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  • posted a message on Investigating
    Thank you for telling me. I will not try to do anything illegal. Even if I donĀ“t speak about proxies, this comunity has a lot of things more to offer.
    Thank you again.
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  • posted a message on Investigating
    Dear MTG Salvation people,
    I am a newbie old player from Spain that started playing MTG like 2 years ago. I stopped for a while, but now I am back decided to rush. I learned some tips that will help me to understand Magic evolution and therefore to be competitive.
    I start all this which something that makes me feel useful: Magic database. I am building a database of Modern (format that my friends play) to have a good organization for building decks, classifying them in sections. I know it could sound so typical but is my way for improving. I like to do things orderly because I know that even if is a slower progress it is the sure one. It is like going in a tank, slow but safe. After completing this Modern Magic Database I would like to proxy them all. This is the main reason I am here, because I am searching for a good way to make proxies.
    I am thankful for your existance. Here I hope to have a good time too sharing ideas and helpful tips that will make us to grow together and to have some fun.

    Kind regards,
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