Theros gods

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    As all have seen on the MTG spoilers the new Theros set has gods in it.

    And the gods are extremely good;
    They all are Indestructible, Legendary, Enchantment, Creatures and have a passive abillity, an active abillty and can become incredibly strong creatures when you have enough devotion.

    The question i have is, how to yield the full power of the gods.
    Its easy to work out the static and active ability's into a good deck, only how do you also make the gods fight as creatures with consistency?
    Most deck play at least 2 colors and cant afford to cut them, but to get the most out of the gods you want him to fight as well as his ability's.

    How meany permanents do your need in your gods color to make your god a creature on say T4,5?

    You have the one symbol in the god himself then you need another 4 symbols And no tokens dont count!
    I have seen someone post a topic with statistics but i cant seem to find it..? Could be handy if someone knows it...;)
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    In the case of heliod (and Thassa), I think he's better kept as an indestructible, vigilant token producing enchantment. Indestructible enchantments are far harder (in fact, nearly impossible) to interact with while creatures can be killed with negatives, bounced, exiled, stolen, etc.

    The red, black, and green gods should generally be easy to trigger simply by playing the game.
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    I have a bit of a brew started up for UR with Purphoros and Young Pyromancer. So far in Cockatrice testing it's half-decent.

    bv310's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    2 Purphoros, God of the Forge
    4 Chandra's Phoenix
    4 Young Pyromancer
    3 Spellheart Chimera
    2 Turn // Burn
    3 Syncopate
    4 Magma Jet
    3 Lightning Strike
    4 Izzet Charm
    3 Dissolve
    3 Steam Augury
    3 Ral Zarek
    4 Steam Vents
    2 Mutavault
    8 Mountain
    8 Island

    My Decks:


    :sympu::sympw: Gifts Tron
    :symw::symg: Death and Taxes
    blue mana Merfolk


    :sympw::sympu::sympb::sympr::sympg: The Five Suns (Five Praetor decks)
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    I think the god's trigger easy enough as it is from simply playing magic, personally i've been trying out B/W midrange/Whip and Erebos (from limited testing) can easily be turned on from just having an Obzedat phasing in/out and then any other creature
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