Ankh of Mishra

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    Anyone think Ankh of Mishra ever be used in aggressive Type 1 decks? It sure would make fetch lands costly.
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    I don't know, I guess it would depend on the build. I'd gladly pay 3 life to make my opponent spend a turn casting it.
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    Zo-Zu, The Punisher too same effect on a legendary creature though. Storm Cauldron way too expensive, but helps anyone trying to combo. Plus Storm Cauldron forces them to take more damage from Ankh of Mishra or Zo-Zu.

    But Zo-Zu is legendary, and land totals are ~ 1/4 of a deck so it could go either way. If anyone plays a fetchland 2 damage and then if they crack it -1 life and land into play another 2 damage, totaling 5 less life. He's a legendary Time of Need (can tutor for him not saying to use it just throwing it out there)then you can also hit for 2 or block. 10 turn clock if no wins the game or stops Zo-Zu, not that great. but if you get it early enough it could be a pain with an opponent with an active dark confidant and or low on man due to null rod wasted lands striped lands etc.

    Would be interesting to see someone use it efficently, one day perhaps.
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    I had a LD deck like this it had 4 ankhs and 4 shrapnel blasts I would wait for the ankh to do its job for a few turns then blow it up in their face. It would get me 7,9,11 damage turn 3,4,5. It worked very well got me quite a few games and slows down the tempo of their deck.

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    some monored burn decks ran it, its since become outdated. maybe its time to bring it back?
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    Ankh of mishra used to feature in ankh sligh, and, yes, it was made to punish people using fetchlands.

    These days, though, there are decks that _don't_ fetch and/or win with a just a land or two, unlike the time of pre-mirrodin where nearly every deck had some form of fetch in it. There are also more sphere/chalice effects today (and more coming) than it was pre mirrodin, making burn decks not so great an idea.

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