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  • posted a message on Do you play Mental Mistep, Lighting Bolt and the likes in EDH?
    Misstep is definitely meta dependent. The more competitive the higher chances it can have plenty of targets and the higher value those targets become. Countering a turn round 1 end of turn Vampiric Tutor may have just saved you the game. new player big stompy fun land it may not have more than a turn 4 Llanowar Elves to target.

    I think the answer here is take note of what 1 drops people commonly play in your meta and see how impactful they are to your games and go from there. I would guess many people are somewhere in the middle of the road and will just have to decide for themselves.

    I can see lightning bolt being played much more frequently. So versatile and can hit so many commanders and combo/support creatures.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Atarka Efreet
    My question is how is it holding the harpoon "crossbow". It has a prehensile fin that is strong enough to grasp and extend upwards while resisting the full draw of what looks like all the power this merfolk can muster? The engineer in me says absolutely no way. Side note, my wife sometimes hates to watch movies with me.

    Oh and the card is way too restrictive to run in all but a hardcore thematic merfolk build.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Atarka Efreet
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Wasitora, Nekoru Queen

    I want to love Wasitora, I really do. But she's just not...enough. Her stats aren't bad. 5 flying power with trample for 5 is nothing to sneeze at. The problem is the ability. You want to spam cute kitty dragons but to do that you need to hit a player who is already creatureless. Usually, folks who can sac something tend to not mind as much anyway, depending on their field, so hitting someone who has some ground chumps won't do much either.
    So yeah, she just doesn't feel like she does enough to be worth it over any of Jund's other aggressive generals.

    A comment I read somewhere said, "Every Jund general must compete with Prossh." If it's not brutal enough, then it must have other utilities. There's nothing Wasitora can do that Prossh cannot do better in their respective decks, even if Wasitora packed extra combat and double strike. It's unfortunately really, because Wasitora could've been Naya or even remain Jund, but instead of making opponent sac creatures it should add Warstorm Surge effect to all cats by default.

    As long as we are talking about raw power, Prossh is the Jund king for anything dragon or otherwise. Just add a Grave Pact and you essentially have Wasitora's sacrifice ability amped up anywhere from 6 to 18 times on just the first cast and you don't even have to connect with anyone. You can always leave chump blockers on the ground and in most cases this will probably wipe the board for you to swing in with 12 commander damage...

    I ran a dragon tribal Prossh deck for a little bit just to power him down and I was still doing crazy things with Dragon Tempest, Scourge of Valkas, and Descent of the Dragons. I probably had Purphoros, God of the Forge in there too. Definitely more fun for a more casual meta than going Food Chain.

    So yeah, Wasitora is your general choice for flavor/50%/whatever theme. I do like the card but would probably never play it.
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  • posted a message on Do you play Mental Mistep, Lighting Bolt and the likes in EDH?
    Mental Misstep has (from my count) 27 relevant 1 mana counterspell targets. Some of those probably aren't really played but the point is if you need to win a counterspell war, this is an excellent choice. These are probably the most relevant besides itself.
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  • posted a message on Fatal Push rarity
    Well my 1 box sample size that counts for absolutely nothing statistically had 2 Fatal Pushes in it which is right at the expected 1-2 cards per box average.
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  • posted a message on Best land ramp spell for each cmc?
    Quote from teazia »
    For certain decks the 1 cmc Diligent Farmhand and Embodiment of Spring are quite boss, Font of Fertility as well.

    These aren't close to the best though. They are mana wise half of a Cultivate with a more intensive mana cost spread out over your first two turns. Even if you throw it out turn 1 because you have nothing else to do and activate it turn two, it is still worse to activate on turn 2 than playing a Nature's Lore since this land enters untapped.

    Player 1
    1: Forest, Diligent Farmhand
    2: Forest, Sac farmhand ramp a Forest

    Player 2
    1: Forest, Sensei's Divining Top (or whatever other one drop)
    2: Forest, Nature's Lore -> Forest, EOT Worldly Tutor for a 3-4 drop on turn 3.

    Player 3
    1: Forest, Sol Ring, Fellwar Stone, Sensei's Divining Top (or other 1 drop)
    2: Forest, Oracle of Mul Daya, Play land off the top of your deck or from hand. Use top as necessary.

    I would not want to waste my opening turn and by including these your are basically saying you don't mind doing so by including it. You take away any chance of having some explosive plays otherwise as my hypothetical players 2 and 3 had. Player 2 has a way superior position, and 3 is in control.

    Edit: On reflection even my player 2 example is really just average and at a competitive table i would probably expect something similar to player 3 from at least one person fairly regularly. Player one is playing at the wrong table.

    Edit 2: (Because I obviously had more to say than I thought I did) P2 and P3 in reality would likely lead turn one with an Island with a possibly Swan Song or similar in hand...
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  • posted a message on From the Vault: Transform
    Based on reading these forums I know if they did something like FTV:"Insert Artist Here" there would be some happy people. Think Rebecca Guay or Christopher Rush. Maybe stay away from Harold McNeill.

    There are plenty of ways to take the FTV product that haven't been explored.

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  • posted a message on Budget Lands for 5 Color EDH
    I do feel the best answer has already been given in putting a solid focus on green for mana fixing ramp via basics. This will help both cycles come into play untapped. Part of the answer may be putting only 6-7 of these cycles in the deck and adding more basics (2-3 forests?) as well. I think it will be solid. Especially with ramp like Nature's Lore and Skyshroud Claim you can search up Canopy Vista and Cinder Glade to fix into two additional colors.
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  • posted a message on Jeleva grixis storm
    Since I don't own a Timetwister and given how powerful it is in this deck and in general...I wonder if I should consider running Time Reversal in its place? Not near as powerful but it at least gives the same effect one time even if it is more expensive.
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  • posted a message on Legends booster pack collation error - 3 extra rares
    Old packaging was full of errors such as this. I heard of an Alpha or Beta starter that was opened (think it was a video I saw) that was basically the same thing. It was all rares and basic lands instead of the normal distribution and the usual 3 rares. Quality control and the methods for packing just were not the same as today. Believe it or not Wizards has gotten better at at least a couple things along the way.
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  • posted a message on Jeleva grixis storm
    Time spiral is most definitely in there and is good as both a wheel and with High Tide. Red is just a small splash in this deck with blue being the primary color so when playing it out you usually want to hit a critical number of islands and just enough black/red sources as needed if going that route.

    Unfortunately Volcanic Island and Underground Sea are two of the lands in the list I don't own so I am stuck taking Watery Grave and suffering the shock damage which isn't terrible but can affect Ad Nauseam plays.

    I honestly didn't even remember what Amulet flipped to. I was only concerned with the front face. I don't think you would ever want to flip it.
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  • posted a message on Jeleva grixis storm
    I also highly recommend you look up Moxnix's Youtube channel with his Deck Techs. Very useful in understanding all the card decisions for their roles, interactions etc.
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  • posted a message on Jeleva grixis storm
    The mana rocks really are a lot of what makes the deck run along with the wheels. I'm not an expert in the deck but obviously the whole concept is to spam mana, wheel, spam mana, wheel again, recall, spam mana etc to tendrils/remand/tendrils/grapeshot/reservoir someone out. Doomsday/Labman is the other main kill condition. Ad nauseum is a lot of the times the first tutor target to draw a mass quantity of cards to start the chaining. You need the super fast low cmc mana to make all this reliable and not kill you in the process.

    I personally have the deck built except for 7 cards and it works pretty well. But of what I am missing it is Candelabra, 3 lands, 2 expensive tutors and timetwister, not the key mana rocks. The land replacements aren't ideal but passable and the tutors I replaced with a couple of the next best couple options in storm artifacts. I really wish I could get a Timetwister, but that won't ever happen sadly.

    I'm sure you can make the budget cuts, it just won't be as competitive as it could be obviously.

    Dramatic Reversal is probably a good alternate card. Aetherflux Reservoir is actually in his main deck list now. Mizzix's Mastery is nice but really expensive and you need mana cards. Not totally sold on Primal Amulet as an alternate due to its cost and the fact the deck is very color hungry but for a budget alternative since you need mana it could be a placeholder maybe. I would use Fellwar stone since it can most likely make a color you need and only costs 2. I use Voltaic Key for a Gilded Lotus untapper and for its low cmc of 1 as an alternate card. Tormod's Crypt could be an ok replacement for something due to it's 0 cmc, possibly utility, and as a storm count builder. Maybe Pull from Tomorrow, or Scroll Rack could attempt to replace a wheel effect (both cmc 2). Everflowing Chalice might be ok. I'd say Sky Diamond, but the tap kills it. Thought Vessel is eh because you need colored mana and after that you get into cmc 3+.

    Helm of Awakening is simply amazing when you Hurkyl's Recall all of your free or low cost mana rocks. 4 of your cmc1 artifacts become free including Sensei's Divining Top which then allows you to draw your entire deck in conjunction with Future Sight.

    TLDR: you need the cheap fast broken mana for this deck to run.

    Please anyone correct me. I'm still mostly a storm noob in practice.
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  • posted a message on Upgravding Jeleva - help?
    If you search for Jeleva Grixis Storm on this site and look at the thread by Moxnix you will find just about the most competative jeleva storm deck you can make. Warning: it includes every expensive tutor and mana rock legal to the format.
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  • posted a message on EDH Wealth Theme Deck
    Villainous Wealth Horn of Greed Cards with scepters or thrones may fit (lots of artifacts here)?

    You could maybe go with cards like Abundance or Everflowing Chalice. Sort of indicating wealth and excess. I think green would be a good color to consider. You can do some ramp, keep in flavor and maybe find some bombs that fit your theme somewhere.
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