Proxies and you.

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    This thread is to discuss proxies for use in unsanctioned Vintage events. The purpose of the thread is to give people an understanding of what acceptable proxies might look like for these tournaments. The most important thing to remember is to never use a ballpoint pen, or anything that might mark the card from the back. Sharpies are the ideal writing utensil.

    The most basic way is to take a card that looks like the one you want to proxy.

    For example, if you want to proxy Time Walk, you would want to find a card that is similar to it in casting cost, color, type... and most importantly inexpensive. Stuff like Misstep, See Beyond, and Tidal Surge among others.

    The same is true for just about any card you want to proxy. Ancestral Recall can use Aura Finesse, Cerulean Wisps, Dispel ...

    For Black Lotus and moxen you can use any artifact with a 0 casting cost. Like Welding Jar, Fountain of Youth and so on.

    For moxen I like to use Basic lands, and then just add a casting cost of 0, write artifact over land, and Mox "whatever" over the name. So your Mountain would make a great Mox Ruby proxy. These are what I came up with.

    A less popular, way to make a proxy is to illustrate your own custom image on the card.

    You can draw whatever you can imagine like these examples.

    Some people even print an image onto a card. There is a thread with user created images. Like this thread, Just remember that a piece of paper that has the image printed on it would not cut it, you have to use an actual card.

    Here are some different examples of printed proxies.

    These two were just basic lands with similar pictures to the original cards.

    These moxen are an example of user created images. A member of the magic community took the oversized Moxen art and put them onto Alpha/Beta templates.

    This example is a digitally generated image that is used for an Imperial Seal proxy.

    Image removed due to its file extension: Cards/Created Magic cards/ImperialSeal.jpg?t=1260079189

    Finally the easiest proxy is the one I see a lot. Grab any old basic land and just write on it with a sharpie. As you can imagine, compared to the above examples, this method is very sloppy and can be confusing in a game. I highly discourage the use of this method, but this is the best option if you are pressed for time. Just try to include any relevant oracle text and print clearly.

    Also, consult your TO to make sure any proxies you make are ok by them.
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