First Strike Deathtouch

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    Ok, so I came up with a weird deck idea dealing with deathtouch equipment, and as the title says, with no pingers. Although I might add some later on, the main spirit will be without them, but rather with attacking creatures more than pingers, maybe I'll even dab into some other creatures later, but here's my first idea: White First Strike

    gryphonx's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Sigiled Paladin
    4 Kazandu Blademaster
    4 Shepherd of the lost
    4 Kor Duelist
    4 White Knight
    2 Stoneforge Mystic

    4 Basilisk Collar
    4 Gorgon flail
    1 Quietus Spike

    4 Brave the Elements
    4 Path to Exile

    19 Plains
    2 Emeria, the sky ruin

    Recently I've built a white ally build and began to really like blademaster, emeria and ajani, so I would like to build more decks with them.
    Although Ajani wasn't in there, I feel like testing him out after some playing without him to get a feel for the deck first. Some other cards I've thought about are Honor of the pure and usual side board white spells/creatures.
    Also I'm using Sigiled Paladins right now because Knight of the White orchid is slightly rare around where I play, and I have no copies, and its $6, so I don;t feel like ordering it when I have a good enough substitute that does the job. Yes Knight gets me an extra land, but at this point I don't quite care as much.
    If you want, feel free to test this build or adjust to any measure, or even PM me if you don't want to post results. Please let me know your thoughts/results!
    Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm not running Baneslayer because its too expensive and I have none.
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    -2 Shepherd of the Lost
    +2 Stoneforge Mystic
    UWB Etherstorm
    URB Cruel Ascension
    UWB Triplet Lockdown
    Under Construction:
    UW Wall'd Ascension * UB Illusion Recursion
    UB Ula Aggro * UMono Blue Midrange
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    Perhaps I should add more mystics, but unsure, since shepherd is nice for its vigilance, just like blademaster. Yes more chance of getting other equipment is nice, but I'll agree to -1 shepherd, +1 mystic so there's more balance between them and so I have more vigilance deathtouch possibilities
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    Knight of the White Orchid.


    First strike, and land grab?
    Yes, plz.

    Ups your Emeria count a turn early and everything.
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    I'll try to get some, because u do bring up a good point I forgot, in that the sooner I get emeria running the better. Until then though, I think the paladin will suffice until i get them.
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    Does anyone have a multi-color idea for all first strikers? I'm curious as to everyone's ideas.
    edit: Also, any opinions on adding honor of the pure to my white build? If so what sugestions do u have for what to take out?
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    Problem with first striker is the slowness of the deck and flying creatures.
    Solution = blue mana or green mana

    Problem with equipment is that the "arguable best" equipment is :symg::symw:

    So, if splash, I recommend a white mana heavy, with splash into either blue mana for draw-card/creatures, or , green mana for Behemoth Sledge and Rhox War Monk.
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