Standard decks with Born of the Gods

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    So I'm pretty excited about Born of the gods and I've decided I'll put a bit more money into magic and make some new decks
    I'm thinking I want to go G/W aggro or G/U flash or midrange
    I need decklists and ideas, I want to stay under 300$ for this deck (college is pretty expensive, haha)
    While I'd rather have the colors I mentioned, feel free to post a decklist you just think will be really fun. My current decks are just mono devotion decks and are really effective yet pretty boring, I play in tournaments every other week on average but I mostly like playing with friends so any fun-to-play deck is welcome!
    Also I'd like to keep as little ravnica block & M14 in this deck as possible so that I don't have to completely change it when M15 rolls around, I know that's pretty far off but I don't buy cards really often
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