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    I would like to join:

    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]Itsuki
    Country: Philippines
    Time Zone: GMT+8
    Available: Random times
    Tier 1 Decks: Tempered Steel
    Testing: U/B Control, U/W Control, U/B Mill, U/G Graveyard, U/R Control
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    I would like to join:

    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]Jade Phoenix
    Country: US
    Time Zone: GMT-5
    Available: Evenings mostly, but who knows?
    Testing: Junk Pod, Mono Red
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    I would also like to join! Grin

    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]LansX
    Country: Peru
    Time Zone: GMT-5
    Available: Late Night / Very early morning ( around from 10 p.m. to 1 - 2 a.m.)
    Testing: G/W Humans
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    I would also love to join this! It's a pretty sweet idea.

    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]dragon1299
    Country: US
    Time Zone: GMT-6
    Available: Random times. Mostly late at night.
    Tier 1 Decks: RG Ramp, RDW, WWu Aggro
    Testing: GB Heartless Summoning, Uw Illusions
    I use MWS, pm me if you're interested in testing with me.

    RWVengeant Lark

    GB Loam Rock
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]Aetos
    Country: New Zealand
    Timezone: GMT(+13:00) Pacific Time (?)
    Availability: Just about any time

    currently testing:
    G Ramp 12-4-0
    GUW Spirits 6-9-0

    This is gonna be so awesome!

    Whilst the multitudes go about their business, we listen; we skulk; we watch and see all. Do you yourself possess the necessary skills and aptitude to join our hidden ranks?

    My Xbox Live gamertag is A3t0s - Hit me up for Bops or Bops 2 anytime Grin
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]Vulshok
    Country: New Zealand
    Timezone: GMT(+13:00) Pacific Time
    Availability: Most Evenings

    Currently Testing:
    RDW 17-3-0
    "Spontaneous combustion is a myth. If you burst into flames, someone wanted you to."
    - Chandra Nalaar

    GBRJund Mid-Range
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    Personally, I think we should all start using Cockatrice. It's a much better program in my opinion. You pretty much download it and it's ready to go. No downloading sets and trying to figure out how to install them. It loads every card AND all pictures right on there for you once the installation is complete. You can download it at www.cockatrice.de . Try it out and let me know what you all think of it.
    Join the MTGSalvation MWS T2 League!
    Test your decks, avoid jerks, make friends!
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    I would like to join

    Country: Malaysia
    Timezone: Gmt +8
    Availability: Midnight and beyond

    Currently playing:
    BW Control
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    I am thinking of joining, but would agree I think cockatrice might be a good option, as it's open source and donate a opposed to pay $20 for MWS.....
    I collect the following Plains from M11 - #231 http://magiccards.info/m11/en/231.html - Help me get more by sending me your plains....everyone that sends me a plains gets a shout out in my sig for being awesome!
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]raggedjoe
    Country: USA
    Timezone: GMT - 5:00
    Availability: Weekdays afternoon, weekends, nights

    Currently testing: BW Tokens, ZomBieS

    Tier 1 decks: Pike Tempo, GW Tokens, UW Humans

    zebek: MWS is free...
    Quote from glurman
    Quote from Lotus Cobra
    Could someone help me create a sideboard for the current meta?

    -1 Merfolk deck
    +1 Almost literally anything else

    Sorry if that isn't quite what you're looking for, but it's way more helpful strategically.

    Level 1 Judge

    Currently Playing:
    W Death and Taxes
    BGR ScapeWish Nic Fit
    BGR Punishing Nic Fit
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]HobbitG
    Country: England, Sussex
    Timezone: GMT
    Availability: Most week nights after 8pm

    Currently testing:

    Standard (as of DKA) -

    WU & WG Humans (T1)
    Wolf Run (T1)
    RG Beatdown
    Mono Black Aggro
    Pod Variants

    Modern (as of DKA) -
    Jund (T1)
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    Member Profile

    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]Beast Mode
    Country: Afghanistan
    Time Zone: UTC +4:30
    Availability: Almost whenever I'm connected.

    Currently Testing:

    BW Control
    BGR Aggro Pod
    Sig done by Heroes of the Plane

    Quote from apocalypse31

    Man, I wish every amazing, new deck builder on these forums would just ride the pro tour so they can wreck with all the pros using bad cards.

    Quote from ModusPwnens

    Gamer in NEPA? Check out Adventure Games!
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    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]zebek
    Country: Canada
    Time Zone: GMT -5
    Availability: Whenever I get some time to get online :p

    Current Decks
    UW Humans Standard
    WW Standard
    UR Sulfuric Secrets Standard
    UR Sulfuric Secrets ISD Block
    WW Pauper
    UW Standard Pauper

    Future Decks
    BU Zombies (DKA)
    WB Sorin Tokens (DKA)
    I collect the following Plains from M11 - #231 http://magiccards.info/m11/en/231.html - Help me get more by sending me your plains....everyone that sends me a plains gets a shout out in my sig for being awesome!
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    Member Profile
    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]Yuork375
    Country: Brazil
    Time Zone: UTC -3:00
    Availability: Night mostly.

    Currently Testing:
    Red Deck Wins
    Mono Black Control
    Budget Decks [I'll advise when playing one of those]
    : RR
    Goblins RR

    : GG Poor Elves GG ~ UG Splinterfright Dredge GU
    : WUB Merieke Ri Berit WUB ~ RGW Mayael The Anima RGW
    ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌ ‌‌  ‌  ‌    ‌  ‌  ‌   ‌   "A lesson without pain is meaningless, for you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you overcome it and made it you own, you will gain a irreplaceable fullmetal heart."
     — Arakawa, H. (Fullmetal Alchemist 108 - Journey’s End)
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    I would like to join.
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    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]Leonarch
    Pacific Time gmt+8
    Availability: varies : /

    Currently Testing
    U/G Turbofog
    U/R Delver-burn
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    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]manayar
    Country: Singapore / Indonesia
    Time Zone: GMT -07:00 / GMT -08:00
    Availability: After 6PM(GMT -08:00)
    Mostly nights, to be short...

    Currently Testing:
    WGU Beats

    p.s. you can add my Fb: [email][email protected][/email]
    Twitter: @fliptable_
    Mention or message me for game Grin (if i reply right away :D)
    Come play League of Legends [North America Server] and join me [MrVince1009].
    To sign up, simply go to the following website,
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]Kiln Fiend
    Country: USA
    Timezone: Central Time
    Availability: Mostly weeknights

    Currently testing:
    RB Control
    Mono green overrun

    Tier 1 decks:UB Control, UB Zombies, Spirit Delver, & RDW.
    Quote from Kiln Fiend »
    I shout out YOLO every time I fetch for an untapped shockland.
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    Is this still up and running?
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]Silver
    Country: USA, KY
    Timezone: GMT-5:00
    Availability: Whenever i get on :p

    Currently Testing:
    Grixis control
    Naya Tokens
    Mono U
    Mono R
    Boros Humans
    *Insert other decktypes here*

    Currently Running
    UWGBant FlashGWU

    Quote from Samarkand
    21 damage on turn 2 with Tempered Steel (possible when on the draw but unlikely - let me dream).

    T1: Plains, Memnite, Signal Pest, Mox Opal, Glint Hawk, Glint Hawk, Glint Hawk
    T2: Plains, Rally the Peasants, Swing for 21.
    Opponent: Throws his deck on the floor.
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    Quote from 22bebo
    Is this still up and running?

    Sorry, it's not "up and running" as it was once intended (due logistical problems.) However, people is still encouraged to leave their info here. It may not be a proper "league" but it still may be a good place to find nice people to play against as opposed to the random jerks that populate MWS.
    On Desecration Demon:

    Quote from clan_iraq
    I'm calling it right now- worst rare in the set. Even good limited players will find better bombs at common and uncommon no sweat. Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Quote from clan_iraq
    I really do predict this to be our worst rare in set award winner. I'd be happier opening a jar of eyeballs, so I think anything worse is highly unlikely. This card wont just have zero constructed potential, but not be significantly better than a mass of ghouls in a draft.
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    Thanks you
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    Why anyone try something like thins on Cockatrice ? =/
    Chowzito - my username at Cockatrice !
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    MWS nickname: [MTGS]Booom
    Country: USA, IL, Chicago
    Timezone: GMT-5:00
    Availability: Evenings, weekends

    Currently Testing:
    Ramp aggro
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    MWS Nickname: [MTGS]MindFreak
    Country: Brazil, SP, São Paulo
    Timezone: GMT-2:00
    Availability: Evenings only.

    Currently Testing:

    Bant Midrange
    American Midrange
    Red Deck Wins.
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