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    Hey all, hoping for some advice.

    Right now, I have a 560 card cube (no proxies/no power, and I am willing to share the cube list if there is any interest) and about 175 basic lands to support it. All of the cards are sleeved up in ultra pro sleeves. Up to now, I had been carrying the cube in an old Battle Royale Box. Problem is, the box is getting worn down, and it is on the small side anyway, since there is no room in the box for more cards, or for dice, or much else other than a divider between the lands and the cube.

    What good alternatives are there for housing a cube of this size, and hopefully for a bit of room to grow and to pack in some tokens, dice, and life counters? I was looking at the ultra pro bags, but the ones at star city games looked like they would be on the small side. What do people here use/recommend, and where can it be found?
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    Here you go. Searching is tech (holy crap, I never thought I'd be able to type this. xD)

    My Pauper CubeThe Pauper Cube Thread Common Knowledge — 1 2
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    i like using fat pack boxes but i hope one day to totally nerd out and get a custom wood box for it.

    Quote from Crusade
    I am willing to share the cube list if there is any interest

    there's always interest!
    quitequieter's 360 card unpowered cube

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    That card's so insane that it needs reminder text on it that lets you know you can kick your opponent right in the junk when it resolves.

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    Wizards had some random 2 rowed boxes for a while and that fits me 500 card cube and 150 lands with still some spair room. The box isn't too long nor too large so it fits well in a backpack. Back then I didn't know if it was limited or not so I got 2 just in case one would break.
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