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Magic Market Index for August 18, 2017
Treasure Cruisin' with Azorius Titan
Commander 2017 Digest
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    posted a message on Bant embalm
    I can make suggestions, but not having run the deck, they should be taken with large doses of salt (lest more salt ensue).
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    posted a message on Bant Spirits
    Hoser2, That is what I did. and it came up blank in regards to the cards (still shows the deck top)
    Did you "Quote" my post and look? Your post has no cards between "deck" and "/deck", just " and ". If I cut/paste your string and put "1 island" on it's own line in between the tags, look:
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    posted a message on Bant Spirits
    My spirits list is consistently successful, and it only runs 20 lands. Why is everyone so stuck on 22? Also sideboard is constantly changing due to fluctuations in the meta and evaluation of cards. I have tried Linvala, Gaddock Teeg, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Unified Will, Nissa, Steward of Elements, Smuggler's Copter and many others.
    Current list:

    Don't know why the deck won't show up. Damn these tag things.
    Welcome! Deck tags are easy once you get the trick. "Quote" any post with a decklist (like this one) to see. Square brackets are magic. Put the word "deck" in square brackets before and "/deck" in square brackets after. Each card goes on a new line.
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    posted a message on Mono Green Deck Critique
    • Ridgescale Tusker may even be as good as Verdurous Gearhulk in the era of Abrade with a lot of creatures around. I love seeing it!
    • I think you may be prone to flooding. 24 lands + 4 attune + 4 Servant doesn't make sense to me with only 2 5 drops.
    • I wonder about the Revolt theme in your deck. You don't really have much in the way of enablers or payoffs. Narnam Renegade can trade with stuff defensively, but without Revolt, it doesn't attack for much damage and I think you want to do big chunks of damage. Greenwheel Liberator seems like a decent Revolt payoff, but you still won't have enablers beyond Rampager.
    • Sage of Shaila's Claim (unimpressive body), Thriving Rhino (slow) and Prey Upon (sorcery) seem like generally weak cards. I would be inclined to have some Rhonas and a full set of Bristling Hydra. Rishkar also seems better than Thriving Rhino. Is Crocodile of the Crossing good?
    As for a GR deck, I would not try to combine different decks here. Add some Voltaic Brawler, Harnessed Lightning, dual lands and maybe Lathnu Hellion and post for advice in the RGx Energy Aggro thread to get advice from the people who know best. Ideally, consider the lists there and incorporate what seem like the best ideas there before posting.
    Budget is certainly a legitimate concern. If so, people in the budget section may have cost effective suggestions.
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    posted a message on GP Denver -- Standard -- 8/19-20
    Grand Prix Denver is Standard. It will take place 8/19-20. Hope for a diverse and evolving meta.

    Day 1 and 2 coverage will start at 11:15 AM ET.

    Information for the event is here.

    Coverage for the event is here.

    You can discuss the event below. Please remain on topic. Off-topic posts will be marked as spam.

    Root for your fellow MTGS members.
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    posted a message on BG/x Constrictor
    Quote from DavosChain »
    Is playing Liliana mainboard good now? Any thoughts?
    Last Hope? I ran one on Game Day and she was good. The best performing League decks and Skarren's list from the SCG Classic all have 4 Nissa Voice and 0 Liliana, the Last Hope. Shrug. If you do play her, try to get her to 6 loyalty before Hour of Devastation can hit and watch out for Disallow on the ultimate.
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    posted a message on Mono Black Control/Discard
    Interesting deck. Some questions come to mind.
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    posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    Well, that was embarrassing! I took Veveil's list to an 0-2-2 showing last night, drawing snek and Grixis Control while losing to Boros aggro and mono-W Eldrazi. That said, I was well positioned to win the draws if I had played faster and the aggro matches went to 3 games, so with a better, faster and more experienced pilot, the deck could have done significantly better.

    We have built a version of Athal's list and in early testing, it seems good against mono-W Eldrazi. We may take it out next Monday.

    Ross Merriam takes the Veveil's 5-0 League deck out for a spin on Star City here. Spoiler alert: he did better with it than I. Seth Mansfield on tcgplayer called us out as #9 (shared with Gifts) of the ten best decks in Standard.
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    posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    Quote from McGimp1015 »
    You are missing Oath of jace.
    Thanks, fixed! But seriously, the card list is cut/paste from snek, so please point out other problems.

    I built the Veveil League list and it feels good in preliminary testing. I plan to take it to an FNM-level event tonight.
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    posted a message on UBx Reanimator

    UBx Reanimator

    On Game Day I took my boring ole snek deck and came up against an amazing Sultai Delirium Reanimator deck with Champion of Wits, The Scarab God, The Gitrog Monster, Ranumap Excavator, Traverse the Ulvenwald and more. I barely beat it, but suffered from severe deck envy.

    So what decks are we talking about here? We are reanimating stuff with The Scarab God; Liliana, Death's Majesty; Demon of Dark Schemes and/or Ever After.

    This is not an established archetype in this format, so try this if:
    • You like unusual and powerful plays
    • You are willing to take the risk of being run over by aggro decks before your game plan develops
    • You like setting up your graveyard and then playing creatures from both yards
    • You have some brewer in you
    • You don't need to be playing the "best deck" for this particular event
    These archetypes are by no means solved. Please help us break them.

    This archetype is new with the release of The Scrab God in Hour of Devastation. Reanimator decks have been making some noise as linked to from the Decklists section below.

    Scope and Deconfliction
    There are lots of reanimator threads around, what distinguishes this one? We are not a Zombie deck with a couple of The Scarab God, as there is a Zombie thread currently in Proven. We are not Grixis Reanimator, as there is already a thread for that. We are not primarily reanimating with God-Pharaoh's Gift as there is another thread for that, but I suppose some people might throw in a value singleton Gift. We include Dimir, Sultai and Sultai Delirium reanimator decks. If we generate too much traffic and pull in different directions we can break into multiple threads.

    Below are links to various decks that have achieved notable results:


    Strategic Planning: Pro - Fills bin, card selection; Con - doesn't affect board by itself.
    Champion of Wits: Pro - card selection and fills the bin immediately, eternalized provides card advantage; Con - slow, eternalizing into Grasp can be a disaster.
    Oath of Jace: Pro - card advantage and selection while filling bin, with multiples, can add enchantment for delirium; Con - slow, doesn't affect board by itself.
    Liliana, Death's Majesty: Pro - powerful, can help with delirium; Con - Expensive, Heart of Kiran.
    The Scarab God: Pro - reanimates, recurs narurally, decent body for cost; Con - expensive with expensive activated ability.
    Demon of Dark Schemes: Pro - reanimates, sweeps, big flyer; Con - expensive with challenging activated ability, hard to cast, no real synergistic energy sources.
    Ever After: Pro - two targets!; Con - Expensive.

    1 Drop
    Gnarlwood Dryad: Pro - Deathtouch, above the curve with Delirium; Con - fragile without Delirium.
    Narnam Renegade: Pro - Deathtouch, above the curve with revolt, always >1 toughness; Con - Revolt is hard to achieve early.

    2 Drop
    Gifted Aetherborn: Pro - lifelink, deathtouch, cheap, just wins races if not removed; Con - hard to cast T2.
    Glint-Sleeve Siphoner: Pro - card advantage; Con - fragile. One of the biggest draws to an energy build.
    Grim Flayer: Pro - Can turn itself into a 4/4 trampler that fixes our draws and enables Delirium, Eternalized with Delirium is a 6/6 trampler that provides card selection and virtual card advantage by stuffing the bin; Con - without Delirium it is undersized and dies to everything (Shock), on the draw it can be hard to get it through.
    Scrapheap Scrounger: Pro - hits hard, can be recurred; Con - doesn't block.
    Servant of the Conduit - great for ramping to Gearhulk, can be an energy source, but lousy for being a 2/2.
    Sylvan Advocate: Pro - vigilance interacts well with Rishkar, great bang/buck late game, makes Hissing Quagmire better; Con - can't attack into Heart, Pacifist, Harvester early, don't want to block Scrounger, no benefits if swept.

    3 Drop
    Manglehorn: Pro - Card and tempo advantage against artifacts; Con - mopey body for the cost
    Tireless Tracker: Pro - card advantage!, can get big, even better with Evolving Wilds; Con - dies easily, best as a 4-drop.

    4 Drop
    Gonti, Lord of Luxury: Pro - card advantage; Con - slow.
    Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet: Pro - lifegain, big butt, exiles recursive creatures, can take over and grow itself; Con - slow, under curve until grown, expensive activated ability, no ETB means can be tempo-negative. Best in decks with more removal.

    5 Drop
    Ishkanah, Grafwidow: Pro - with Delirium, can clog up the air and ground, can do direct life loss damage with ability; Con - better on defense, not worthwhile without Delirium.

    6+ Drop
    Noxious Gearhulk: Pro - Card advantage, lifegain, two types for Delirium, menace makes it hard to block; Con - expensive, undersized
    Torrential Gearhulk: Pro - Card advantage, two types for Delirium, best with lots of instants; Con - expensive
    Razaketh, the Foulblooded: Pro - Card advantage, huge, flying trample; Con - super-expensive, needs other creatures for card advantage

    Fatal Push: Pro - efficient removal; Con - not good against control or 5+ drops, revolt is not necessarily easy to achieve with this deck which makes it hard to hit 3-4 drops.
    Grasp of Darkness: Pro - kills most creature that you need killed like unbuffed Heart, Thing in the Ice, defeats indestructibility, only two mana (cough, kill target Hazoret, cough); Con - hard to cast.
    Murder: Pro - instant, unconditional; Con - expensive, hard to cast.
    Never // Return: Pro - sorcery helps Delirium, hits Planeswalkers, Return can be useful for a body and to get rid of Scrapheap Scrounger or Dread Wanderer; Con - expensive, hard to cast.
    Ruinous Path: Pro - sorcery helps Delirium, hits Planeswalkers, awaken option; Con - expensive, hard to cast.
    To the Slaughter: Pro - instant, can hit Planeswalkers with Delirium; Con - conditional.
    Consign // Oblivion: Pro - awkward removal, card advantage, discard still valuable; Con - expensive.

    Draw, Tutor, Scry
    Attune with Aether: Pro - fixing, energy enabler; Con - slow and worse late game than Traverse.
    Oath of Nissa: Pro - cheap, selection, gets gas often, multiples help delirium; Con - bad when it misses, durdle.
    Traverse the Ulvenwald: Pro - downside is land with a bit of fixing, upside is the best creature for the situation, sorcery is good for Delirium; Con - without Delirium, a late land could be low impact.
    Lifecrafter's Bestiary: Pro - Cheap card advantage, free scrys; Con - slow, doesn't affect board by itself.
    Glimmer of Genius: Pro - Cheap card advantage, free scrys and energy, good with Torrential Gearhulk, good with Demon of Dark Schemes; Con - slow, doesn't affect board by itself.
    Hieroglyphic Illuminations: Pro - Cheap card advantage, cycling, particularly good with Torrential Gearhulk; Con - slow, doesn't affect board by itself.

    Dispel: Pro - ; Con - .
    Negate: Pro - ; Con - .

    Harsh Scrutiny: Pro - cheap, scry; Con - specialized toward decks that we generally do well against anyway.
    Lay Bare the Heart: Pro - gets rid of many things you really care about, can clear path or draw counter to let you resolve what you really want to; Con - can be a bad topdeck. Often in sideboards to bring in against control and combo.
    Transgress the Mind: Pro - gets rid of most things you really care about permanently, can clear path or draw counter to let you resolve what you really want to; Con - can be a bad topdeck. Often in sideboards to bring in against control and combo.
    Dispossess: Pro - can hit all copies of Marvel or Torrential Gearhulk, whether in hand or not; Con - Only hits artifacts. Tempo hit. Card disadvantage if they don't have any in hand. Can be awful to draw in multiples.
    Doomfall: Pro - versatile, exiles; Con - slow. Tempo hit. Can be bad topdeck.
    Lost Legacy: Pro - can hit all copies, whether in hand or not; Con - Not hitting artifacts is a big drawback as you really want to be able to name Torrential Gearhulk. Tempo hit. Card disadvantage if they don't have any in hand.
    Pick the Brain: Pro - general, gets all non-played copies; Con - slow, limited to cards in hand.

    Specialized Hate
    Natural State: Pro - Cheap, instant; Con - can't hit Metallurgic Summonings, Colossus, Panharmonicon, Marvel, ...
    Crook of Condemnation: Pro - targets specifically; Con - one card per turn cycle.
    Dissenter's Deliverance: Pro - instant speed, can be cycled; Con - specialized.
    Natural Obsolescence: Pro - almost as good as exile; Con - specialized.
    Appetite for the Unnatural: Pro - general, instant, lifegain can be surprisingly relevant; Con - slow, hate to use it on recursive creature like Scrounger.

    Misc Artifacts
    Aethersphere Harvester: Pro - Lifelink, Evasion, big butt, can't be targeted by unrevolted Push;Con - Requires another creature to crew.

    Flaying Tendrils: Pro - Exiles Scrounger; Con - often few targets in the mirror.
    Hazardous Conditions: Pro - synergistic; Con - slow, not powerful.
    Yahenni's Expertise: Pro - Efficient; Con - Doesn't exile.

    Liliana, the Last Hope: Pro - cheap for a planeswalker, can help with delirium, can gain cards in a heavy creature deck, excellent against 1-toughness creatures, ultimate can just win game; Con - Heart of Kiran, Disallow.
    Nissa, Vital Force: Pro - reaches powerful ultimate quickly, can ramp or be a quick beating for opponent; Con - slow, conditional.
    Ob Nixilis Reignited: Pro - unconditional removal, card draw; Con - slow, Heart of Kiran.

    Aether Hub: Pro - Energy, fixing; Con - inconsistent color source.
    Blooming Marsh: Pro - Great fixing early; Con - not great topdecked.
    Botanical Sanctum: Pro - Great fixing early; Con - not great topdecked.
    Choked Estuary: Pro - Great fixing early; Con - not great topdecked, rotates soon.
    Fetid Pools: Pro - Fixing, cycling; Con - Tapped.
    Evolving Wilds: Pro - Allows better Trackers and Pushes, improves fixing; Con - comes into play tapped, awful against Thalia.
    Hissing Quagmire: Pro - Good fixing, as a creature can push late damage or trade with much bigger creatures due to deathtouch; Con - Tapped initially, fragile as a creature.
    Hostile Desert: Pro - Damage!; Con - colorless doesn't help fixing.
    Lumbering Falls: Pro - Fixing, hexproof when activated; Con - CIPT.
    Sunken Hollow: Pro - Fixing; Con - Rotates soon.

    more to come
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    posted a message on BG/x Constrictor
    Sam Pardee has a video here with a Sylvan Advocate-Catacomb Sifter build.
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    posted a message on Humans
    Ross Merriam takes the same Naya Humans mentioned above out for a spin on StarCity.
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    posted a message on BG/x Constrictor
    Quote from Akimitsu »
    So in response to my last comment, I have my B/G energy list, but I need room for the Glint Sleeve Siphoners. I'm planning to go to GP denver, so I need plenty of ideas on what to put in. My list will be blow, thanks for any suggestions!


    My sideboard is flexible, so I'm open to ideas there too.

    If I wanted to add 4 Siphoner, I would move things out in the following order:
    1. Yahenni's Expertise to Sideboard
    2. Servant
    3. Hydra #4
    4. Kalitas #2 to sideboard
    5. Liliana #2 to sideboard
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    posted a message on BG/x Constrictor
    Thank you for the input! Ill be removing the serpopards. Do you think Rhonas could help me against control? Should I add 2 drops like Gifted Aetherborn and Sylvan Advocate?
    I don't like Rhonas against control, as I think it's too easy for them to keep it from being active and it just dies to Hour of Devastation (although you can throw counters on it with Rishkar). The cards lajube mentioned and the MTGO list I referenced above are good guidelines. Bristling Hydra, card advantage and hand disruption are the ways you want to slant for the matchup. A cute card that I like is Distended Mindbender, but it's probably not very good. A resolved Lifecrafter's Bestiary can take over the game or just die to Abrade. Aetherborn just dies to everything and you really aren't racing, so I am not a big fan. Advocate can get big and they don't usually run Push, so that's cool. A lucky Longtusk Cub in energy can just win the game and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner can draw you the cards to win, so they are my favorite 2 drops against control.
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