Rakdos midrange

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    Zombies, and most other aggro decks nowdays are incredibly fast, and resilient, with quite a large amount of reach too in most cases.
    This makes them a terrible pain to deal with, and most decks that think they will be able to easily deal with these RDW/zombies/sligh/suicide black mashups by dropping some kind of awesome super expensive answer, such as thragtusk, mutilate, curse of death's hold, supreme verdict, and so on, only to find out (if they ever care to test the deck against a good aggro build), that they are just dead, because these answers are much too slow.

    I honestly believe that these agrro decks will be a force to be reckoned with in the new metagame, and that all these slow control and big threat decks we see nowdays are bound to die out once they start testing vs aggro instead of vs each other.
    So I set out to build an anti-zombie deck.
    I knew from the get go that I wanted to be in red, because pillar of flames is just awesome vs zombies, but soon realized that I needed another color, and that black would fit best, giving me dead weight as an additional answer for the huge amount of turn 1 drops zombies has access to, and incidentally can take care of lotleth troll and aristocrat too.
    I also knew that I wanted creatures that can reliably block theirs and survive, because good blockers is something that a zombie deck really really does not like to see, and then I rounded the deck out with some more all-purpose removal.

    Here is the deck in its current version.
    Morimacil's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    // Lands
    4 Rakdos Guildgate
    4 Blood Crypt
    4 Dragonskull Summit
    6 Mountain
    6 Swamp

    // Creatures
    4 Hound of Griselbrand
    4 Ash Zealot
    4 Vampire Nighthawk
    4 Olivia Voldaren
    3 Kruin Outlaw
    3 Gloom Surgeon

    // Spells
    4 Pillar of Flame
    4 Dreadbore
    4 Dead Weight
    2 Devil's Play

    Kruin outlaw, gloom surgeon and devil's play are the weakest point in the deck, the 2 creatures do more than fine against zombies, but seem quite lackluster against everything else. Devil's play is ok most of the time, but never really all that amazing either.

    Currently, the SB isnt done, but vs aggro, its presideboarded, the plan vs control is going big by siding out the 4 dead weight (which btw is very aptly named vs control!) and 4 pillars, and siding in 1 swamp, 1 mountain, 2 rakdos' return, and 4 thundermaw hellkites.

    However, vs midrange decks that are bigger than this one, playing random stuff like armadda wurm and sigarda and so on, well this deck is quite weak. While I predict these decks will die out pretty fast, I still would like to be able to crush their faces until they do, which is why I need to figure out a SB plan for those. Any suggestions?

    Edit: also, please not that creatures are quite important in this format as a form of controling and stopping aggro decks. Black based aggro decks are not the only ones on the loose, and starts like druid's familiar into thalia just make it really hard to cast a relevant sorcery or instant in time.
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    Gonna try a SB plan vs midrange that involves siding out 4 pillars and 4 dead weight, and siding in 2 lands, 4 zealous conscripts, and 2 rakdos's return, but not sure if the deck is fast enough that pulling that off would work.
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