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    Today has been a hectic day.

    Started off normal. Then my phone died. Went to the Apple Store - turns out it wasn't dead and just needed a hard reset (never heard of this happening, figured it was completely bricked). Since it wasn't going to cost $500 for a new phone, I went to the card shop to play in GPT Vegas. That went rather well:

    Step 1: Open Packs
    Step 2: Receive Narset Transcendent & Dragonlord Silumgar (along with some other decent goodies)
    Step 3: Decide that since I am not going to Vegas and I'm not giving up $45 in cards, I'm going to walk from the tournament.
    Step 4: Go to PucaTrade and try frantically to be that person who gets to unload the Narset instead of one of X other people also trying to do the same.
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    Now you have Dragoner Whisper instead of Dragon Whisperer.

    (I'm beginning to wonder if this is intentional...)
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    I think a good place to start is to look at Travis Woo's Dirt Cheap Dirty Red (Mono-Red Heroic Aggro) build: http://www.channelfireball.com/videos/channel-twoo-standard-dirt-cheap-dirty-red/

    The list, as best I can make out:

    This deck was, of course, designed to push the budget direction as far as Woo could, but that doesn't mean it's not useful to analyze what we might do from here. Why are we playing these spells?

    T1 Monastery Swiftspear = 1 damage
    T2: Coordinated Assault + Titan's Strength = 7 damage (8 total)
    T3: Titan's Strength + Temur Battle Rage = 12 damage (20 total)

    Titan's Strength is often a Lava Spike and can be a 1-mana Lightning Blast on a Hoplite or a Swiftspear. Coordinated Assault is 2 Heroic Triggers + 2 damage (and more with Swiftspear). Dragon Mantle replaces itself and provides another mana sink, in addition to the potential Heroic trigger.

    Now, can we do better by relaxing the budget constraint and incorporating some DTK cards in? I think so. Beyond Stoke the Flames, Zurgo and Lightning Berserker fit well into the battle plan of this deck and provide additional hasty sources of damage. Zurgo is Legendary, of course, so I'd like to stick to 2-3 of him. Lightning Berserker isn't ideal in multiples either, so I'll keep his numbers down to 2 as well. Twin Bolt is an interesting card, but it's not clear to me if it's better than some combination of Arc Lightning, Searing Blood, and Roast. Finally, Dragon Whisperer is an interesting mana sink. We can ignore the Formidable Ability since I don't expect to ever have it online and have six mana, but I guess there's that one game in a thousand where we can do so and aren't just dead. It does have the ability to attack in the air for 3 if we have three mana to pump into it.

    Roast is a strong removal spell to help us fight through Siege Rhino and Courser, taking either of them down for two mana. Titan's Strength allows either a Monastery Swiftspear, Zurgo (not-dashed - might want to do this if we don't have other early drops or have multiples), or Satyr Hoplite to survive through a Drown in Sorrow which is the main 3-drop anti-aggro card in the format - I don't see much Anger of the Gods these days.

    So, when it's all said and done, I think we can keep some of the Heroic part of the deck, replace some of the pump spells with other action that doesn't require us to have a creature, and build a deck that provides an appropriate balance of cheap, efficient creatures, reach, and mana sinks to give us stuff to do every turn.

    Sideboard should probably include more Wild Slash, Goblin Rabblemaster for when you want to go up the curve just a hair, more Searing Blood, another Roast or two, and the like.

    This deck is prepared to use Heelcutter and Hammerhand to negate the X/5 blocker that is Siege Rhino for 1 turn or Roast it out of the battlefield. Stoke and the other spells provide a bit of reach, and Dash creatures provide steady fodder to keep Foundry Street Denzien a 2/1 or 3/1 as needed, while Titan's Strength provides some resilience and surprise damage. All of this allows you to hit hard and fast, while the Dash and burn give you a second wind if your opponent sweeps the first wave and you need another 5-6 damage to close it.
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    I think it is fine - gaining control of artifacts is definitely in R/U (see: Dack Fayden, for instance) and the card itself is reminiscent of Covetous Dragon, but with a power level a bit higher because it gets an upside instead of a downside. The flavor is especially strong here because you don't have a choice to gain control of an artifact - your opponent can turn your dragon's ability into a downside for you by forcing you to gain control of a Jinxed Idol, for instance. After all, your dragon wants treasure and doesn't care if it hurts you. I would give the card +2/+0 until the end of your next turn, however - a lot of the opponent's targeting will be on their own turn, and big fliers generally like going sideways, meaning that the two effects don't mesh well.

    Tempest Blade 3

    Artifact - Equipment (R)
    Equipped creature gets +3/+0 and has first strike, trample, and reach.
    Equip 4

    (This one is top-down; I'm going for one of those fantasy swords that creates shockwaves when swung. May unfortunately be a bit too close to Sword of Vengeance, though.)
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    It costs $3.37* to track a package, so I only track on cards over $25 or packages where the total value across all the cards in the package exceeds the same. I did manage to find a box of 25 bubble mailers for $5.40, which is a lot better than sixty cents apiece.

    Most traders I have encountered are very honest - I always credit for cards received with minimal delay, and I've found the reverse to be true as well. I generally don't send internationally, though, so I can't comment on that.

    * The commercial base rate is lower, but I'd rather pay an extra $1.40 than have to do business with PayPal.
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    Quote from Rai Kerensky »
    Tasigur is only going to get better as time goes on. He is ticking down for now, but will shoot up once Magic Origins is drafted.

    I don't wholly disagree with your assessment, as Tasigur is certainly a very efficient / powerful card. However, I am curious how much it hurts him that he's not exactly a auto-four-of in the decks that want him. I certainly see him being played as a mid-game threat in Standard/Modern, but I just don't see a deck that wants to jam 4 copies of him. His being a rare and generally a 2-3 of make me suspicious that he will maintain $8+ long-term; Siege Rhino is a 4-of in Standard and many Modern decks and even that card is only $7-8.

    I do think he's a long-term buy, but I'm less interested at $8 than I am at $5-6.
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    Quote from pierrebai »
    1. The dragonlords are all prices around the number 1280, because they've live 1280 in the past.
    2. Mirror mockey is a palindrome.
    3. Atarka's command is 911, although I don't get the joke.
    4. dragon tempest: tempest release date.
    5. damnable pack: X (10 in roman) in the mana cost.
    6. Zurgo bellstriker used to be a 7/2 in Khans.
    7. Narset transcendent: 6.32 as Tau (2xpi), a transcendant number.
    8. Clone legion: hum, a legion is 5120 warrior... 5.16 is a bit off?
    9. Thunderbreak regent: it's a 4/4 for 4.
    10. Descent of dragons: makes 4/4s.
    11: Sidisi, undead vizier: is a 4/6 (4/3+3).
    12: shorecrasher elemental: can become a 4/2 for 1 mana?
    13: some commands: chose 1 and 1 from 4?
    14: summit prowler: he was printed twice as a vanilla 4/3.
    15: hidden dragonslayer: is a 2/1.
    16: haven of the spirit dragon: pay 2 mana to get back your 8th drop, ugin.
    17: Surrak, the hunt caller: is a 5/4... but 66? Double punch?
    18: collected company: take two, put 4 at bottom in any order?

    Edit: obviously, 6.32 is not very close to 2 x pi, so it may be another transcendental number?
    (Also added card tags.)

    Narset: 2 Pi = 6.28. However, she has 6 starting loyalty, but was a 3/2 creature before.
    Sidisi: In an alternate timeline, he was a 4 mana 3/3
    Surrak: 5/4, but he was 6/6 in an alternate timeline

    Some others I came up with:
    Thunderbreak Regent: 4 mana 4/4
    Zurgo was a 7/2 before.
    Sarkhan: 4/4 Dragons, turns into a 4/4 dragon in a previous iteration, costs 5 mana.

    Shaman of the Forgotten Ways has no price listed, because it was forgotten.
    Dragon Whisperer lists "ER" as an error because it has been misspelled several times in the tally thus far.
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    Quote from Natedogg »
    Trying to contact something through the Judge Center is not recommended, since the message doesn't always go through. I would advise using the form that I linked to to contact RCs.

    As a general question, who would be the person to talk to if the RC doesn't answer e-mails either? I know I tried to contact my RC with several concerns that I had and never received a response, and basically just decided to resign from the judge program altogether due to abysmal communication (or lack thereof).
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    What is this, some sort of April Fool's Joke three hours early?

    I roll to disbelieve.

    With that said, I would be all too glad to sell you all the Dragonlord Silumgars you want for $1,280, as I know that is a completely unsustainable price.

    EDIT: Even if it's obvious to me and others, I'm not particularly fond of using this the Running Tally threads as an April Fool's prank - people use this to make real money decisions, after all.
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