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Proven (Standard)

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W/x Humans
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Established (Standard)

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B/G Dark Past
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Deck Creation (Standard) (7 Viewing)

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Startled Awake
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Budget (Standard) (2 Viewing)

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U/G Flash (~$45)
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Standard New Card Discussion

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Esper Control
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B/R vampires vs G/W humans meta >>
by StrichnineGaming
5 1,125
How to beat Ramp? >>
by pyro1934
6 555
Is Deathmist Raptor Bad Right Now? >>
by zununefreet
23 2,716
Fiery Impulse vs Fiery Temper in SOI Standard >>
by ipsoagit
3 525
SOI commons/uncommons that will see competitive standard play >>
by RetractionFelix
17 1,499
scd Knight of the White Orchid >>
by Jenoz
12 1,351
Loam Dryad >>
by EasyLover
2 716
Does Khans of Tarkir rotate on 4/8/16? Or is it the last day you can use it? >>
by Stangg
2 510
Best Mana base in standard SOI >>
by kruskis
10 2,699
Could Grip of Desolation see play in Standard? >>
by Talas_Engineer
17 2,264
What is your favorite thing to do in Standard >>
by MarDUDE
39 2,071
Pro tour testing >>
by Tubel kain
0 492
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