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  • posted a message on How not to get swung on...?
    The things you described seem to fit very well with my Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck.

    It is a deck based around churning out tokens for life gain, and draining all of your opponents. Teysa's abilities are very effective for acting as a rattlesnake, and she also protects your board fairly well from blow-outs.

    The checklist can be found here:
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  • posted a message on Enchantress Deck Help -- Win Cons lacking!
    Quote from DukeSteel »
    This thread was the single most useful thing I found on the whole wide internet on my Enchantress quest. I signed up to this forum just to thank you guys for such comprehensive posts <3

    I fell in love with enchantments earlier this year and have gone from monowhite to Orzhov with Dax, to now playing Abzan Enchantress for the last month or so. Right now I am going back and forth between Teneb and Anafenza, but lots of people I have spoken to online seem determined to convince me I should be playing Ghave. Most Ghave brews I have seen have a high creature count; I feel like they are divorced from the pillowfort/token/combo strategy I have enjoyed so far. I am also not ruling out Atraxa, Enchanted Evening is a beauty.

    Here is what I have so far if anyone is curious Smile

    If you are still interested in a Ghave-Enchantress-type build, you can check out my list here:

    The idea is mainly just to make a bunch of mana to dump into Ghave's abilities to make an unstoppable army of Saprolings-Turns out that enchantments are good at this, so this deck has an enchantress theme.
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  • posted a message on Commanders you think that deserve their bad reputations...
    Quote from TheC2 »
    Snip...Prossh, Skyraider of Kher: If I had to describe would be as an elegant and brutal killing machine...Snip

    I have to agree with pretty much everything you brought up about Prossh here, and I also have had a long love/hate relationship with this destructive force of a dragon. Because of this, I felt you may like to hear about my current Prossh deck, which I've been adjusting/destroying/rebuilsing/remaking since he came our of the box...

    The things you bring up about Prossh are all true. He is very efficient, and very good at everything he can do. For this reason, my current Prossh deck deck was created after applying a few personal-created deck constructing limits.

    After a loooooong time of not being able to properly balance this massive winged beast, I decided on making the deck "permanent only". This helped a lot to to be down on the power. I am also careful to not play any cards that "auto-combo" with only Prossh, i.e. Food Chain and/or Xenagos, God of Revels Also, honorable mention to Purphoros, God of the Forge as (though I still play him currently) may just be way too good with Prossh.

    Now, after I chose only permanents and no one-piece-combos, the deck fwlt a little flat. It was still good, but there were times when it woild be able to do what Prossh does best and blow up, and others where it felt like nothing much was happening. I didn't like this, so I tried one more thing that I think is the best thing I've done with the deck to date: I added Warp World, Genesis Wave and The Great Aurora. These cards make the deck very fun to play because now the game is centered less on Prossh, and more about gaining as many tokens as you can, making a ton of mana, and resolving one of the (usually) game winning spells to win in awesome fashion... I recommend checking this out if you still want to give Prossh a shot, so here is the decklist:

    Feel free to comment anything there, and hope Prossh can prove useful and fun to you in the future.
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  • posted a message on Gifts Ungiven
    I doubt that they will be making any changes this soon after making the Hulk unban. Even though I am fairly certain they still agree with their decision to unban it, they will likely wait quite a while before releasing another similarly powerful card like Gifts into the format.

    Though, I must say, that I hope they come to the conclusion to unban it sooner rather than later. I still don't think it is justified on the banned list.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] General Discussion of the Official Multiplayer Banlist
    I also run it in a few decks that either have life gain as a central or sub-theme. As others have said, it can draw a good chunk of cards for 5 cmc and some life.
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  • posted a message on Flash of the Firemind: FireStorm4056's Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Primer
    Any plans for updates? Curious about your decision on The Locust God mainly.
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  • posted a message on Patron of the Orochi - The Cockroach Tron
    What's the general opinion of Mirage Mirror here? It may do nothing by itself, but the fact that it can act as another doubler or quite literally anything else (ours or otherwise) seems like good reason to give it some consideration in this deck which has all the mana to make it work at the smallest cost.
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  • posted a message on Rank Commander Products!
    My rankings:

    1. Commander 2015 (Experience Counters)
    2. Commander 2016 (Four-color)
    3. Commander 2011 (Original 3-color)
    4. Commander 2013 (2nd 3-colors)
    5. Commander 2017 (Tribal)
    6. Commander 2014 (Planeswalkers)
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  • posted a message on Kess, Dissident Mage
    Quote from Etherium Sage »
    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »
    She is a dissident, which implies some form of established order she is against. Is there anything like that on Grixis? As far as I know, there is just a bunch of power-hungry beings trying to kill each other. I think Equilor is more likely.

    On Grixis? No, unless you count kill all living things and absorb their life energy/raise them as your minions/recycle their flesh as an "established order". The few living humans still there have to hide and live in fear, become necromancers or become demon servants.

    Anyway, I wonder how she'll be built. Will it be a spellslinger-type thing, or more control?

    I'm thinking she will be built like a grindy, lite-spellslingy, heavier control type of thing. She is basically a Karador, Ghost Chieftain for Instants and Sorceries, so maybe it will feel like that? Pretty open-ended/goodstuff-y design here.
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  • posted a message on Kess, Dissident Mage
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  • posted a message on Strategy opinion
    Life Gain in BW is most definitely a strong option for a multiplayer win-con. As far as your commander options, I would push you to look at either Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, Karlov of the Ghost Council, or (my personal favorite) Teysa, Orzhov Scion.

    These are all very strong options for commanders that can lend themselves to BW based life gain strategies.

    I know Teysa may seem weird to think of as a "life gain deck", but trust me, she can lend herself very well to this strategy as most BW life gain hinges mainly on tokens. I explore you to check out my checklist at: for ideas for any commander deck you choose in the life gain realm.

    Happy building and good luck!
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  • posted a message on Instantly ban-hammer worthy?
    Quote from Lithl »
    Quote from Sheldon »
    Hour of Promise is the card which concerns me most in #MTGHOU.
    Why? It's Primetime's ETB (no attack trigger or 6/6 trampling body) and harder to abuse (re-using or stealing sorceries is harder than re-using or stealing creatures). At many tables, it's going to be worse than Tempt with Discovery, especially since Tempt brings in the lands untapped.

    Just want to second all of this. I see 0 issues with Hour of Promise, and happily welcome its effect since there are not many ways to just grab any land(s) you want and put them into play since PrimeTime's ban.

    I am also curious about how this card stirs up more "concern" than Razaketh does. Now, I personally don't think that Raz will lead to "ban-worthy" issues, but it certainly seems more capable pf that than Hour of Promise does to me.
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  • posted a message on I need some card ideas that can continuously manipulate my deck.
    Lifecrafter's Bestiary let's yu scry every upkeep, and even though you said you don't run many creatures, whenever you cast one commander, you can get a draw off of it.
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  • posted a message on 2017 SDCC Planeswalkers revealed (including $180 pricetag!)
    Does anyone else notice that Gideon is the only art that has a crack through the character on it? To me, this could represent the coming of his death by Bolas. Anyone else?
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  • posted a message on Karador-Friendly Board Wipes
    Finding board wipes that work well with mass reanimation is nearly impossible at this point, unfortunately. My best suggestion is going to be to run one-sided board wipes like: In Garruk's Wake, Plague Wind, and/or Overwhelming Forces. These are always good, and can even be "blow-out" type cards. They are expensive though, so the oher option that I thought of is to run and prioritize getting Avacyn, Angel of Hope in your 'yard before your mass reanimation. Then you can run lower CMC "destroy" board-wipes such as: Wrath of God, Damnation, and the aforementioned Divine Reckoning with much less worry about blowing up all your own stuff.
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