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  • posted a message on Control Wars
    Silumgar's control-changing effect has a duration of "for as long as you control Dragonlord Silumgar". So stealing Silumgar with Control Magic means this effect ends.

    Confiscation Coup's effect has no duration, so it is still "on" even while there was another effect taking precedence over it. Now that this other effect is gone, Coup's effect is the only one to applied, so you now control Merfolk Looter again.
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  • posted a message on Portal Mage and Goad
    From Portal Mage's rulings:

    8/25/2017 Reselecting which player or planeswalker a creature is attacking ignores all requirements, restrictions, and costs associated with attacking.
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  • posted a message on Enchanting Necromancy with Song of the Dryads
    Does enchanting Necromancy with Song of the Dryads cause its ltb effect to trigger?

    No, because (1) Necromancy is not leaving the battlefield and (2) the LTB ability doesn't exist anymore anyway

    I've enchanted Inkwell Leviathan with Necro and my opponent enchants Necro with SotD. Do I lose the Leviathan? Do I keep the Forest? Thanks

    Necromancy stops being an Enchantment - Aura and is just a Land - Forest now. It stops being attached to Leviathan, because it is not an Aura.
    It loses the abilities from its text, but it technically keeps the ability it gave to itself - "Enchant creature put onto the battlefield with Necromancy". It also gains "T: Add G to your mana pool". Because it is not an Aura anymore, the rules about Auras not enchanting something valid don't apply to it.

    Both Leviathan and Necromancy-Forest remain on the battlefield, there's no rule or effect causing them to go anywhere else.
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  • posted a message on Erebos, God of the Dead
    You do realize Erebos still has its abilities (indestructible, "opponents can't gan life" and "draw a card") even if it is not a creature, right?

    Let's rewrite the card a little.

    Erebos 3B
    Legendary Enchantment
    Your opponents can't gain life.
    1B, Pay 2 life: Draw a card.
    As long as your devotion to black is five or more, Erebos becomes a 5/7 creature in addition to its other types.

    Essentially the same card, but now its ability is written as an upside rather than a drawback.

    However, original Erebos is still a better card, because it is a creature card outside the battlefield, so he can be a Commander, may be reanimated, and so on.
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  • posted a message on Does Blood Sun shut of Lotus Vale ETB effect?
    Let's try the basics.

    112.1a. An ability is a characteristic an object has that lets it affect the game. An object's abilities are defined by its rules text or by the effect that created it. Abilities can also be granted to objects by rules or effects. (Effects that do so use the words "has," "have," "gains," or "gain.") Abilities generate effects. (See rule 609, "Effects.")

    609.1. An effect is something that happens in the game as a result of a spell or ability. When a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability resolves, it may create one or more one-shot or continuous effects. Static abilities may create one or more continuous effects. Text itself is never an effect.

    So the text on Lotus Vale can only be an ability, because it is text. The replacement effect is what this ability causes to happen in the game. Without the ability, the effect doesn't happen.
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  • posted a message on Power & Toughess Switch Layering
    613.1g. Layer 7: Power- and/or toughness-changing effects are applied.
    613.3. Within layer 7, apply effects in a series of sublayers in the order described below. Within each sublayer, apply effects in timestamp order. (See rule 613.6.) Note that dependency may alter the order in which effects are applied within a sublayer. (See rule 613.7.)

    613.3a. Layer 7a: Effects from characteristic-defining abilities that define power and/or toughness are applied. See rule 604.3.

    613.3b. Layer 7b: Effects that set power and/or toughness to a specific number or value are applied. Effects that refer to the base power and/or toughness of a creature apply in this layer.

    613.3c. Layer 7c: Effects that modify power and/or toughness (but don't set power and/or toughness to a specific number or value) are applied.

    613.3d. Layer 7d: Power and/or toughness changes from counters are applied. See rule 121, "Counters."

    613.3e. Layer 7e: Effects that switch a creature's power and toughness are applied. Such effects take the value of power and apply it to the creature's toughness, and take the value of toughness and apply it to the creature's power.

    +X/+Y effects and "switch" effects are applied on different sublayers, so the order their started existing (their timestamp) doesn't matter. Switching is the last sublayer, so you basically calculate a creature's Power and Toughness normally, with all the pluses and minuses applying to the Power or Toughness as normal, and only then you switch the two numbers.

    Puca starts as a 2/4, gets +0/+3 on sublayer 7c to be 2/7, and then switches to 7/2 at sublayer 7e.

    And if activate Puca's ability first, let it resolve, and then cast Dive Down, Puca will also end up a 7/2.
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  • posted a message on Defiant Bloodlord + Skymarch Bloodletter
    Sure. When Skymarch Bloodletter enters the battlefield, the opponent loses one life, and then you gain one life. You gaining this 1 life means Defiant Bloodlord's ability triggers, and your opponent loses another one life.
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  • posted a message on Storm the Vault trigger
    Quote from Falafell »
    Am i right that, no matter how many creatures deal combat damage to a player, Storm the Vault will only trigger once (giving you just a single treasure token), unless some of your creatures have First- or Doublestrike? (Or Laststrike :D)

    Correct. Multiple creatures dealing combat damage at the same time triggers the "whenever one or more creatures etc" ability only once.

    It will trigger twice if some have first strike and others don't, or at least one has double strike.
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  • posted a message on Free for all multiplayer commander 3v3 ruling.?
    Quote from Fr0sty711 »
    So I know in multiplayer free for all if player A decides to attack player C that player B CANNOT use his creatures to block for player C.. But can player B play a instant like terminate on one of player A creatures to sort of help out player C?

    Sure. The creature doesn't stop being a valid target for Terminate just because it is attacking player C.
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  • posted a message on Etali, Primal Storm
    Only the cards exiled this specific time as the ability is resolving can be cast.
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  • posted a message on Split Screen library
    Quote from Lumovanis »
    With Split Screen can you set some of these libraries to be 0 cards?

    It says "deal", not "divide". If your library has 3 or less cards when that ability resolves, you will inevitably end up with one or more empty libraries. Otherwise, they'll all start with at least one card.

    You don't have to deal evenly. The libraries can have different sizes.

    Mark Rosewater answered it at least twice on his tumblr:
    "you can select the size of each library."

    "you can put as many as you like in each library."
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  • posted a message on Prowl combined with mana reduction
    Yes, it does work. Prowl is an alternate cost to cast the creature, and cost reductions still apply when you use an alternate cost.
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  • posted a message on Would this counter my creature spell?
    Angel of Serenity, Not of This World. Please don't use _ _ _ on the card name.

    Not of This World cannot target Angel of Serenity. Angel is not a spell that targets any permanents, it is a regular creature spell. You don't pick any targets when you play Angel of Serenity.

    The Angel has a triggered ability that triggers when it enters the battlefield. If it has entered the battlefield, it is now a permanent, not a spell.

    This ability can be countered by Not of This World. This will not affect the Angel itself, only prevent the ability's effect.
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  • posted a message on commanders and their abilities
    Abilities of permanents work only from the battlefield, unless the ability says otherwise. Just being a commander doesn't change this rule.

    Some legendary creatures from Commander products have abilities that say they work from the Command Zone. Example: Edgar Markov

    Daxos is not one of them, so his abilities work only while he is on the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Sorin on Tarkir
    Quote from JasonKeays »
    From the Sorin Revelation story published in 2014

    ...Nahiri was gone and her silence disturbed him...

    This confirm when they did the Tarkir bloc, they had not come up yet with the idea of Sorin exiling Nahiri in the Helvault back on Inistrad.

    Some continuity problem there.

    At the time Sorin went to Tarkir, the Helvault was already shattered, and he was aware of that.

    So, from Sorin's point of view, Nahiri was gone from the Helvault, and apparently from Innistrad itself. Why was she silent? Why no attempt to resume their fight, or even say something? Did she just went away and that's it? That's what disturbed Sorin.

    It was before he discovered her years-long plan to bring Emrakul to Innistrad. He was right on feeling disturbed.

    There's no difference between the two timelines for Nahiri.
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