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    About my self:
    Hi, I am Michael Prince, I have been playing about a year now. (I came in on the tail end of Avacyn starting of M13). I play at a shop in Fayetteville Arkansas called "Bears by the Maul" I was there for about 2 years now (used to play Yugioh, started magic never looked back) I am a Timmy at heart a Johnny mixed in. I played a BUG Mill-aggro and it did decent but at the end of the day it was like a 30% win verse my Meta (WHICH IS MEGA AGGRO HEAVY!) so I had to change it to keep up. so BUG Mill became BUG Aggro.

    Deck Explanation:
    BUG uses creatures like Strangleroot Giest and Young Wolf that can take a hit or chump block, lay down, Stand back up a little more pissed then they were. Duskmantle Seer gives this deck some extra card draw it needs as well as a 4/4 flying body as well as it might drop some fun damage since it requires you to flip on your upkeep (as well as your opp. does it) so Damage will be dealt if it is not a land. It is fun when it flips and your opp. takes 5 for flipping Thundermaw Hellkite. Other creatures include Dreg Mangler,Snapcaster,Experiment One .

    Deck List:
    This is the original deck list then I will post my personal list I run.

    Card Choices:


    1 Drops:

    Experiment One: a 1 drop with evolve so it gets bigger with others. he is amazing when you drop Strangleroot Giest and follow it up with Dreg Mangler swing for quite a bit on turn 3. its nice. and if it gets blocked you can remove 2 counters and regenerate him.

    Young Wolf: a 1 drop with undying. Chump a creature without evasion to block the damage and have it come back just as strong. Like a burrito that did not agree with you it comes back after the first time.

    2 Drops:

    Strangleroot Giest:GG for a 2/1 he evolves Experiment one. Has haste when he drops so swings for 4 turn 2. and has undying! So he becomes 3/2 with haste. I love this card. (tho I don't own any of them in English. No one seems to carry them in English in my LGS so I have them in Spanish. "Giest raiz estranguladora" ya it is fun to say while playing like the spanish Vexing Devil "Diablo irratanta" but I digress.

    Snapcaster Mage Self explanatory. BUT for people who don't know what he does. he is a smooth gentlemen with ladies. he brings them gifts from their past (ha get it flashback lol) a 2/1 he will evolve Experiment One. Also if you need a quick 3/3 blocker bring Rapid Hybridization back on a undying target to drop a 3/3 PLUS get your creature back better and stronger.

    Zameck Guildmage:Now, this towering stack of elf meat is Zameck Guildmage. We are whore for his ability's and he is our pimp. his first ability lets creatures you cast come in with a extra +1/+1 it is not so fantastic with our undying creature (since they will come in with the +1/+1 on them already nullfying the undying) BUT if they die and then come back why not at a Extr +1/+1 counter to it? making SRG come back as 4/3 and young wolf as a 3/3. But his second ability as well gives us our card draw. remove +1/+1 counter from a creature and give a card for it.
    Most useful: Wait for your opp. to try and destroy your already undied Young wolf. or maybe he blocks your young wolf to kill it. Pay UG and remove the counter before damage is dealt so when it resolves Young wolf comes back just as it was and you got a card.

    3 Drops:
    Dreg Mangler:This guy. is a beast 3/3 with haste awesome on turn 3. and if he does get killed pay 3GBand there you got +3/+3 on a creature of your choice.

    4 Drops:

    Duskmantle Seer: Ya. That guy. Is awesome. Extra card draw and damage toward your opp. (you as well but with a looow CMC's in the deck most your extra cards will be low damage) but just imagine you flip your card Rancor. Fantastic 1 point. your Opp? not so lucky Thundermaw Hellkite 5 points to him.

    Instants (Because there aren't any sorcercys in the list) & Enchantment

    1 Mana:

    Rapid Hybridization :I love this card (might need to order them in foil) You have removal for your Opp. They might get a 3/3 but ehhh it might be better then dealing with Boros Reckoner or Thundermaw Hellkite or Olivia Voldaren
    SO for 1 mana drop a fatty and give them a Lizard Frog mutant. Not bad. Another fun trick. Hit Young Wolf with it. You get your creature back as a 2/2 and now you get a 3/3 also very good with SRG since he will double evolve Experiment One on the field.

    Rancor:This card is awesome as well. One of the few in the game that recurs back to your hand when it goes to the grave yard from the battle field. (mortus strider is another I can think off) This one card gives something +2/+0 and gives trample turns that little 2/2 Young wolf to 4/2 trample Wolf of awesomeness.

    Giant Growth: This card I am conflicted on because we can use Simic charm. What this card does is gives +3/+3 to target creature which is create to act like you are going to chump block and then pump them to kill the creature blocking. A guy I knows runs a Naya humans deck and this is his battle trick. for G I like it so I am conflicted to use this or Simic Charm.

    2 Mana:

    Dimir Charm: This card is fun with Duskmantle Seer. End of Turn for your Opp. use it look at the top of their deck and look for the Biggest one out of the 3. if 2 of them are lands dump the lands in the grave. get some damage in it helps alooot. Best one I did was flipped on a Gruul Homebrew had a WorldSpine Wurm on the top. Lets just say at my Upkeep he took 11 damage.

    Simic Charm Now this card, I like it but I just don't know. 3 Modes all relevant. +3/+3 to a creature. Hexproof to my permanents and Bounce a creature. So you get a giant Growth, Sheltering word with out the lifegain as well as a Unsummon. It is all very relevant but if I have to keep 2 mana open people will always be ready for a Counter-spell or Simic charm which is fine but they will expect it. That's my quandary with Giant growth.

    Spell Rupture: Like mana leak was still legal. Fun to do when people think you are just BUG Stompy but you got a little Counter up your sleeve and it is nice.

    Abrupt Decay: Relevant erryday! Nothing like break your opp's Burning-tree lead in. (by lead-in I mean like Burning-Tree > Mayor Avaburk) it Aburpt is a fav. Removal of mine hits sooo many good targets right now.

    That's my post I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you get a good kick out of this deck it is alot of fun too play and easy to learn. I hope your Frog Lizard's are Big and your Young Wolf's strong. Good luck!

    Deck Variations:

    Sideboard Options (Thanks to Drowning)

    Gruul, Naya, Jund, Rakdos, Mono Red Aggro decks

    +3 Abrupt Decay
    +1 Dimir Charm

    -4 Spell Rupture (on the draw)

    -3 Duskmantle Seer (on the play)
    -1 Spell Rupture (on the play)

    Spell Rupture is considerably weaker on the draw since you want to be casting this card after your smashing face, not to prevent incoming damage. Duskmantle Seer is also akward in this matchup because it could very well end up killing you. By turn four you find yourself at six or less life against Boros or mono red and the last thing you want to do is commit four mana for a suicidal blocker. I’d rather keep that four mana for Snapcaster Mage + removal. On the play we put the Spell Rupture‘s back in, taking out the Duskmantle Seer. We are now the aggressor and Spell Rupture will really throw the tempo swing back in your direction.

    American Midrange / Flash decks

    +2 Dispel
    +2 Deathrite Shaman
    +1 Abrupt Decay

    -1 Ultimate Price
    -1 Unsummon
    -1 Dimir Charm
    -2 Spell Rupture

    We upgrade our Spell Ruptures by turning them into Dispels. Most of the creatures the deck plays aren’t a huge threat so we can just Dispel every counter, tempo card, or Sphinx’s Revelation they cast for one mana less. Deathrite Shaman is a big deal for them because it hurts the graveyard which Snapcaster Mage and Moorland Haunt often rely on. Lastly, we bring in another Abrupt Decay to deal with Runechanter’s Pike.

    Jund Midrange decks

    -1 Dimir Charm
    -1 Unsummon
    -1 Abrupt Decay
    -1 Ultimate Price
    -2 Simic Charm

    +4 Appetite for Brains
    +2 Essence Scatter

    The big threats to us are Thragtusk, Huntmaster of the Fells, and Olivia Voldaren. Huntmaster is the easiest to manage because we can go toe to toe, but Olivia stealing our creatures is an issue. An even larger issue is Thragtusk resolving and clogging up the board for a few turns. Appetite for Brains takes all of these cards out of their hand while we rush in for as much damage as possible or until we resolve a Duskmantle Seer. If we can avoid Olivia, Duskmantle will take the game over and end things for them very fast.

    Naya Midrange
    -1 Dimir Charm
    -1 Ultimate Price
    -2 Spell Rupture

    +4 Appetite for Brains

    In my play testing, which hasn’t been enough, I’ve encountered Cavern of Souls in some of these lists. If they are playing of Cavern, we take out a few counters. If they aren’t we take out Simic Charms instead. All of threats are easy to deal with, even a lone Thragtusk is very beatable. The problem lies with the end game Angel of Serenity that clears our board. We are fine with creatures going to the graveyard, but not being exiled. Another card that I’m thinking about testing in this matchup Mizzium Skin which could do a lot of work against Angel of Serenity and Aurelia’s Fury. This is probably the toughest match up for the deck. The key to winning is a solid hand and keeping them off of multiple Thragtusk and an Angel of Serenity.

    Control decks

    -1 Ultimate Price
    -1 Unsummon
    -1 Abrupt Decay
    -1 Experiment One

    +1 Dimir Charm
    +1 Duress
    +2 Appetite for Brains

    Supreme Verdict is an easy card to deal with since we have undying and scavenge to back us up. Terminus is an issue which Dimir Charm and Spell Rupture take care of. Appetite for Brains and Duress just tear their hand apart leaving them with a loose game plan and keep off their crucial turn four through five plays. I haven’t had much of an issue against control deck yet, and this is probably the easiest match up in the current meta.
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    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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    My personal Deck and FNM records.

    BlitzKriegRDS's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    Land (24)
    4x Breeding Pool
    3x Drowned Catacomb
    3x Forest
    4x Hinterland Harbor
    4x Overgrown Tomb
    2x Watery Grave
    4x Woodland Cemetery

    4x Rancor

    4x Dreg Mangler
    4x Duskmantle Seer
    3x Experiment One
    2x Snapcaster Mage
    4x Strangleroot Geist
    4x Young Wolf

    3x Abrupt Decay
    3x Rapid Hybridization
    3x Simic Charm
    3x Spell Rupture

    FNM record to date 4-1

    Match 1: RUG Homebrew 2-0
    Mix of good cards but he got messed up because of his mana base and lack of shocks and checks. I steam rolled him. I had to apologize tho he ended up going 0-5 that night it was horrible to watch.

    Match 2: Boros Budget 2-0
    Man was master of battalion when I let him have it ;P I would keep him off 3 creatures with Abrupt Decay & Spell Rupture .

    Match 3: Naya Humans 2-1
    Tough tough tough match almost took us to time. First game blasted out the gate with
    Turn 1 Expriement One
    Turn 2 SRG Swing 4
    Turn 3 Young wolf, Rancor on the Experiment One. Swing 6 EoT for my Opp. Rapid my SRG gain +1/+1 and a 3/3 Frog Lizard
    Turn 4 Rancor on SRG Abrupt decay he Mayor of Avaburk and swing for 14 on turn 4?
    Game 2: ran over with mayor's and Champ of the Perish.
    Game 3: Removal for removal RH my SGR and dropped Dreg Mangler and beat down with that.

    Match 4: Boros College kid 2-1 ( I say College kid because it is when a group of College kids join cash and grow a collection together) they have good cards but not enough of them. So things like 2 Spark trooper, 1 Boros Reckoner 1 Scared founder 4 guild gates off numbered things. Topped decked a Spark Trooper every time on turn 5. saved him often.

    Match 5: Boros Humans (One of the owners of the shop)
    This deck is as quick as mine and chap of perish is irratating.
    Lose game 1 with him swing a skynight Legion that I couldn't touch. 7 Life then he burns me with searing spear and Boros charm. Next turn I would have swung for 24.
    Game 2: Didn't mull a 1 land hand (I can play a 1 land hand if it is Breeding pool but it isn't it was a forest) so...
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    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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    Any comments feedback anything

    Please do not bump your thread. Warning issued.
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    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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    Not fond of Snapcaster with only 12 potential targets (4 different spells).
    I find your list good. I would try:
    -2 Mage
    -1 Rancor
    -1 Geist
    -1 other (D. Mangler ?)
    +2 Zameck Guildmage
    +3 Q. Dryad (Guildmage abuse)

    I guess I prefer Dimir Charm over Simic one. Maybe 2/1 split ?
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    This deck won the WMCQ in Brazil over the weekend so it must be doing something right. I tried a similar list at FNM and went 2-2 just due to poor draws but when it works, it's pretty devastating. Simic Charm was an all star for me
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    I understand the snaps ( I only have 2 and not suuuper fond of them in this build) I love zameck but Idk i think if I was going to use him to abuse him 3 would work. maybe another Experiment one?

    and my agurement Giant growth vs. Simic Charm. I just don't know.
    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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    giant growth is a nice pump for sure. Being able to give all your permanents, not just creatures, hexproof is a great thing to have as well as being able to unsummon a troublesome creature if need be
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    I think this deck might work well with Wolfir Avenger as a split or as a replacement for the Mangler. Thoughts?

    And maybe drop one copy of the Seer for a copy of Yeva, Nature's Herald. It just seems with the 4 counterspells main that the deck might work better with more flash creatures.
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    Started tinkering with this tonight. I got about eight or nine games in vs. a Grixis control build, winning a little under half. I attribute this less to this specific deck than the fact that the opponent was uniquely positioned to neutralize my advantages. He ran Duskmantles too, so he had a low curve, and his deck was full of Searing Spears, Pillar of Flames, and Snapcasters that would clear my board and prevent my undying triggers from going off.

    I got rid of my Snaps ahead of rotation, so I'm having to substitute. Don't laugh, but I actually tried Shamble Shark and have been relatively satisfied with it. Gyre Sage was too non-aggressive, and the ramp does nothing for this deck, so being able to keep mana open for Simic Charm and then just flash in another blocker instead was helpful. It also plays nicely with undying and evolve, pushing up to 4/3 relatively fast. The only downside vs. Gyre Sage has been the parity with Strangleroot, which keeps it from evolving off that drop.

    There's just not an ideal 2 drop for us, which is probably why Snapcaster is the go-to despite few relevant targets for flashback. Zameck could work, given the number of tokens we can generate. It's a source of card draw, and a lightning rod that can potentially clear away removal that would otherwise go towards our aggressive creatures. I'm just not sure that it's an ideal solution in such an aggressive deck though.
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    well i'm a sucker for BUG in any incarnation so here's my take on an aggro build...

    and3h's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Arbor Elf
    4 Diregraf Ghoul
    4 Strangleroot Geist
    4 Lotleth Troll
    4 Dreg Mangler
    4 Vampire Nighthawk
    2 Yeva, Nature's Herald
    4 Thragtusk

    4 Rancor

    4 Overgrown Tomb
    4 Woodland Cemetary
    4 Breeding Pool
    2 Forest
    2 Drowned Catacomb
    4 Watery Grave

    2 Abrupt Decay
    2 Simic Charm
    2 Syncopate

    i've gone for a more aggro build so far with 30 creatures and it's really just Golgari with a U splash. this is because i didn't really like the look of any blue creatures for this type of deck.

    8 1 drops, 8 2 drops and 8 3 drops is probably too many but i can tweek as i play test more.

    comments and suggestions are always welcome
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    I actually like that Brazil deck alot actually might try it for my FNM
    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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    I've played maybe 20 games or so with this so far, with a win % around half. Honestly, it just feels like a bad Jund Aggro. If we're following the usual axiom of "don't be a bad something else", then this doesn't quite make the bar.

    Which is too bad, because Rapid Hybridize on Lone Wolf to evolve Experiment 1 on turn 2 is a lot of fun. It's just not any better than X1 > Burning Tree > Flinthoof, while our turn 3 is identical, and our turn 4 is substantially worse.
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    I just wanted to say, If you play Duskmantle Seer with no more mana available for an EOT Dimir Charm, you start your turn, untap, during the upkeep phase Duskmantle's Trigger will go on the stack, you are now free to respond to it with untapped lands and play Dimir Charm on your opponent and try and leave a whopper on the top.

    The way I feel about this deck is it's main function is to stick an early threat with rancor, get damage in, disrupt, then roll the guildmage out with mana open to use him. In other words at 4 mana, and a creature with a counter on it. So basically if they use removal you can still maintain card advantage.

    However the deck can get those amazing aggro hands of, T1 - experiment, T2 - SRG, T3 - Dredge Mangler.

    I love playing this deck, it has a knack for misrepresenting the board, and allowing your opponent to stumble into horrible plays.
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    decided to take this deck to FNM this week, looking forward to testing it out against some good quality standard decks, only to find out when i got there that they've changed the format mid-week and we were playing extended.

    so i'm already at a disadvantage but i still came out with a record of 3-1 (i was using my list, not the Brasil list) which i thought was pretty good considdering.

    match 1 - red deck wins (2-0)

    game 1 was pretty even in that we both had good starts but i just had better creatures to overpower him in the end.

    game 2 he had mana and big fatties in hand, i had a great curve with diregraf ghoul, lotleth troll, 2 x dreg mangler, overgrown tomb, woodland cemetary and drowned catacomb. it was a bit of a nut draw for me i suppose.

    match 2 - bant defender deck (2-1)

    game 1 i mulled to 6, but so did he and by turn 3 i'd practically emptied my hand onto the table. he was slow to get much going, getting defenders out to block some of my guys, but it was over reasonably quickly.

    game 2 was better for him. i had to mull to 4 to see any land, which wasn't the worst thing in the world as his deck seemed so slow. i only saw 3 lands all game and couldn't get anything going whilst he beat me down with some low powered defenders.

    game 3 was a much better game. no mull's, just straight up beats and my deck's got bigger teeth than his did. easy decider.

    match 3 - g/w auras type deck (2-1)

    this was just a straight up beatdown fest. game 1 he got a green enchantment out that gave his creatures +3/+3 whenever he cast a spell, got a fencing ace with rancor and won before i could get an abrupt decay on that enchantment.

    game 2 he tried the same thing, but a turn 2 abrupt decay helped me get past that. i had a more diverse and ultimately better creature package and beat him soundly.

    game 3 was very similar to game 2 except i had to mull to 5 before i started.

    match 4 - b/w superfriends

    game 1 was over in 4 turns. he mana flooded and i had t1 diregraf ghoul, t2 strangleroot geist, t3 dreg mangler, t4 dreg mangler.

    game 2 i had to mull to 5. he t3 liliana, t4 sorin, t8 gideon. i never got going properly.

    game 3 see game 2.

    slightly disappointed with the end, but ending with a 3-1 result from a deck i just brewed up as a spur of the moment thing was encouraging. it needs more land, namely green i think, although black could also be useful.

    the GG of strangleroot geist and the BB of vampire nighthawk were both a bit troublesome. i'm thinking of moving the nighthawks into the side. i would also like to bring in some zameck guildmage's to interact with the undying counters. trouble is i'm liking lotleth trolls in the deck, and if i remove the geists, i remove the need for the guildmage's.

    one change that i'm certain of making is removing diregraf ghoul and replacing with young wolf. i thought that having a 2/2 for B wold have been a good asset for the deck. it turned into a slight liability in that he comes into play tapped and therefore can't block t1 when you really could do with him blocking.

    i liked the idea of yeva more than i liked playing yeva, although she is a handy 4/4 body with an upside so she's staying in for now i think.

    essentially i need to look at my creature base and alter that slightly, increase my mana base (i'm going to go up to 22 land and see how that does, 20 was not enough) and get more playtesting done
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    It's such a cool deck, I've hopped on board with this beast -

    I love the ability to mis-represent the board, lure the opponent into a false sense of security as it were...

    Example -

    Turn 1 - Young Wolf - Turn 2 Experiment 1 -

    Opponent thinks, this is no threat, I can can conserve my resources, get more value out of them, I'll play this land tapped -

    You - EOT - Pognify your Young Wolf - Make 2 3/3s and a 2/2, untap and play dreg mangler and attack for 11 -

    'Tis mental..

    Duskmantle seer is really, really good -

    Undying guys mean we have good blockers - Wrath proof too Grin

    We can play the tempo game with counter spells and charms -

    All the best SB hate -

    The best removal..

    Gah, it's beautiful

    My list of now isn't really a stretch from the norm, just the odd number change here and there..

    Ben Delat's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Young Wolf
    4 Experiment One
    4 Strangleroot Geist
    1 Snapcaster Mage
    1 Zameck Guildmage
    4 Dreg Mangler
    4 Duskmantle Seer
    1 Evil Twin

    3 Spell Rupture
    3 Rapid Hybridization
    2 Abrupt Decay
    2 Simic Charm
    1 Tragic Slip

    3 Rancor

    4 Overgrown Tomb
    4 Woodland Cemetery
    4 Breeding Pool
    4 Hinterland Harbor
    3 Watery Grave
    2 Drowned Catacomb
    2 Forest

    Deck is sweet
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    dont you want to be maxed out on Experiment Ones?
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    Can anyone give me a sideboard guide for this deck?
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    Hmm would lotv or relentless be good or terrible in the deck? And is lotleth troll not good in the deck? He can do things with zameck+can easily make spell rupture a hard counter if it gets to that point.
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    Quote from Drowning
    Hmm would lotv or relentless be good or terrible in the deck? And is lotleth troll not good in the deck? He can do things with zameck+can easily make spell rupture a hard counter if it gets to that point.

    You don't generally want to be discarding your creatures to Lotleth Troll with this deck. Not to mention he doesn't play nice with Rapid Hybridization like most of the rest of your creatures. Also having to leave up mana for his Regenerate is counter-intuitive to what this deck wants to do. It'd rather have its guys take care of themselves and leave up mana for a counter or combat tricks.

    I don't think there's really any room for the two walkers in this deck, either. Garruk is costs too much for what you want to be doing with him and the deck doesn't have any real flashback cards to make Liliana's +1 not a straight one-for-one every time you use it.
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    This is a deck I've been working at for a while, and one that I played in the last round of the SCG open yesterday. This deck is legitimate. I played the guy that eventually got 13th and his list is under G/R aggro for some reason: http://sales.starcitygames.com//deckdatabase/displaydeck.php?DeckID=54987

    The addition of evil twin seems to be huge, especially against Junk Rites. What are other people thinking about twin for the current meta?
    DCI Lvl 1 Judge
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    I wondered what happened to the BUG deck that was doing well, it was hiding a midst devils and wolves -

    Deck is awesome - But it's the exact list from the WMCQ from Brasil and such, I feel it needs a little modifying..(The same besides the SB)

    Zameck Guildmage is underwhelming, it's so mana intensive in a deck that doesn't want to draw many lands...

    I get it, it has synergy, I'm not sold on the card - I'm currently running 1 in the main, and it's fine, but like I said, the amount of mana you need to abuse this card is way more than you would want to reasonably draw in any given game..

    Sure some games go long, sometimes this card will be an all-star, but these situations seem few and far between..

    I'd go as far as to say, Snapcaster Mage is the worst card in the deck, very few targets...

    I'm playing 1 - Could easily see cutting it, and the 1 guildmage, but I've liked them as misers cards that every so often do more than expected...

    Simic charm is very, very powerful in this deck, all 3 modes are relevant and provide a powerful effect..

    I'm running 2 - It's probably a mistake to run less than that...

    I'm running 3 Hybridization - This may be 1 too many, but it's a catch all removal spell, good for angels and dragons and is capable of allowing you to nut draw your opponent out of the game in the first few turns...

    Great for combat tricks with undying creatures too..

    Evil twin is pretty nifty - Great for generating thragtusk parity, can provide copies of our haste creatures to end games there and then...Good against reanimator...And, Duskmantle seer in multiples is big game...

    Golgari Charm is the star out of the SB

    Love the deck..

    EDIT: I also cut a Wolfir Avenger before I had even played the deck, it seemed a bit random - It probably fits really well into the strategy actually -

    I could see playing 3, and cutting the Snapcasters and Guildmages

    If anyone could chime in about Avenger in this list and how it performs, would be helpful ta
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    I played this for the first time last FNM and I really liked the guildmage (although I had some games hit late game where the card draw was amazing). I can see cutting him though. And I also see cutting the Snapcasters, although Snapcaster allows you to play more 1-of spells.

    As for the Simic Charm, it was really great, and the Golgari Charm out of the board was incredible.

    I played 2 of both Wolfir Avenger and Mangler, and I'm not sure which I liked better, but holding up 3 mana to flash in an avenger, but really holding nothing caused my opponents some caution of just attacking into me. I did add in a Yeva, Nature's Herald into my main and she was just boss in every game I cast her. The only issue was playing two of her, so I think I might go to 3 Seers, 1 Evil Twin, and 1 Yeva, but not quite sure yet.

    Yeva allows the deck to being able to flash most of the creatures in the deck, which makes combat a headache for your opponent since they don't know if you have a combat trick, a creature, or a counter spell. It's good stuff.
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    Well im gonna try getting in some games with the deck before i start thinking about more card choices. It looks interesting.
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    I ran my deck list this fnm loved every second of it

    Game 1 Boros batillon 1-2
    Eh not much to say game was junk just seen no removal chapion of the perish got out of hand

    Game 2 boros bugdet 2-0
    Guy was missing his shocks and check lands rolled over

    Game 3 2-1 R/G blood rush
    Did well but it is hard when a waste land viper swings for 10

    Game 4 grixis control 2-1
    1st: rolled over me kept me off creatures couldnt do anything
    2nd rolled over with experiment one srg dreg and then dreg and then dreg just quick
    3rd long game alomst to time he kept me ff creatures but i kept him off burn (simc charm)

    Game bant control bugdet 2-0
    Missing shocks and checks farseeked for breeding pool and not hallowed fount messed him not havng a white sorce

    Out of it 3-2. 11th place pulled boros recknor and arulia out of the packs (3)
    Jivanmukta on what is fun in EDH

    Quote from Jivanmukta

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    Also getting drunk with friends and playing games is pretty rad.

    RWRW BurnWR
    RUBPossbility StormBUR
    UBUB Control MillUB
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