Gruul Ramp

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    I have been playing this recently on lackey ccg to moderate success, however I often get either mana flooded or completely mana screwed.

    I believe A few more red sources would be helpful.
    pickleishopeless's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Stomping Ground
    4 Rootbound Crag
    4 Kessig Wolf Run
    7 Forest
    5 Mountain
    4 Clan Defiance
    4 Arbor Elf
    4 Farseek
    2 Ranger's Path
    2 Gilded Lotus
    3 Bonfire of the Damned
    3 Borderland Ranger
    4 Boros Reckoner
    3 Thragtusk
    3 Rubblehulk
    4 Huntmaster of the Fells

    4 Domri Rade
    3 Strangleroot Geist
    4 Flinthoof Boar
    4 Hellrider

    Sideboard plan is to take out a lot of the rampy spells, and the bigger creatures and go with a more aggro approach throwing down a domri, sometimes turn 2, and then going to town.

    I need some help/criticism/ideas and would like to play test with what you share, so let me know what you think.
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    If you're running Reckoner, consider selesnya/boros shocklands in place of forests/mountains to make it easier to get him down consistently. Running a lot of shocks might hurt, especially if you're running against a lot of aggro, so that's your call really, but you've got the huntmasters and the swagtusks to stabilize for you with reckoner holding the fort until then. I think you should replace the 2 gilded lotus with 2 more ranger's path - more land is better for rubblehulks, and it thins your deck for better draw on Domri's +1. Otherwise, I'm interested to see how it works, because I've wanted to try Gruul midrange myself but I haven't wanted to drop the cash for the huntmasters or swags...

    Oh, I just saw that the domris are SB. Which makes sense because you don't have that many critters (only 21), but... domri is more of a midrange than an aggro walker, so I'm not sure if you'd want to board him in against aggro... maybe against control as a fast wincon?
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    Yeah the goal was to board in MY AGGRO plan against control. against aggro the deck can clog up the board, and generate a fair amount of 2-1's that help me to stabalize.

    I was actually thinking about taking out rubblehulk, who I only had in the deck to be a strong finisher, but I've found that without trample I rarely want to bloodthirst him, and He doesnt get through unless I have a wolf run on the field, which tends to mean I'm going to win with almost any creature on the board.

    With the color issues I've had, I've definitely considered taking out reckoners as well. I would definitely consider upping the bonfires by 1, and I would like some magma quake access in case I should hit some pw's (also helps against largely ground based aggro) If that were the case I'd consider Flinthoof Boar Mainboard as well as 2 geists. I think that would give me a better game vs both control and aggro mainboard as I'd have additional speed, but also some cheaper drops to clog the board against aggro. That would leave the Sb with 6 slots open, 3 of which I would dedicate to magma quake, another I would give to the 4th geist, and then I'd have 2 additional spots.

    I'd want them to be creatures, because of domri, but I would also want them to be effective at helping against some poor matchups. Unfortunately playtesting on Lackey makes it hard to determine what exactly is a poor matchup.
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    You could put in 2 vorapedes in the remaining creature spot. A ramped turn 3/4 vorapede is nothing to scoff at and vs the aggro meta he is one of the toughest roadblock to get around currently available, though selesnya charm is around (which I didn't see for a while tho, ghor-clan rampager reasons I guess?)
    For getting a better testing you should also consider playing on cockatrice.
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    I was also thinking of gruul ramp after seeing Daniel ruiz martins deck from PT Montreal I think it was. Running the gyre sage/increasing vengeance engine. No spears or rancor tho... I tried it on cockatrice and it really needs decent removal and trample as the creatures can get really big but without trample they can be chumped.
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    no Borborygmos?

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    my deck puts lands into play not into my hand. Borborygmos is an 8 drop, no. just no. Yeah I could see vorapede as viable, I would want to do some testing with him, he has always been strong when I've worked him in in the past.

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