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  • posted a message on Unstable FAQAWASLFAQPAFTIDAWABIAJTBT (with a few unknown cards)

    Cards touching CB can't touch any other cards except CB, it says so right on the card. Barring errata (which this card probably deserves), this includes CB's controller's cards as well, allowing its controller to surround it with his/her own cards if he/she wants to be a jerk.
    This is why I added my addendum for #5 above. You can't do this. MaRo has mentioned it a couple of times that this play is illegal. When dealing with Un cards, players should be playing with the spirit of the cards in mind even if the card text doesn't explicitly prevent something.
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  • posted a message on Unstable FAQAWASLFAQPAFTIDAWABIAJTBT (with a few unknown cards)
    Quote from moahdib »
    How does Cramped Bunker (CB) work? At Opponent's upkeep, he/she selects a permanent and moves to touch CB. Questions
    1) Does opponent get that card back at the next upkeep? I am thinking no.
    2) Can the opponent use abilities or spells on the card? I am thinking no.
    3) The card that is touching CB is in exile? That is why 1) and 2) are no.
    4) The cards touching CB can they over lap or touch each other? I am thinking so.
    5) anything else I am missing?
    You should just open a new thread to ask rules questions and please use card tags:

    [c]Cramped Bunker[/c] = Cramped Bunker.

    Nothing on the card suggests the cards touching it are going to a different zone. In fact, if they did go to a different zone, they would no longer be able to touch Cramped Bunker. So:

    1) The opponent always controls every card of theirs that is touching the Bunker
    2) Yes, the card is still on the battlefield under their control.
    3) No
    4) No. The card explicitly forbids this. If they do, then its ability goes off and destroys a bunch of permanents and Cramped Bunker is sacrificed.
    5) If you control Cramped Bunker, you cannot "protect" it by blocking it with your own cards. You need to allow your opponent access to the card.
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  • posted a message on Wii Banlist
    Quote from Onering »
    Also, what's up with the name? Why the "Wii Banlist"? You can't name your banlist after a ten year old console and not explain why, come on bruh
    It was in the title: Wizards Is Incompetent. I mentioned it before that this is dumb because Wizards has nothing to do with the banlist. The OP has chosen to change their title of this thread to get rid of the actual words but they left a (seemingly) nonsensical name in its place. Just their little "dig" at Wizards I guess.
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  • posted a message on Lots of Un-questions!
    I may be mistaken on the Fracturing Gust/Entirely Normal Armchair interaction. Because the above post is so long, I figured it would be best to just offer a correction here.

    MaRo stated this on Twitter:

    This tells me that anything that does care about Armchair will see it even if the player casting said "thing" can't. So, Gust *will* destroy the Armchair and you will inform your opponent that it was destroyed so they gain the expected amount of life.
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  • posted a message on Mizzix survival options
    The Locust God gives you a bunch of blockers if you are drawing a lot of cards. Overburden can help make sure your opponents have fewer creatures or fewer lands to cast creatures. Ward of Bones can help with that too. Maybe add in things like Blasphemous Act Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, etc. to help clear the board at opportune times.
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  • posted a message on Unstable. Ninja-Quest?
    Quote from sleepinsleuth »
    Say I side quest a masterful ninja I revealed to the be on the board and in my hand. I believe it goes to my opponent; but is it consider still in my hand too? does it go back to my hand at the end of current controller's turn, or when side quest ends at the beginning of my next turn? this question focuses on using side quest in the match I'd be playing (not near by matches). Thanks to anyone who helps.
    That is honestly a good question and one that I don't think we have a good answer to. My best guess is that it still exists in both zones so it will no longer be on the battlefield at the end of your turn which means the person who gained control of it loses control of it once your turn is done. This also means it won't get counters at the beginning of your next upkeep.

    However, since there is no clear cut answer, I recommend just asking MaRo on Twitter or Tumblr to get an official answer.
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  • posted a message on Lots of Un-questions!
    Quote from Xyx »
    Some questions that the FAQAWABLABLABLAH failed to answer.

    Hammer Jammer + rolling multiple dice (Boomflinger, Ol' Buzzbark, GO TO JAIL, etcetera.) What happens?
    I believe you get the result of each die roll since you rolled each die. Ultimately, because of the way Hammer Jammer is worded, it will trigger a bunch of times and then you get counters equal to the last result. I don't know how to determine which result is the "last" die rolled.

    Side Quest... does the creature enter or leave any battlefields? The rules text implies not but the reminder text implies it does. I suppose technically it does not move to another zone in your game, so it's like phasing.
    It does (at least for the purposes of triggering EtB effects):

    Graveyard Busybody says all graveyards are "also" mine. "Also" implies shared control. Then why does the FAQAWABLABLAH say they're no longer under the control of their owners?
    "Also" just means "in addition to your normal graveyard". Your opponent no longer controls their graveyard; only you do.

    What happens when someone casts Control Magic on my animated library?
    Then Animate Library is enchanting an illegal object and falls off. Which then causes Control Magic to fall off.

    Why is Half a Kitten bigger than a Whole Kitten? Half-Kitten, Half-Kitten is 2/3 combined... isn't that a bit big for a kitten anyway? Magic has many full-grown cats smaller than that.
    Crossbreed labs refuses to work with your run of the mill animals. They only want the biggest and best Smile

    If a combined creature dies, do the cards stay combined in the graveyard? Can I get the whole thing back with, say, Refibrillator?
    I believe if the creature dies, the cards are no longer combined. So far, the only known exception to this is if the creature is flickered.

    If a combined creature GOES TO JAIL and breaks out, does it come back combined? When that happens, does Half-Squirrel, Half- trigger once or twice? The FAQAWBLABLAH suggests that two creature cards enter the battlefield and are then combined into one, meaning two triggers.
    I honestly have no idea on whether they come back combined. I think based on the intent, they come back combined as they are easier to track in Exile than in the graveyard but ultimately I think you need to ask MaRo. In any case, I am pretty sure they would only trigger once no matter what since an Augment card doesn't cause EtB abilities to trigger normally when combining with a Host.

    Slaying Mantis has to be thrown from three feet away. Does that mean:
    A. It's like Darts: Measure three feet out, draw an imaginary "throw line" and stand behind it, then throw from there. You can lean in if you want and probably gain back a foot or two that way. That's perfectly legal in Darts.
    B. The mantis needs to sail at least three feet through the air before it touches anything.
    C. The mantis needs to sail at least three feet through the air before it reaches the closest creature, regardless of where it first touches down.
    It is horizontal, not vertical. I wouldn't expect a lean in to be legal since you can cut that off by a lot if you allow a lean in. Basically, move 3 feet away from the edge of the table or play area and give it a toss.

    What happens if Slaying Mantis didn't make it at least three feet? Do-over?
    If you attempted to throw it from 3 feet, and it doesn't make it, it still enters the battlefield but it won't fight anything. At least, that is how I would look at it. You might need to ask MaRo.

    When the opponent casts Slaying Mantis, can you still tap lands for mana? Or does that count as "moving" them (which is not allowed)?
    No. That counts as moving cards.

    Are you allowed to rearrange the cards on Cramped Bunker? Can you pick them up while doing so, provided the end result still fits? If not, what happens if a card is accidentally moved or bumped into another card while you're trying to find a spot?
    How do I use cards once they're in the Cramped Bunker?

    You can pick them up to tap them if you need to, but then they must end up still in contact with Cramped Bunker and not in contact with any other permanents.
    From the FAQ it looks like you can move them to do stuff, but they must end up in a position where they no longer touch other cards.

    At what point are you obligated to point out the Entirely Normal Armchair that you've cleverly hidden? Suppose your opponent casts Fracturing Gust... what happens?
    You're not. It is so well hidden, it managed to avoid the Gust. See post #4 for a potential correction.

    How do you "represent" a Handy Dandy Clone Machine-made token? Do I need to "walk" my fingers on the table? What can I still do with a hand that's "representing"? Draw cards? Hold cards? Tap things?
    Put two fingers on the battlefield and keep them there. You can "walk" them or just lie them flat (maybe your homunculus is a little lazy). You will not be able to use that hand for much else. This means if you want to activate this twice, you better figure out how to play the game with no hands or get some friends to help out Smile
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  • posted a message on UST - is live
    Quote from Lectrys »
    [quote from="Ryperior74 »" url=""]He also has some additional options like the 4/4 gold Dragon, but basically it seems ~90% of results seem to be what was immediately suggested to proxy this, so this is going to be fine.

    I bet that 4/4 gold Dragon is a reference to Sarkhan Unbroken and how Temur Sarkhan is gold in MTG slang (because he's multicoloured).
    Or it is just another ability like that on Sword of Dungeons & Dragons to create a unique token in Un- games Smile
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  • posted a message on Simple questions
    Please use card tags: [c]Engulf The Shore[/c] = Engulf The Shore

    You control permanents that are on the battlefield under your control. If being tapped meant you no longer controlled it, things like Mana Geyser wouldn't even work. So, in this case, Engulf counts every Island you control regardless of whether it is tapped or not.
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  • posted a message on Metallurgic summonings rule (Diificult. Level 2+ judge needed!)
    Yes, you can do what you want for the reasons you gave.

    I would also like to point out that it is generally considered poor form to request a specific level judge to answer questions. One, because you have no idea who is a judge and two, because not being a judge doesn't mean someone doesn't know the answer.
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  • posted a message on Wii Banlist
    Quote from Atlanntis »
    Quote from cryogen »

    What you're not understanding or refusing to accept is that the ban list isn't designed for the way in which you want to play.
    in fact, one could argue it is focused for casual players, what we want is to make sure people have as much fun as possible, and we're doing this by removing degenerate cards that ruin the fun in Multiplayer Games
    So, why not ban Armageddon and Ravages of War? A lot of people find mass LD unfun. And, dear Lord, why are Worldfire and Sway of the Stars not banned? Are you really trying to say that Obliterate and Decree of Annihilation are "unfun" but worse versions of those are just fine? That seems contradictory at best.

    In any case, you do not seem to be trying to build a banlist to make it better for "casuals". You are trying to build one that is better for *you*. Which is fine, but your list (both inclusions and exclusions) just show that you don't like tutors or that someone (somehow) won with Titania or Tasigur in a way you didn't like. This is not a list that is meant for everyone. I personally would not play EDH if this was the list in place.

    EDIT: I also agree with cryogen that the title is flaming Wizards which is odd since you said you realize Wizards has no say in the format.
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  • posted a message on eBay Flash Sale Thread
    This is a little late (as the sale ends in about 2 hours) but you can use P15OFFAPP in the eBay app to get $15 off a $75 purchase.
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  • posted a message on Foil basics at one per case is super freaking scummy..
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Quote from NGW »
    Quote from LouCypher »
    So you say they should've adjusted the entire way they print cards to allow for more foil basics? As Maro noted, the chance of cracking a foil basic in Unstable is equal to cracking a foil full-art basic in Amonkhet/Hour of Devastation...because there's only 1 of each.

    In this specific case? Yes. Or heck, do it like a normal set would even if there is only one of each basic.

    How is it scummy though? Same chance as always.
    But it's not, right? I'll admit I don't know all the ratios and whatever for foil lands (so the numbers below are just examples to try to illustrate the point), but in Amonkhet, you would still have more of a chance of pulling a foil basic overall. So, if each box had 35 regular basics and 1 foil, and then 1 in 4 of those foils are Full Arts, then we have the 1 in 4 boxes of getting a foil full art which seems to match what we have for Unstable. However, within that, we still got 3 other foil basics of the other arts. Which means we got 4 foils and 140 non-foils total.

    Yes, they only have 5 arts for the basics. But shouldn't we be getting the same ratio? That is, shouldn't we get 140 non-foils and 4 foils out of 4 boxes? I am not sure how we go to 1 foil in 3-4 boxes and think it is the same as what we had.

    I am sure there is something I am missing here, but it seems that the overall number of foil lands went down. Is the suggestion that if we had 4 different arts that we would be getting more foil basics?
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 Predictions
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Love to see the following

    The sword cycle

    And cavern of souls DO...NOT...MAKE...IT...MYTHIC RARE...THIS...TIME
    (Yes I am aware mm3 may be too close to this.)
    Other than Survival being on the Reserve List and including both WoG and Damnation (I think just one is fine and WoG seems to fit better), I agree with this list. All of these cards are great for this product and I think they should be able to find room for most of them.

    Demonic Tutor is my safest bet on being included in this set.
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  • posted a message on Foil basic land in each booster...!
    Quote from wurmageddon »
    There's a post on Facebook from Good Games Australia saying that there was a box of unstable where all the basic lands in each booster was foil?!! Has anyone cracked a similar box?
    I haven't heard of anything like this. Can you provide a link to this Facebook post?
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