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  • posted a message on Reuben Bresler fired from SCG
    Quote from Warden »

    I actually have to agree here. LoL, SC2, etc have a full "show" to watch. SCG at its best doesn't come close. However, there are some caveats to point out:
    1 - Magic has a trillion variables such as the cards within a deck, matchup type, and "the stack". eSports the variables are more contained. Like there are only X units in a videogame, so viewers understand the limits and permutations. Magic has a lot more in scope/volume the viewer needs to learn. Not a bad thing, and certainly makes Magic "deep", but for viewing you have to work to mitigate this. Without it, you speak gibberish. And the appeal of eSports is for casuals/new people to enjoy.

    I don't know if I would agree with that. Each of these games has it's nuances. Starcraft 2 there's the thing about what each unit can attack (air or ground), and what units are good at dealing with others. In LoL I actually caught a few games of that. Each of the individual characters has it's own unique things it can do. I still don't know what any of the characters do but I can watch the game and see them use a move and I'm not to confused about what happened.

    Magic is very complicated from a rules perspective, but as the game plays out it's not hard to follow. In a game if you cast Restoration Angel on Thragtusk after your opponent tries to kill it, there's a lot of complicated things going on there but as a viewer even if you don't know what the stack is, at the very least you see the result of the play and use context clues to think "ok, Restoration Angel was used to save his creature".

    I will say that one of the things that Magic has going against it entertainment wise is the games aren't usually climactic. I would actually say the same about LoL from the few games I've seen, seems like when a team wins it was obvious they would win like 5 minutes ago. Starcraft is usually more dramatic because of the custom of conceding a game that is obviously out of reach. Sometimes you get a one sided game and it takes them a while to leave, but often you see a rush or timing attack or huge final battle at the end and usually if one player wins a battle decidedly, the other guy will usually just concede right there.

    3 - eSports is a big production. Honestly, the production values make it almost like an ESPN for nerdy competitive gaming.

    This is the one big thing that makes me think that they could make it happen with Magic like they do for eSports. Because with eSports, the way they make money is through advertising (and entry fees I guess?). With Magic, specifically SCG Opens, SCG has another revenue stream they can use to help "fund" this production until it can get running on it's own feet. And this revenue stream would be directly effected by putting more money into their events. They sell cards and have a website with articles. So the more popular the game is, the more people potentially buy cards or read articles, and in general the bigger SCG is as a Magic brand.

    It's possible I'm a unique demographic, so maybe it doesn't make financial sense to go bigger with their events because they don't feel like enough people will watch. But all I know is that I would be more into watching SCGs if they put more into the production. Currently I don't have cable TV, I watch A LOT of twitch steams. A lot of said streams are either Starcraft or Magic. And I can tell you if I watch a stream, it's because before I click on it I know what I'm getting into and I don't have to hunt for a specific matchup or a specific player. For example, right now I've watching one of Joe Losset's past streams. He does a lot of Legacy (which I don't even play the format, I'm a Standard player). But if he's streaming an interesting deck, I'll watch.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Spoiler Complete, discussion of M15 allowed outside of New Card Discussion
    I'm a little late with this announcement, but just reminding people that because the spoiler is complete, it's now cool to discuss M15 cards outside of the New Card Discussion forum.
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    Quote from teamDFL »
    Quote from JacketBoi »
    What is the most shaky matchup for you guys? For me, it's mono-blue devotion. It's rare that I play it, buy tis a huge pain when you don't have any removal.

    Jund Monsters is the hardest for me. They ramp into stuff that is hard to deal with using creatures that slow me down (their tempo up, mine down in one step is terrible), they have enough removal that any major threat I get is usually dealt with and their top end is better than mine. And it gets no better after sideboard. You just have to hope they draw slow hands and you draw quick ones.

    Mono-blue has always been pretty easy in my experience. They are so dependent on Master of Waves which you can Thoughtseize, Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, Hero's Downfall or Bile Blight away. Every removal spell we have kills the Master. Frostburn Weird can be a PITA as it provides devotion and is hard to bypass. I have run against mono-blue splashing white for Detention Sphere and that was much harder to handle. The weakness of mono-blue is that if you land a serious threat, they have very limited ways to deal with it. The Detention Sphere addition solves that problem quite nicely for them.

    I do agree that beating mono-blue depends on having removal. It is certainly a matchup that can go very badly if you don't draw a way to deal with the Master.

    It's weird... because my list plays Thrill Kill Assassin, 2 Agents (for now) and 3 Boon of Erebos main and like 6 removal spells. Then Thoughtseize in the side. And mono blue seems like an even matchup for me. Obviously if they go first and curve out then we just lose, but generally they don't and even going first they tend to be on the defensive. I think that's where the removal spells (if we count Boon as a removal spell) and death touch creatures come into play. You can swing your 2/3 death touch into their Nightvale Specters profitably.

    And the same with Jund Monsters. I don't think I've lost a match to that deck so far. And it's for the same reason. Trading a 1B death touch creature for their 2GG Polukranos is a net gain in tempo. If you mass up creatures and then drop the Mogis hammer on them, that's usually the end of the game.

    But the trade off is against UW and Mono black devotion. Fortunately with mono-black game 1 you can over-extend and really Bile Blight is the only thing to worry about. Game 2-3 I've gotten burned by Drown In Sorrow my fair share of times. So you do somewhat have to play it slow, but then thats where Pack Rat can single handedly win games. And with UW I've mentioned the point that some people are moving toward Fiendslayer Paladin in the sideboard, that card is very difficult to beat. Even without that, I think we're still looking at 50/50 because we're slower than mono-red. And if you are playing Pain Seer (or something else) instead of Thrill Kill, and Thoughtseize main instead of Boon of Erebos or more removal, that gives you a better matchup... but again you sacrifice your matchup to mono blue and monsters.

    It's weird how the difference in your Jund Monsters matchup can go from awesome to flaky just by switching out 6-7 cards main deck.
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  • posted a message on Do you like or dislike the concept of a 'strict' color pie?
    Quote from shinquickman »
    ^Not necessarily. Blue is very capable of being aggressive without looking like another color. Look at Mono-U Devotion as an example. The deck still feels very Blue and it didn't even have to break the color pie. That's what I want for other colors. I want to see a Red-heavy deck that plays for the late game. I want to see a Green/Black deck that's in-your-face and fast instead of graveyard-comboish. Most importantly, I want to see these things in ways that don't turn the color pie on its head.

    What I mean by "blue being the new red" is that switching the colors doesn't mean anything. Because if you want red to be able to play late game, why not just play blue (or another late game color)? Why do we need red to be able to play the late game when we already have a color that does it? You want green black to do something other than be graveyard based... but with 3 other colors and multiple other color combinations, you can go to any of those if you don't want something graveyard based. Do you just want this to happen for the sake of seeing something different?

    Now, perhaps you might be saying that you want red to be able to play the late game, but still do all the things it does now. The issue with that is the less disctinct each of the colors are, the less they matter. If you give black the ability to easily kill enchantments, it gives you less of a reason to play the other colors. If you follow Standard for example, you see this actually play out in the way that Mono black devotion has tried splashing green because of how cards like Detention Sphere can be good against them. If we gave black a destroy target enchantment effect, then they wouldn't need to even splash the color.
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  • posted a message on Do you like or dislike the concept of a 'strict' color pie?
    Quote from shinquickman »
    I like a rigid color pie. My problem is I don't think WotC is using it too creatively. I would like Standard seasons to not just be RDW, U/x Control, and G/x ramp over and over again. Why not rattle the board a bit from time to time? This also ties into color pairs. Why does G/B almost always involve reanimation shenanigans? Why is U/W so inclined to a control strategy? Instead imagine a whacky season dominated by:

    R/W Control
    U/B Reanimator
    G/B Aggro
    U/R Aggro
    W/G Control

    I think even with a strict color pie, such things are possible, it's just a matter on putting a focus on cards that allow these colors to play off beat. For example, Red is very capable of board control within the color pie; it just needs such cards to be accented.

    That's a fine goal. The issue is when you realize that what you are effectively doing is having the same colors but calling it red instead of blue. If you give blue a Thundermaw Hellkite, then it's just the new red.
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    I've actually been giving Agent of the Fates a try in my build as well. Mostly it was just a filler for when I was initially missing a couple cards for the deck. But 2 of them survived to the final deck. On the positive side, he's a 3/2 body which serves as a removal spell to an extent against a lot of different decks. It swings into Caryatid, Courser, Nightvale Specter, Grey Merchant, Demon, etc. The heroic ability is okay, but the 3/2 deathtouch body is the bigger issue. On the negative side, the 2 toughness matters. It's kind of awkward if it's getting blocked by a Mutavault.

    I'm thinking of cutting it completely though. Might move Lifebane to the main deck. As it is still solid against G/x and not horrible against mono blue (attacks into everything and will at the worst trade with a nightvale specter and is a jace killer against UW.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Mono Black Aggro
    I run 4 Thoughtseize main and 4 Duress in the sideboard and consistently beat control. So often they keep a hand based on having a Verdict and if you strip it out, it is almost a certain win.

    Yeah. It's that age old issue where the issue is whether or not to run it main or sideboard. Because the extra 4 Thoughtseize means you will have to take something out for game 1. Which in theory makes the maindeck weaker. That being said... playing a turn 2 or 3 Thoughtseize and nabbing a Polukranos is about the same as if it was a removal spell or extra creature.

    Edit: I vote for Bile Blight and Ultimate Price as removal. Probably Bile Blight first because it actually hits more creatures than Ultimate Price does in our deck. Courser of Kruphix? Attack + Bile Blight kills it. But it also kills Mutavault and Nightvale Specter. Bile Blight doesn't kill Desecration Demon easily though.
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  • posted a message on Why are the time periods between sets different?
    Quote from Megadog »
    9, 11 and 12 are pretty even, and the 19 happens due to Winter holidays (or Summer, if you are in Southern Hemisphere, as I am.)

    I do think the Winter holiday plays a part. But also, I think it's just the sets rotating in September means that the format takes longer to "stabilize" (and usually the set is bigger). That's probably why they are comfortable letting the format stay the same for that 19 week period.

    The other two sets coming out are usually smaller sets and don't change the standard landscape as much. So you would want less time in between those.
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    I've been playing a version very similar to frac's list. I have Thoughtseize in the sideboard rather than the main, and I'm trying out Boon of Erebos in the past 3 FNMs and 1 SCG IQ and I'm at a solid 75% match win overall (3-1 at each of the FNMs, 4-2 at the IQ). What I like about Boon of Erebos is that all of the green midrange decks have 0/3s and 2/4s that they can play early to slow you down. Mono-blue devotion has 1/4s, etc. It functions like a 1 mana removal spell in those kinds of decks, and it lets you keep attacking. And it's also a plan to help you fight a Pack Rat player that is trying to block with Pack Rat (admittedly doesn't help if he's already winning the race).

    I've had 3 matches against mono-blue and I'm happy with that matchup. Any green midrange deck I feel like I'm favored. Mono-black devotion seems okay. The big problem is U/W/x control matchups. I don't think we're fast enough to go under UW decks, and we do have some ability to be evasive or to use bestow creatures and force two removal spells. Although the problem with Bestow is if you are spending 5 mana to Bestow Herald of Torment, they can just counter that. The worst thing is the few people I've played against playing UW play Fiendslayer Paladin which... the only way I can beat that is by flying over it or using bestow to make a bigger creature. First strike is a pretty big boon to this deck in general.

    I know this isn't the competitive forum, but I still feel like this is a fun deck to play, and you could actually bring it to a serious tournament if you expect it to be light on UW control.
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  • posted a message on Creating a new format
    Quote from frozenspark »
    I was thinking of ways to make a new, fun and competitive format that doesn't have quite the barriers to entry like Legacy and Modern, and is fun and unpredictable like EDH. For example, I have Bob and Goyf and some other very good cards but not a playset of each, so what am I to do? What do you think about this format:

    60 card deck
    Other than basic lands, only 1 of each card
    Minimum of 20 common/uncommon cards; at least 7 have to be common
    At least 7 cards have to be from the most recent block

    What do you think? It's a mix of standard, legacy, and EDH and some pauper with the common/uncommon requirement.

    Not a bad idea. The first hiccup I see with such a format is you are going to have to get people to agree to build a deck with these rules. I think a potential solution to this problem is instead to have a pool of cards that you have people build decks out of. This pool of cards could probably be just a random pile of cards from drafts you've done recently. So effectively this would be like sealed, but the sealed pool isn't 90 cards... it could be like 200-300 and perhaps combining a bunch of different blocks just to mix things up.
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