Theros only deck builds?

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    Hi MTG community,

    I recently got back into magic after 8-9 years right on the release of theros. My collection consists of many sets before mtg 9 and theros. I have been actively collecting a ton of theros cards and want to work my way slowly into standard over the next year as this blocks sets release. I'm looking for a few builds of theros decks that would be viable for casual and FNM play. Couple rules i don't have many planeswalkers so id would like to have them optional in the builds (i have xenegos and elspeth) and i don't have many doubles of rares (somehow have 4 spears of heliod though) i have plenty of commons and uncommons. I currently have built my own deck with minimal knowledge of deck building and while i have beaten friends in casual play with it i know its no where near competitive with anything else infact i don't even want to bring it to a FNM because i feel its very weak (i am a total noob lol)

    Here's the deck
    x4 magma jet
    x2 destructive revelry
    x2 Nemesis of Mortals
    x3 akroan crusader
    x2 minotaur skullcleavers
    x2 fanatic of mogis
    x2 rageblood shaman
    x3 nyleas presence
    x2 ordeal of nylea
    x2 warriors lesson
    x2 spearpoint oread
    x2 arena athlete
    x2 voyaging satyr
    x2 fleetfeather sandals
    x2 horizen chimera
    x1 sedge scorpion
    x1 boon satyr
    x1 anger of the gods
    x1 bow of nylea
    x1 medomai the ageless

    x1 temple of abandon
    x8 forest
    x8 mountain
    x2 island
    x2 plains

    the deck seems to win me games against my friends sometimes i can use magma jet on my own creatures to trigger its heroic ability (extremely helpful with an enchanted arena athlete) and i've thrown in a couple multicolour horizen chimera has proven to be extremely useful enchanted with bestow. Suggestions for improvements or new builds to try out is extremely appreciated.
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    It is called Block Constructed.
    Standard, Budget:
    UBR URB control.
    UB heroic humans
    Modern, Budget:
    GBW Melria Pod (no fetch)
    R Mono red storm

    RGB Jund Dragons
    UGrand Architech
    WR Tempered steel
    BG wild defiance Infect.

    GB Glissa, the traitor
    UWIsperia, Supereme Judge
    UWGDerevi, Empyrial Tactician
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