Geist of Saint Traft

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    Hello everyone;
    I've been wanting to play a UW control/midrange deck, and I want to play Geist of Saint Traft, my question is related to the money.

    is it worth it buying them right now as they are going to rotate out of Standard in some months? on MKM they are at 20€ so that's like 25$ a piece, and I have to buy the rest of the list too.

    is there anything that can replace it?

    I'm sorry if I'm not at the good place, but there is only this section for control deck, and I wanted to know what you control players thought about it.

    Thanks a lot!
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    They are still modern staple beaters...arguably the best in the modern format. Thus they will still be in demand after they rotate out of standard.
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    Thanks for your answer, as I needed to make a choice yesterday night I bought some Smile thinking the same than what you just told me Smile
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