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  • posted a message on Ixalan Double-Faced Cards Card Stock Issue
    Announcement Here:

    This brings up a couple of questions to me:

    1. Has anyone seen or noticed this?
    2. What card stock was it printed on? How many types do they use and for what?
    3. They say they are still legal in tournament play, but being different card stock what is the chance that the cards could be cut to too easily during a deck check or such?

    What do you all think?
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  • posted a message on What's a good anti-supreme verdict/anger of the gods SB card for BW tokens?
    Rootborn Defenses is the only one resembling heroic intervention that I know of that tokens may like. Generally they either go for selfless spirit, or trust in their hand control / attempt to play smartly around board wipes.

    Have you checked out the B/W tokens thread in the Developing Competitive (Modern) forum? There are lots of good people playing and practicing there who can give great advice.
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  • posted a message on New Magic Logo -- Effective starting in Dominaria 2018
    It's not the worst thing, but I do prefer the current one. The new one looks like more Sci-Fi to me than the Fantasy feel of the current one.
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  • posted a message on Made my way into Modern
    Congratulations on starting in Modern!

    As far as building a land base goes, 2 of each shock is a good starting place, as they are not too often played as more than that these days, from what I have seen. With fetches, however, you are looking at a playset of each. Probably stick with the ones you are going to use most often or the soonest and go from there.

    Good luck!
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    I have run Reverent Hunter in my heavier Collected Company Stompy deck as a one-of. It can be really strong but it also has the downsides that thatmarkguy has brought up. I have had it enter as an 8/8 and my opponent just stares and shakes their head and I have had it shot with half of electrolyze with it's triggered ability on the stack. Hitting it with company usually has it entering as bigger than a baloth. It has been decent overall and I have been able to make decent use of it with Company being able to have it enter as an instant/end of turns to dodge removal better and I think that is where it is the strongest. I don't think I would go over 1 in the deck and it is in my 3 drop flex-spot, depending on the meta.

    Edit: Also, I don't run E1 in my heavy Stompy build, so that downside it negated
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  • posted a message on [XLN] Prerelease experience, overperformers and underperformers
    Quote from DirkGently »

    I totally get what you are saying and it makes sense to an extent, but saying that a bad rare is not bad because there are worse is not that great of a defense for it.
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  • posted a message on My First Magic Event (+ Thank Yous)
    Glad to hear it. I also always try to help players who seem newer to refine their decks at limited events. Listen to what the seasoned players have to say and you will learn quickly. Learning what fits best (and I am no master) just takes time.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from diateone »
    yeah. My question was more about whether "you" is considered as targeting.

    Ahh, I understand. My bad.

    No, it must specifically say "target" to be considered targeting. The "you lose life" works kind of in the same round-about way that clone does, not targeting, and is able to copy things with hexproof, shroud, or protection.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from tarotplz »
    Quote from diateone »
    Stupid question: can we runed halo our bitterblossom not to lose life? it says "you" but not sure if that counts as target.

    I don´t think so, because it`s "lose 1 life" and not "deals 1 damage".

    Then again I´m not a judge by any means, so maybe post this in the rules question forum for a better answer?

    You are right, it does not help. The object with protection cannot be:
    - Damaged by sources with the specified quality. (All such damage is prevented.)
    - Enchanted or equipped by permanents with the specified quality.
    - Blocked by creatures with the specified quality.
    - Targeted by spells with the specified quality, or by abilities from sources of that quality.

    Since Bitterblossom does not target or deal damage (both things that protection stops), Runed Halo will have no effect on it. stopping losing of life is not included in protection.
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  • posted a message on I'm scared of Friday Night Magic
    I agree with the above posters. You won't know until you try, but at most places I have dealt with, the players are fairly nice to new players and very willing to explain and give advice. Now, that being said, you really can't expect to go to any even semi-competitive event with a pile of cards or random untested deck and expect to do well(granted, you could come up with the best homebrew ever, but that is the exception). You have to be ready and willing to lose to people who are running proven good decks. As nice and as they friendly as they may be, they are still there to compete and win (I say this having been in that group). So, if you want to have a good time, you certainly don't need to spend much money to go, play, hang out with some cool people, and learn, but if you want to do well, you will most likely have to look into the good cards/decks. However, you also don't have to look at the very top decks only. There are always plenty of semi-viable 2nd-3rd tier decks that are fun to play and can be reasonable successful (I played Naya Walker control and Temur infinite mana combo during the Siege Rhino era to decent success).

    I say give it a shot with what you have got. Let people know that you are new and trying to learn. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Pay attention to what the good players say and do. Find out what you like to play and eventually you can build toward a strong version of that.

    Good luck!
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  • posted a message on Bloo AKA UR Kiln Fiend/UR Prowess/UR Aggro and others
    Hey, everyone. I just started looking into this deck and it looks exciting (used to play Suicide Zoo before Probe ban and it reminds me of that). I am looking to get the cards to be able to run ChainVeil's Grixis Shadow Bloo and h0lydiva's UR Bloo. Any advice for an newbie of this archetype?
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  • posted a message on Best secondary market for purchasing cards?
    MOTL(Magic Online Traders League) is still going on, granted it has died down a lot from its heyday as well, but you may still be able to find some good stuff there. Pucatrade seems to be on its way out, so I would personally avoid that one.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from Goatwife »
    Words from post

    I feel that for any tokens build looking to splash green, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar needs to be considered. Not sure if you already checked her out or not but a big way to grow tokens on top of Gavony Township.

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  • posted a message on Aftermath Cards against Protection
    Thank you!
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  • posted a message on Aftermath Cards against Protection
    Hey all.

    So, from what I can tell, it looks like aftermath cards, such as Start // Finish, are just the part being cast while on the stack but are both colors elsewhere. So, my question is, does that mean that I can target a Stormbreath Dragon with the Finish side of Start // Finish or not?

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