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  • posted a message on The "Complain about Big 4" Thread
    I don't understand complaining about the top 4 decks in the format. I'd somewhat understand if the format was dominated by 1 or 2 decks that are just annoying to play against, but we have 4 decks. Control, aggro, midrange and beatdown/ramp represented in each of the decks. All of the colors represented. This format is pretty healthy.
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  • posted a message on Thoughts about an upcoming Standard banlist
    I dont know if any of you were around when Skullclamp got banned. The reasoning was that archetypes were being created solely with the gameplan of "play a bunch of dorks, play Skullclamp, generate card advantage". And it got to the point where every deck played the card and it prevented other archetypes from being possible. It was just Dorks + Skullclamp (Goblins, Affinity, Elf and Nail). And then a few months later, Arcbound Ravager and Disciple of the Vault getting banned. It was the same thing... that Affinity deck was so consistent at winning fast in Standard. And then years later Jace and Stoneforge Mystic get the axe.

    In all three of those cases those archetypes/decks were big (I don't have exact numbers, but over 50% for sure, maybe as much as 75% of the metagame). But the death blow came when you saw people stop going to these major tournaments. In the past 5 or so years, we've been able to really quantify the general audiences interest in a format by how many people show up to events now that the game is becoming more and more main stream. There weren't weekly tournaments that drew 100s of players until more recently, so they've been able to accurately gauge interest in the Standard format by looking to see if the numbers take a dip. Until you see that happen, we won't see a card get banned. People can complain that they don't like the environment, and they'll certainly listen, but they aren't banning cards as long as people keep showing up to these big tournaments every week.
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  • posted a message on UWr Control - opinions wanted
    Decklist threads don't belong in main forum, moving this to Standard Deck Creation
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Open Discussion on Standard Forum Rules, Policy, and Set-Up
    I'm personally curious what everyone thinks of the rule that restricts talking about spoiled cards to New Card Discussion as well.
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  • posted a message on The great compromise - Effectively supporting Legacy without violating the reserve list
    I don't understand why people get so mad about cost when it comes to the Legacy format. Legacy is obviously a format that costs a lot of money to get into, reprinting Legacy staples to make it more accessible seems like we're trying to turn it into Modern. If money is an issue, then just don't play Legacy. I think WoTC has actually done a good job pushing all of these different formats that can potentially appeal to different audiences. Standard and Limited are the catch alls for everyone, then you have Modern if you want to play a format that is more powerful. Commander if you want to play casually and get away with not spending that much money on cards while still having a relatively good deck.

    That being said... someone mentioned reprinting fetches and other Legacy staples in stuff like Commander products. I wonder if you couldn't just get away with printing them more often in actual sets. Thoughtseize has already been reprinted. Fetches will eventually get reprinted. They could effectively print Fetches in multiple sets if they wanted. It would help sell the set for sure. Someone mentioned Force of Will would be nice in a non-Standard set, but think about it for a little while... why couldn't we have Force of Will in just a random Standard set? It actually isn't as overpowered in Standard as it would be in the other faster formats. They might have to watch out for it's effect on Modern, but in Standard the fact that it can be a free spell is less relevant in a format where people aren't doing crazy things on turn 2.

    Obviously we couldn't do that for all Legacy staples, but there are certainly are a couple out there that wouldn't be that bad in Standard.
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  • posted a message on Sore Losers
    It sounds like this guy is being a sore loser, there's no excuse for getting mad losing a game.

    That being said, you talk about playing Jace and Master of the Waves and your opponent is playing with bad commons. Sounds like you are playing a legit competitive and his deck is more casual. That might be part of the issue if he sees nothing but rares in your deck while he's playing some random lifegain deck. So in a way it's understandable. It's not fun to lose. It's even less fun if you feel like your deck is being completely outclassed. For example, if I had my Standard competitive BW Midrange deck, and he comes at me with a Legacy competitive Reanimator deck that pumps out Grislebrands on turn 3 and protects them with discard spells and Force of Wills... I think I have a right to not want to continue playing. Personally if I'm playing someone that I know is playing casual, I'll try to play a deck that's on his level. There isn't fun in just completely blowing out a player.
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  • posted a message on Mono White Aggro
    In the Standard forum, new card discussion is only allowed in this forum. I'm locking this thread.
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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Iroas, God of Holy Sweet Jesus are you Kidding Me?
    I think this card has a chance in more of a bigger RW deck. We saw Mono Red devotion a couple months back. Boros Reckoner and Stormbreath Dragon are big hitters, and you could take advantage of non-creature devotion enablers like Hammer of Purphoros and perhaps Godsend or Ajani.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU] -] Godsend (Legendary Artifact - Equipment)
    I don't think this is an automatic player in Standard, but it will certainly get consideration almost solely based on the fact that it adds to devotion and it's actually pretty unique in what it does. Because there aren't really any equipment out there that provide a constant buff to a creature.

    Probably a 7 dollar mythic when all is said and done. Think of all of those fringe standard mythics like Ajani and Vraska, they aren't flexibile enough to remain a staple in the format but still can do something in the right deck (which is what we want out of mythics IMO).
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  • posted a message on R/W Aggro
    Decklist threads belong in Standard Deck Creation (or in New Card Discussion if it's involving Journey into Nyx cards). Moving to Standard Deck Creation
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