions have their issues.
    Quote from Coffee
    Some of us have more than one undergrad, or are working on an additional one. My first undergrad isn't exactly a moneymaker, so I'm back in college presently.

    Your highest level of educational attainment is therefore a bachelor's degree.
    Quote from qtiplord

    Sorry, what's that?

    Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Bachelor of Swing Jazz? Shrugs I'm just guessing and can't really be bothered to Google.

    We just call journalism degrees Bachelor of Arts, perhaps majoring in media and communication studies.

    Quote from Bitsy

    A phD is possible but I'd have to do really well in the graduate portion and get a fellowship or a generous grant for research. University at Buffalo's Social Work phD program is very small, with only about 4 people admitted each year, and very competitive, as they get a lot of research grants from various levels of government, and in the end I'm not sure being called Dr. is really worth the extra education. In 2017 I may say otherwise.

    I hope you are joking.

    Yeah, being a woman, getting a doctorate can be a tricky business if you want a family and all that. Slant

    But previous generations have done it! Grin
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    posted a message on Ancient 7,000 European Male DNA and What He May Have Looked Like
    Quote from Amadi

    It's a good ability to have.
    Wikipedia has its uses and could be considered of benefit to humanity.
    Clearly there were people here that hadn't read the article, though.
    Well, thank you for your consideration.
    I'm sorry for trying to be helpful.
    Quite all right. You weren't trying to be helpful; that must have been helpful, so you could say that you were being helpful.
    What, exactly, is the inconsistency here?
    Sorry, saw fuzzies.
    No, I reject the concept of original thought.
    Fair enough.

    Quote from Jay13x

    Thumbs Up I'm just imagining what was going through the editors head when that one slipped through.

    Indeed, it is baffling that there is such ham-fistedness from an editor of an article.

    So, with this revolutionary understanding, what now? I guess it's interesting to speculate about the dietary changes associated with the amount of skin pigmentation.

    Man, the fact that only the abstract is accessible is so frustrating. Actually, the article is here; NCBI hasn't yet fixed the link for it to Nature. Also, for prior work from the group, see here.
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    posted a message on Education; level of educational attainment
    Been doing some reading into censuses and educational attainment, as education is fairly important in everything we do (and, for me, it is necessary to do a policy assignment).

    For this discussion, simply post your age / age range (can't expect teens to have completed college after all), highest level of educational attainment and sex. Thanks for your compliance.
    In 3rd decade of life. You can donate to my collection for my walker or other mobility device.
    • Doctorates
    • F, not for father
    An organisation that is important to me uses this:

    • Postgraduate degree level
    • Graduate diploma and graduate certificate level
    • Bachelor degree level
    • Advanced diploma and diploma level
    • Certificate level
    • Senior secondary education (e.g., Year 12, Senior Secondary Certificate of Education)
    • Junior secondary education (e.g., Year 10)
    • Primary education
    • Pre-primary education
    • Other education
    • No education
    However, I understand that perhaps using the US system would be better. Census.gov breaks education thus:

    • None
    • 1st - 4th grade
    • 5th - 6th grade
    • 7th - 8th grade
    • 9th grade
    • 10th grade
    • 11th grade
    • High school graduate
    • Some college, no degree
    • Associate's degree, occupational
    • Associate's degree, academic
    • Bachelor's degree
    • Master's degree
    • Professional degree
    • Doctoral degree
    Of course, it has been suggested that the experience at some schools is more rigorous than that those at others, so... Shrugs

    Anyway, yeah, education seems important to me, and I am sure there's much I could say about it and plenty of people who have said things better than I ever could and therefore must quote. However, I haven't thought it to be my life's calling to be involved in teaching itself. I do, however, think I may veer towards policy as well as community efforts, in addition to, you know, my actual vocation.
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    posted a message on Ancient 7,000 European Male DNA and What He May Have Looked Like
    Quote from Blinking Spirit
    I trust the irony here is deliberate?
    Why indeed, my dear.
    Quote from Jay13x
    This essentially sounds like they were Lebanese, which is essentially what this is describing. It's not really surprising, honestly.
    TBH, what was the Lebanese of the times then?
    My favorite part is the 'borderline lactose intolerant'. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the description of one of my children: Dark Skin, Blue Eyes, Borderline Lactose Intolerant.

    Honestly, though, this guy just sounds like someone native to the Mediterranean region. Those kinds of features are still common all around there.
    Uh, perhaps so.

    Something about the thread title is pissing me off right now, but it could be me right now.
    Quote from Tinfoil Hat
    can't someone just invent a time machine already so we can know definitively what they looked like and how they lived? Rolleyes

    Yeah, definitely. rollout
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    posted a message on Satanists trying to raise funds for a Satanist monument in OKC
    Quote from Child of Belial
    I am all for it, but the strength of Christianity here in Oklahoma (slowly dwindling) is pretty over-encumbering. I believe this statue should be allowed..
    Thanks for your input. The George Carlin thing was great. Good to test on my wide-screen set up.

    However, what is 'over-encumbering'? I know what 'encumber' is, but what is this?
    Quote from Bitsy
    Its supposed to stand for religious freedom and will be next to a statue of the 10 Commandments. Naturally many Christians are upset about it but I'm not sure there's anything they can do to block it from being built. The statue will depict Baphomet flanked by two children and be 7 feet tall. Smile You will also be able to sit in the statues lap, not only for the amazing selfies but also for contemplation and religious purposes.

    Lol, I do not know what to say about this but carry on, Oklahomans.

    FYI, it's gist. Jist is a nonstandard alternative, but the English language would appreciate it jist (jist, of course, doubles as a nonstandard form of just)fine if you kept it to not so colorful and alternative. Tongue Smile
    Quote from IcecreamMan80

    two things will happen

    The 10 C's statue will be removed, and the Satanist statue denied...

    or the Satanist statue goes in, followed by a Pastafarian Noodle Deity statue, a Moobies Golden Calf, a bronze life size Yoda...(because you know, can't play favorites)

    I hope that reflects you and not the people of Oklahoma.
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    posted a message on Ancient 7,000 European Male DNA and What He May Have Looked Like
    Quote from Amadi

    Eye colour is, in general, dictated by multiple genes rather than just one. The inheritance pattern of blue eyes is very close to that of a recessive gene, however. It's caused by lack of melanin in the iris/ocular fluid.

    People with blue eyes are believed to have a singular common ancestor. The trait is incredibly common in Estonia and Denmark. IIRC, 99% of people in Estonia have blue eyes, making it the highest concentration of blue-eyed people.

    Yes, we can read Wikipedia too. However, perhaps we might also notice that it fails to acknowledge a proper source for all of its questionable claims and that it fails to resolve the inconsistency re. no melanin v. some melanin: "There is no blue pigmentation either in the iris or in the ocular fluid. Dissection reveals that the iris pigment epithelium is brownish black due to the presence of melanin. Unlike brown eyes, blue eyes have low concentrations of melanin in the stroma of the iris, which lies in front of the dark epithelium."

    Do you have an original opinion or thought with regard to the news report or this conclusion put forth in this recent study, though?

    Speaking of which, if someone could post a link to the article by Lalueza-Fox, that would be great.
    The doi for the research report is 10.1038/nature12960.

    Hey, a collaborator of a collaborator and a sort-of collaborator is an author on that. Would you look at that!
    Quote from Captain_Morgan
    Raises a point, though, about the persistence of blue eyes in Spanish blood, though, was more of my thinking.
    Wow. I had to re-read this sentence thrice. Fewer thoughs or a different construction would better it.
    Quote from Captain_Morgan

    Dark skin. Blue eyes. Beard. Thin and borderline lactose-intolerant.


    Fascinating, but also what of it?

    At the same time, race and all this stuff is important and has profound implications, but it is also not very important.
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    posted a message on National Pride
    Quote from parinoid
    Yeah. Muh

    Oh, happy Australia Day, lol! XD

    It's a bit explicit, so I PM'd you the link, rather than post it here.
    Right, thanks. Much appreciated! Smile

    It's hilarious but also scathing and sad.
    Quote from Post Affinity
    Well, as I said, I had to rant, I had to be facetious too because, well, it's not such an important matter to really be that serious about it.
    So, to you, it's all academic and it's a word.

    Well, okay. It's all fine as long as you don't play with guns and hurt people, I guess.
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    posted a message on Gods in the seeded prerelease packs
    Quote from soebek

    Now, none of us (including you) have any real evidence other than that vague paragraph. We won't know for sure until the pre-release.

    We can all agree to this. However,

    Not, it's not "completely clear" because you're misreading the sentence. You're drawing conclusions based on no real evidence in the words.

    They say in that article that there is a possibility of drawing a god that matches your colours. That doesn't mean you have a chance of multiple gods, it just means that you have a chance of drawing a god, and that god will match your colours. If black gets Mogis, and only Mogis, it won't render that sentence invalid - black will have a chance of drawing a god, and that god (Mogis) will share its colours.
    I do think you have read and interpreted Joneleth Irenicus's post properly. Joneleth is suggesting that, for the black pack, for instance, you can pull either a Mogis or Phenax. He (or she) isn't suggesting that you could pull multiple gods in a given pack, though.

    In any case, how does Mogis share its colours with black? Black is black; it most definitely doesn't share red with Mogis. rollout
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Best Limited Color?
    Strangely, blue, particularly for its power in creatures.

    Red is quite good too and, depending on your criteria, could be better than blue. It's all hypothetical, though.
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    posted a message on Gods in the seeded prerelease packs
    Quote from Togaras
    Just look and read. They say it is possible to get a god. They dont give any more detailed information about that. They neither say, that it is possible to get only one god by color nor they say that you have the chance of each god that shares a color with your selection.

    But with the information we had regarding, how the pack were done last times, I strongly assume, that there is only one possible. And since you can get Mogis in B, its simply shifted to:
    B: Mogis
    U: Phenax
    W: Ephara
    G: Karametra
    R: Xenagos

    So if you say, that wizard clearly says you can get both gods, then please quote the exact phrase.

    What are you on about? Besides, of what I can make from your post, you're misinterpreting the article by McArtor; you are reading what you want to read, believing what you want to believe. However, that isn't the truth or a valid interpretation of the position of McArtor or his words. If anything, you should provide evidence in support of what you are saying because it is a bigger stretch than the possibility of receiving only one god per colour. A more appropriate interpretation would be that - oh, never mind; here:
    Oh man, they say a god because you can pull one card that is a god, not 10.

    BTW they don't just say "a god", they say "a multicolor God for your chosen color" that is completely different, as you have two candidates fitting that description for each color. That is what that phrase means, I don't have to quote something else, that's completely clear as it is.

    That is more reasonable than the possibility of only receiving one god per colour, as, indeed, there are two gods that comply with the condition 'of the colour'.
    Quote from burdgod
    In an article on DailyMTG entitled Born of the Gods Prerelease primer Mike McArtor says this:


    And underneath has a picture of Mogis, God of Slaughter with a checkmark over and and a picture of Champion of Stray Souls with an X through it.

    This most likely means that it is possible to get Mogis in the black prerelease pack, and probably not in the red prerelease pack.
    No, it doesn't. There are other hypotheses that could be exhausted before it most likely means that Mogis is solely in the black prerelease pack.

    Besides, it is only for the sake of example.
    This would mean that the other black planeswalker, Phenax, God of Deception, will likely only appear in the blue packs, rather than the black ones, and extrapolating this further, Ephara, God of the Polis will likely be in white, Karametra, God of Harvests in green, and Xenagos, God of Revels in red.
    However, if there is only one god per colour, this would be reasonable.
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    posted a message on What color will you pick for the Born of the Gods the prerelease?
    I don't do prereleases, but red is clearly the strongest, followed by white. The other colours are fairly decent as well, so I guess that's a sign that Born of the Gods is rather well designed with regard to power across the colours.
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    posted a message on Biggest surprise card in BNG?
    Chromanticore is surprisingly fine. Like everyone else, I was expecting this to unplayable because it is not great and it really does not work with other cards (what with devotion and everything); however, it has been shown that it is better than it seems.
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Brimaz, King of Oreskos
    I want to like Brimaz, even for White Weenie, but this looks like a 3/4 or 4/5 and that's all. As a legendary creature, I can't really say that it's really above curve, and it's definitely not the case that I would want four copies in a deck. However, perhaps with another colour, in addition to white or a dedicated build with Anthems and so on, this could really shine.

    Who is this Brimaz guy anyway?
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    posted a message on The "What are you Drinking?" Thread.
    Imported Rekorderlig. So many flavours, but I have the orange and ginger cider one.

    Why is this thread full of liquor, lol?
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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Galspanic
    I think that even more of a catch all is: "If you appropriate imagery, do it by hand, and cite your sources. Do not scan/photograph someone else's work and then mechanically reproduce it."

    You're either intentionally missing the point or not, eh. Muh


    Eh, no one is going to sue fan artists or alterists.
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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Galspanic
    Your post started with:
    "Obviously, I'm not here to stir up trouble, but what is the current staff position on altered MTG artworks and what is the general user's position on altered MTG artwork?"
    I assumed that was a question and I want to answer that for you if I can. But I need to make sure we are working with mutually understood definitions since this question comes up a lot and there are a lot of answers because of those varying definitions of the word "alter."

    Okay, so the hand painted part is a huge part of this. Anything hand painted has been okay in the eyes of the MTGS staff and has even been featured on Wizards of the Coast's website. I have found no one in any position of authority or majority that feels like hand painted alterations are a legal, ethical, or moral problem for the MTG community as a whole.

    FYI, I deliberately phrased it as a question to set up the thread in a discursive manner. If I should be more careful in the future, do advise me so I can set up a thread for discussion and a thread for Q&A differently.

    I agree that being on the same page is probably important on working towards the solution to this.

    People have been sued for using Wizard's copyrighted material. The creator of the cards being sold in the post you refer to above was sued. Even Steve Argyle had to yank his Lili/Chandra stuff because....

    Wizards protects their copyrights from what I've seen.
    Haha, even 'worse' (more serious) than I thought. So, the words to the wise here are don't appropriate what isn't yours or what you aren't permitted to use?

    If so, I concur.
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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Galspanic
    Those stickers do not contain copyrighted material, so those would be fine.
    Um, well, obviously not.

    This is the not the actual topic of discussion, you must realize.
    This part... I don't understand what any of this means. Can you rephrase that?

    I really wasn't narrowing anything so much as making sure we could answer your question.
    Due respect, I do not appreciate this tried and trued approach and attitude that is part and parcel of MTGS. I see it in discussions and debates to which staff users and non-staff users alike are partisan.

    The final line, "I really wasn't narrowing anything so much as making sure we could answer your question.", is telling. This isn't my question and it certainly isn't a personal thing; this is an issue that concerns the forum at large. Moreover, the choice of "answer" is interesting, as there is no simple answer with which to adequately respond to and dispense of this issue. In fact, "answer" suggests to me that this is something that is done not as a matter of fact but as a matter of form. The questions raised are to stimulate an honest dialogue and discussion, which might be rather refreshing, and not to seek answers.

    That aside, the issues at hand are these:

    1. What is the current policy and understanding of alters of staff and of other users?
    2. What should be the policy and understanding of alters?
    Alters or altered-artwork cards, in these questions, refer to cards that are altered (plain English definition, so that encompasses 'hand[-]painted alteration[s]').

    The thread is of a multifarious nature. Though I do not agree with any user who attempts to deceive or has deceived another user and steals from Wizards and damages its properties, it nevertheless seems hypocritical and inconsistent to cast judgment upon users when the equally serious issue of altered arts has not been discussed or it has and it has been found, with whatever reasoning (up to this point not shown), that altered artwork is somehow acceptable. If the rationale can be laid out, fine; we're all much obliged.
    Quote from Ophidian Eye
    If I were to alter a card, but still used images I didn't own (like hand-drawing Chandra on a card), and then decided to sell it, that would be illegal, correct? Would I be able to use that card for my own use legally?
    The facts, it would seem, are this:

    • Wizards owns Chandra and its image.
    • You do not own Chandra and do have Wizards' express permission (e.g., a licence) to use the image of Chandra.
    In consideration of these facts, it would be likely that you are in fact breaking the law, and fair use doctrine may not apply. (I have made no thorough study of the thousands of U.S. fair use cases; anyone who has done so, your input here would also be appreciated.)

    The only thing saving your behind is the fact that no powers that be know of it and, if they do, they have not taken action.

    That no one has been sued, however, is clearly not to suggest that it is permissible or even something good to be done once, much less time and again.
    Quote from Galspanic
    Typically, when something is hand rendered that is considered okay. Some guy named Steve Argyle posted here a while ago... whoever he is Wink

    I had to Google Steve Argyle, with quotation marks, so...

    I think Steve's response is considered and well structured. However, there are parts where it leaves you wanting. The lines between his 'objective' and 'opinion' are blurry, but the main issue is that parts of the 'objective' are questionable. That Steve mentions both fair use and/or parody, though sometimes they are distinguished for appropriate reasons, suggests that one should take his opinion with a grain of salt and it may not be an entirely credible statement.

    If Steve Argyle's response, which is not necessarily that of other illustrators, Wizards of the Coast, or what is right, is the position of the staff, would the staff's original opinion or an interpretation of Steve's statement be kindly produced as soon as feasible?

    Brandon, you a doctoral student or have completed your doctorate. You yourself must be aware of some IP issues in writing your thesis or publishing your manuscripts. Even if you were to simply use a(n adapted or modified) figure as part of a chapter in your thesis, which may very well never see the light of day besides in the thesis itself, which is stored in libraries, you would ensure that you had the blessing of the figure's creators and did what was due of you to include it in your thesis, right?

    Anyway, I thought to ask 'how goes it?' and I have lost my train of thought regarding this point. I think it was alterations are by and large inappropriate and, when they are, you have to jump through hoops. Here, the hoops may not have been jumped through.
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    posted a message on would you booster draft at a bar?
    If bar means nightclub or somewhere where it shouldn't be done, no.

    If bar means something more like a public house or pub or the establishment in Cheers, why not?
    Quote from TheRogue
    business volume at my friends bar has been really slow these past few months and the though came to my mind about running magic tournaments at the bar on the evening where he gets very little business.
    How do you figure that is a good idea, though? Is your area chock-a-block with Magic players and no other sorts of customers for a bar and it is without a games store that does booster drafts?

    To increase patronage and business, why not focus on attracting other demographics?

    Edit: Why not consider some of these tips?

    Step 1Make your restaurant visible in the local media by placing strategic radio, television, Internet or print advertisements. Target locally-based blogs, websites and directories, newspapers, community newsletters and TV stations.

    Quote from TheRogue »
    the trade off is, unlike a regular magic shop I cannot stock store credit and have extra to product sell back to players, because this venue won't stock merchandise.
    Are you even allowed to organise this sort of thing?

    Honestly, this sounds sketchy and I wouldn't trust you. Distil it down a few times, what really is in it for the customer?
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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Galspanic
    In this case the guy was selling some real cards that had foil stickers applied on top that were reproductions of copyrighted imagery.

    Just saying in passing, as a comment: oh, those stickers, not these:


    Well, selling cards altered in that manner might be considered misleading and deceptive. Fair do's.

    However, what of cards with altered artwork, (actually) altered in other manners? It is these cards that pique an interest into an inconsistency in protecting the interests of the forum, or moderation.
    Quote from Galspanic

    Absolutely I want to limit it.

    I do not think that it is a bad idea to define the issue, but I do not believe that we should be overzealous and make the scope too narrow.
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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Galspanic
    Define "Altering" or "Alter" please. Before you do that this conversation will be pointless.

    Are you insisting that I limit the scope of this discussion? How Suspicious... Confused

    Would you care to try to define 'altering' and 'alter', please?

    What test will you use to determine the significance of the alteration?
    I see people argue about this only to realize after a few days that one person is talking about hand painted alteration and someone else is talking about a basic island with a foil sticker of Tundra pasted on top...
    How ridiculous.

    I remembered that you are an art capital-P professor (or simply a lecturer or something) at a university, so you must be aware of there being the law and art, as in, for instance, collages or altered artworks. In light of that, your opinion would be more substantial than the average lay user.

    How very strange. I can't access the trade thread that Dies_to_Doom_Blade must have posted, so I don't know how he(/she) altered his(/her) cards. Did you delete this?
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    posted a message on Looking for Youtube resources
    Quote from Nai
    Specifically, I'm at a point where I'm actually considering monetizing my youtube channel. I've got a reasonable number of suscribers and views per day, I know of a number of games I can get permission to Let's Play, review, or otherwise work with, and I'd be interested in making a few dollars simply to buy the next game.

    That said, I'm unsure of what the partnership would entail, if I'm ready for it, and the hurdles that would come next.

    Anyone here already partnered up? Do you know of any websites or forums that I may be able to snag some advice and assistance?

    I don't want to dissuade you from this if it is your passion, but the reason why I didn't reply earlier was that it is simply not very practical, due to the plethora of other YTers offering similar content in a similar manner. It is somewhat of a pipe dream. However, let's, for the sake of the thread, discuss it anyway.

    For starters, becoming a YT Partner is difficult. Before you set out on becoming one, do familiarize yourself with the terms of the program and do some more research into it.

    Actually, this guy discusses becoming and being a Partner rather well.
    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/wFLcS_hiHII&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/wFLcS_hiHII&quot; width="425" height="350" movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/wFLcS_hiHII&quot; wmode="transparent"/>
    I don't know if this is up your alley, particularly with this confusion in posts #3-5.

    By the by, Let's Play videos are also seen as highly unoriginal and irritating and, as Sapphire said, 'a dime a dozen'; Google even suggests that they are stupid, and that's based on people entering that into it. In addition to that, they are are legally gray and Google has been taking them down and suspending users that upload them.

    To be totally clear, consider something completely original and do some research into media and IP law or consult a professional.
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    posted a message on Haribo Gummy Bears
    Quote from Adam W
    Never had the sugarless version of Haribo bears, but I'm staying far, far away from them.

    Holy crap.

    So, without a doubt, these are bad but there is no one to give a damn about it and stop its production and sale?
    Quote from ajw
    What...why don't you donate the money you spend on magic to third world countries? This statement makes no sense.
    Of course it does; it behoves you not to waste your money when you can do something better with it.
    Why would I want to buy them and try them? Some sort of morbid curiosity I guess Grin

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    posted a message on Position on altered MTG artworks?
    Quote from Gal
    Dies_to_Doom_Blade tried to sell altered foil cards that violate the rights of the copyright holders. He'll be back in a week.

    Obviously, I'm not here to stir up trouble, but what is the current staff position on altered MTG artworks and what is the general user's position on altered MTG artwork? I don't recall reading anything regarding this in rianalnn's 2011 subforum thread or the Forum Rules.

    What should the position be?

    Selling altered-artwork cards is not a good idea, as part of the card's supposedly increased value comes from the fact that it is altered. However, is simply altering a card illegal under 17 U.S.C. 106 and the U.S. Copyright Act? Is there a provision via the fair use doctrine (which includes parodies)?

    If altering cards is illegal, and to be consistent with the suspension of the user above and anyone who has suffered similarly, wouldn't an implication relevant to the forums be discussion of altered artworks is therefore prohibited?
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    posted a message on Haribo Gummy Bears
    Quote from Jay13x
    When I say inedible, I mean that the 'gummy' part of gummy bear is only true in the most technical sense. It's more like chewing a dried and hardened piece of gum.

    Due respect, obviously, I was not referring to the 'inedible' remark. Instead, what might concern the FDA is the fact that these apparently cause quasi-death?!? You know, what with these horror stories and whatnot.
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    posted a message on Gothic music; meaning/interpretation of Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon"
    Quote from Wildfire393
    By the way, you mentioned Depeche Mode in the opening post, which isn't exactly Goth. I can also recommend a number of artists similar to DM if that's an avenue you'd like to pursue.
    In consideration of all of their works and their repertoire, Depeche Mode is a paradox. Depeche Mode are not of the gothic rock genre or even of any other gothic music genre; rather, they were highly influential on New Wave and, though they may not have intended to do so, dark wave. In addition to that, they made synthpop and electronic music accessible and popular. Nevertheless, Depeche Mode is invariably associated with gothic music.
    Quote from akmage
    There is absolutely no shame in liking The Cure in any capacity. Robert Smith is one of the great song writers, cheezy stuff notwithstanding. Disintegration and Pornography are pure brilliance.
    Of course there is no shame in liking The Cure.
    I used to listen to The Damned a lot. They have produced a great variety of material and it's always fun to listen to. A lot of it sounds pretty underproduced and almost homemade in a way. I really like Phantasmagoria and Anything.
    I think The Damned are too high-energy and noisy for my liking. I like The Cure because dark wave.

    For instance,
    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/xik-y0xlpZ0&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/xik-y0xlpZ0&quot; width="425" height="350" movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/xik-y0xlpZ0&quot; wmode="transparent"/>
    The Cure's "A Forest" is gloomy but poppy, mesmerising without being mind-numbing and evocative without needing many dynamic or sonic changes in their rhythm or bass parts. This in fact means absolutely and is insubstantial; it's really just filled for something I can't put to words, either because I do not know what I do not know what I am talking about, what that je nais sais quoi is or the words for that je nais sais quoi. There's a quality that The Cure shares with bands such as Echo and Depeche in some of their songs.

    Another excellent example is The Cure's "Lullaby".
    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/ijxk-fgcg7c&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/ijxk-fgcg7c&quot; width="425" height="350" movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ijxk-fgcg7c&quot; wmode="transparent"/>

    By the by, thanks for your input and your appreciation of this sort of music, British music and all.
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    posted a message on National Pride
    Quote from Post Affinity
    Oh funny, I haven't logged in here for months, maybe a year, but this thread certainly gave me a venue to vent and I'll certainly seize the opportunity.

    See that table there? Where it says Chile is even more patriotic than the United States? It's goddamn true, terribly obnoxiously horribly true!

    It's just that I can't comprehend it, it's just such an horrible sentiment, and it feels so empty; being proud of your country for what? Simply being it? Chilean culture is horrible in that respect, our jingoism such that we not only love our country in an exagerated manner, for no good reason at all in the first place, but it's most often than not expressed in disgust on comparison with our neighbors, people truly look down on our northern neighbors thinking of them as if they were an inferior race, the average citizen is borderline xenophobic, or openly so, but the government encourages it, our relations with Argentina is little better, and the worst thing is that they hate us back for it, and with reason, we think ourselves superior to them, for no real good reason truly, but damn if we're proud of our country, right?

    We've got nothing to be proud of, truly, our country has little big accomplishments on it's history and those are by far outshined by the attrocities that have happened here, yet people are oblivious to them, prefering to love the country above all else because, heck, we've got a high IDH, right? We're the first country in Latin America considered a "first world one! yay! Ugh, I hate this, more often than not patriotism feels like government brainwashing to me, trying to keep the masses dumb and forming some kind of worship to such empty concept as our fatherland to, in that way, overlook our faults, because we're superior! See?. Sweeping over the rug or overlooking our faults, I can't stand that sentiment.

    Now that brings me to another point, I've seen this repeated many times, for I moderate another forum for an historical strategic game modification I and some others made, and we decided to include some often overlooked countries, that showed me some harsh truth though, that when it comes to patriotism, the smaller and pettiest your country is, it seems that the more that patriotism is exacerbated.

    There's countless fights I've had to dissolve on people from the Balkans fighting over who had the least-worst country, and every so often someone claims that "if it weren't for those damn turks our country would totally be a world power by now! unlike those guys from neighboring country X! I've seen it happen just so many times it's not even funny, and the same thing happens here in Latin America, Peruvians badmouthing chileans badmouthing argentineans badmouthing bolivians, they fight over such petty things even when in the grand scheme of things the rest of the world doesn't even care. (I bet most people stopped reading my rant a good while ago because, well, Chile, who cares? right?) Why being proud of your country? Even more important, why being proud of your country for no real reason at all? What's the damn point?!? The sentiment brings nothing but animosity and hate between people, it's the only thing I've seen so far.
    But yeah, we've got fjords, and some damn good beautiful ones at that, maybe that justifies it all in the end? :p

    FTLOG, what are you on about as well? Confused Confused

    At least you appear to be facetious and intentionally comical in your delivery, and I have appreciated that very much. Smile
    Quote from parinoid
    He sums it up pretty well, but it's not like it's a new attitude or anything.
    Yes, indeed. I recall doing schooling in Australia and discussing multiple interpretations or readings of various racial issues a few decades ago; the song remains the same. Muh
    I'm reminded of the (somewhat explict) Rap News episode about Australia day (I think it was ep. 11?). As far as a parody goes, it was disturbingly close to reality.
    Sorry, could you please link me to this if it wouldn't break any laws or rules? Thanks.
    Quote from Blinking Spirit
    And I'm going to challenge your imagination with the concept of linear time. Check those dates, dude.

    Also, Australian Wizard Elvis (AWE) seems way more trustworthy than something called "NORC".
    Sorry, what?
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Stormcaller of Keranos
    Quote from Asy1umRat
    Stormcaller of Keranos 2R
    1U: Scry 1

    So what is the general consensus on this card? Its clearly built to work in some way with Flamespeaker Adept and Aqueous Form, offering a good mana dump late game for U/R. I like that the effect doesn't require tapping, meaning one of these on the field is enough to get repeated scry. While the addition of haste is nice I feel it would still have been a fine card without it, especially if it meant we could have gotten it as a 2-drop.

    I wonder if a scry-centeric deck may form when we get JOU? What are your opinions?

    With the creature type, of course, being Human Shaman... So, no benefits there.

    I don't believe there's been enough time to fairly assess the card and even reach a consensus.

    It's not game-breaking, but it's not the worst card ever. That's easy to say. At worst, it's a Goblin Chariot. At its best, it could be what gives you the extra edge to win in those Limited games, in turns 7 or 8+, by sifting through the chaff.
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    posted a message on Graverobber Spider
    Quote from Sliver Lord
    Rarity doesn't matter for stricly better. I believe this is the first, and it looks totally sweet for limited. Also presumably part of a 5/10 card off color activation cycle.

    Word to the wise: without references in support of the claims on MTGS or any wiki, take it with a grain of salt.

    That having been said,
    Quote from lorendarcy
    This card is totally awesome but as usual "strictly better" is a misnomer here. Giant Spider is a common.


    Fine card. Doesn't even really need the synergy with cards that pack your graveyard. No immediately apparent downside.
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    posted a message on National Pride
    Why Comic Sans MS, why?!
    Quote from Amadi

    Dead serious. I do not see why countries should be treated differently from religions* in this regard. They're all about "us vs them"-mentality. If they were not, they would be completely unnecessary and serve no function.

    *: I also hate all organized religions in equal measure.

    My goal is to attack the concept of national pride. The only way to do so is to show thatit has only led to bad things. I could've used Nazi Germany as an example, but if I did, people would've responded with "But that's like, Nazi Germans man, US would never do that." It would, in fact, just strengthen the sense of national pride in these individuals, because they could use justifications such as "Yeah, we're totally better than Nazi Germany, go USA!"

    And I do not doubt anyone here would claim that US hasn't had a really bad record of unwarranted wars for resources or political control in the past 50 years or so. I could cite the entire war on terror as an example of the mentality I've outlined before. Just because the attack was against the America, it received insane amounts of news coverage and was responded to by practically destroying a country. 3000 people were killed in what was, in the grand scheme of things, a highly symbolic attack done by an extremist group.

    US used that to justify roughly 185,000 deaths in Iraq. Out of these, roughly 135,000 civilians. Being proud of the US is seeing this as something to be proud of. Or living in denial, or even worse, being able to justify these actions, because "It was worth it".

    I hate the US, but it's not that my hate for the US is particularly spectacular. I hate Finland, too. I repeat what I said in my first post: I hate all countries in equal measures. Once people begin to identify with something that is not themselves, they'll begin to use this as a justification. Rather than asking themselves "What would a good person do?" when presented by a moral dilemma, they resort to "What would a good Finn/American/Catholic/Muslim do".

    Yeah. Sure. Okay. Thanks for your response and insights.
    Quote from parinoid
    Yeah, more or less.
    Hm. At the time of the race riots that made national news, I lived quite close.
    Looked it up. It's the one where he sees the bumper sticker with the phrase on it, right?
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    posted a message on Haribo Gummy Bears
    Quote from Jay13x
    Oh yeah, I've had those before. At least that style of gummy bear. They're basically inedible.

    So, uh, would it be within the FDA's purview to see that they aren't sold? If so, seriously, what would it take for them to take action against the sale of these?
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    posted a message on Haribo Gummy Bears
    Quote from ajw
    For reference http://www.amazon.com/Haribo-Gummy-Candy-Sugarless-5-Pound/dp/B000EVQWKC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top.

    Read the customer reviews for some laughs. I'm curios though, has anyone actually tried these things or know someone who has? Is it really that bad? OMG
    No, for reference, should you have linked us to the news stories regarding this? Though, I suppose that isn't necessary if we know of this via this appearing in news stories for months now.

    I don't know if you're being serious, but no, it isn't that bad.
    I'm half tempted to just order a bag...
    Why, don't you have someone who sells it locally?

    Anyway, Lycasin (like other sugar alcohols; e.g., mannitol, sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol) is known to cause bloating, intestinal borborygmi, or flatulence. It's sort of like Olestra, except the chemistry's different. I hazard that you would need to consume a few bags of these gummy bears for that to happen, just like you would need to eat 326,853,135 sticks of chewing gum, though.

    Also, how about you donate that money for a bag of gummy bears to those starving in your country or the developing world? Slant
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    posted a message on National Pride
    Quote from Jay13x
    STOP BEING A NICE EUROPEAN, SENE. You should have led with this:

    "Your fjords are so weak they're actually drowned river canyons, fool. Do you even glacier?"

    Yes, New Zealand has various rías, but Milford Sound is a bona fide fiord.

    Rather than agree to disagree, can't we agree that Lysefjorden and Nærøyfjord are beautiful fjords as well and that the fiords/fjords are as beautiful are those in the other country? Why can't we be friends? Pweeeeease?

    Admittedly, though people say that the scenery or nature in New Zealand is like no other, I don't see what they see. Slant
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Herald of torment.
    Quote from Lord L"Zoril
    I like it; both costs seem very reasonable, and I feel like the bestow cost is pretty relevant. The longer you wait to play it, the less the 1 life lost per turn will hurt you. And there are plenty of four drops that would like +3/+3 and flying.
    Yes, I guess. However, if you simply play it on T3 rather than nothing or anything else (as I do not believe there is anything that can outdo this at 3 CMC in black in the current rotation), you can get in more damage that way.

    The utility of Bestow is more or less as back up against sweepers or other removal. The trade-off is that you must play a slower game, though.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Wedge Block?
    I would love to see a wedge block, but I do not believe it is likely that there will an entire block with such a theme (either as the primary theme or a secondary theme). I recall Mark Rosewater stating that this was, for some reason or other, something to the effect that it was undesirable or infeasible, but I don't recall him categorically ruling it out as a possibility.

    Even if there were such a block or set, because wedge cards are apparently so difficult to develop and design, the block or set would be awful or awesome; there is certainly potential, but there is no middle ground.
    Quote from cccccc808
    Ironically, i am currently making a set about this, but here is what i view the basics of each wedge as

    WUR: It is a group of people who act on desires, but think things through in an orderly way before acting. They occasionally act rash, but they normally can reign themselves in
    EXAMPLE: Human beings

    WBR: They seek to form order, under their own terms. They aren't afraid to push people around to get what they want.
    EXAMPLE: Vampires

    WGB: They celebrate the joys of life, and the pain of death. They understand the living, but they cannot be like us
    EXAMPLE: Ghosts

    UGB: They care nothing for death. They are a group working towards the goal of an ambitious individual
    EXAMPLE: Ants

    URG: The forces of nature, from the rivers to the mountains
    EXAMPLE: Captain Planet
    Obviously, this would be strengthened by having more examples, but I think this sounds good on paper.

    The black wedge brings to mind Life // Death and Teneb.

    For some search results:
    WBR: http://magiccards.info/query?q=c!wbrm&v=card&s=cname
    URG: http://magiccards.info/query?q=c!urgm&v=card&s=cname
    BGW: http://magiccards.info/query?q=c!wbgm&v=card&s=cname
    RWU: http://magiccards.info/query?q=c!wurm&v=card&s=cname
    GUB: http://magiccards.info/query?q=c!ubgm&v=card&s=cname
    Multicoloured split cards (some are shard, others are shard): http://magiccards.info/query?q=c%3Am+is%3Asplit&v=card&s=cname

    And, of course, a number of other cards, most of which are from Apocalypse (e.g., the Volvers, the Sanctuaries, the Disciplines).
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    posted a message on National Pride
    Quote from northprophet
    This is an interesting debate, one that has been something of an undercurrent in Canadian society for my entire life. We try to have as strong national identity here, but almost anyone with a brain and enough sense to think about it for a little while comes to the conclusion that the fundamental idea behind our culture is this: "Canada; most definitely, absolutely, decisively not the United States."
    I thought it was merely a discussion. Well, as they say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
    Quote from Amadi

    The actual difference is that the countries actually compete with each other. They compete on offers for treaties, have differences regarding international legislation, have their own interests on resources. There is this whole thing called war that happens every now and then. They exist in a state where resources are not infinite.

    Imagine for a moment that you have a more exotic pet. Say, a panda. You love this panda very much, like you love your dog. Now imagine that all the local bamboo forests have been cut down, and you're reliant on import bamboo to feed your pet. Your neighbour also has a panda, who they also love very much. One time, there is only barely enough bamboo imported to feed one panda in this town. The other one will invariably die. There is no way around it.

    And that's what countries essentially are. With an exception, I grant you, that countries are born of necessity exactly because competition for resources exists. If we lived in a magical world of abundance of everything that we could possibly want, we would have no need for countries. Countries are a construct to prioritize the needs or wants of those close to you over those of people far away from you while refusing to feel bad or responsible for doing so.

    US in particular is pretty guilty of this. The price of oil is ricing? Give Saddam some money so he can invade neighbouring countries and take over their oil fields. Let's get some few millions killed in middle-east so we can keep oil prices down, whoo! Those African countries are actually trying to recover? Let's ship guns to rebels in those areas, and then only offer to sell guns to the government if they reduce the import and export tariffs, so their farmers will be screwed over economically, and we can buy all the fields, whoo! What do you mean there is a continent south of us with insane amounts of natural resources but barely no technology? Let's invade that and take their resources, whoo!
    Okay, that last one was Europe, but I think you get the point. Countries are willing to price the desires of their members over the needs of others, and often refuse to recognize this as an issue at all. Or if they do, they still keep doing it. For the mother/fatherland, yay! Rolleyes

    Wow, are you being serious, dude?
    Quote from Amadi »
    You seriously thought there could be a thread about national pride and patriotism, something US is #1 in (Tied with Venezuela.), and no US-bashing in that thread? As far as I am concerned, it's worth bashing countries with high amounts of patriotism and national pride for that fact alone. US is also a really easy target. The fact that the thread title also has a flag of a certain country in it just makes it a more enticing one.
    I am certain there's a fine line that can be walked here, where you can reasonably discuss national pride and patriotism without prejudice.

    Anyway, whatever, man. To other, more important things.
    Quote from Sene
    Unfortunately, I can't even deliver on that point - I've never been to New Zealand (though I wish to, at some point). But if I were to guess, I'd say that our fjords are better than their ones Wink Though I'd say New Zealand probably has a richer flora & fauna and a less hostile climate. I bet I'd be able to grow as fond of NZ's geography, given time, as I am of Norway's.
    To be fair, Norway is lovely only, oh, all year round. If size matters, the fjords in Norway are, like, 5 to 20 times longer (and Norway does not have Hobbiton, Matamata and presumably Hobbits). Again, if size matters (of course it does! :tongue:).

    The fjords in Iceland, Greenland, and even Canada are worthwhile to experience too.

    Oh, yeah, come to New Zealand.
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    posted a message on What are Hipsters
    Quote from zemogFC
    Source: My brother is a hipster. He says hes not of course, like any hipster would.
    Most deny it, but then there are there those hipsters (or is that 'hipsters') that never make a thing out of it as well as those that make a thing out of it too.
    Quote from Senori
    Dear sir,

    Regarding your question "what is a hipster?" I am.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sorry, I laughed my arse off. XD

    But that's more of an answer to 'what or who is an exemplar of a hipster?'.
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Divination reprint
    I was waiting for Serum Visions... meh...

    I doubt it will be printed under a different name (probability of a reprint of Serum Visions: 0), as Scry 2, particularly at U, is repressive apparently and runs contrary to what is trying to be achieved; that is, not as much consistency.
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    posted a message on Is the rock genre disappearing? (In the new generation)
    Quote from god of cyanide
    9909, dunno if you thought I had missed the point, but I haven't.
    Tastes change and are somewhat cyclical, and people's tastes in music are amorphous and inconsistent when preferences are expressed.

    In other words, it's just a phase.

    Yeah, I guess.

    Rock never dies; given its origins, the day it dies is the day music dies.
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    posted a message on Facebook Friend Reconnect
    Quote from god of cyanide

    I've found Facebook to be useful for two things:

    1. Keeping up with groups/organizations you belong to/support;


    2. Keeping "in touch" with people without actually having to communicate with them.

    The second is why I've come to call it Fakebook.

    The 'c' is a hard C; it is only spelled 'Facebook' for historic reasons. Smile
    Quote from Acardus
    I guess I have to check her account the next time we meet since my settings isn't that really restrictive

    Sorry, what? Wow, she lets you use her phone and to use Facebook while she is logged in. That is trust. Kudos, man.

    Look, whatever the case with you guys being unable to see each other's profiles, if you value your friendship and how easy it is, don't add each other on Facebook. You already have phones, e-mails and all that stuff at your disposal and there's no need to add yet another dimension that all too often leads to complications and complacency.

    Heck, don't even use Facebook unless it is utterly necessary.
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    posted a message on What are Hipsters
    Before I was born, I guess there were beatniks and so on, who can be considered among the many spiritual predecessors of hipsters.

    It used to mean counter-culture among generally upwardly-mobile and white young, urban middle-class teens/tweens when I was growing up.

    Now it means anyone who is a conformist who fetishises coolness but thinks they are edgy, avant-garde, alternative, indie, non-mainstream; they are living and breathing manifestations of snootiness, silliness and irony (unto themselves).
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