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    So this is my take on RDW post rotation plz lmk what you think if it thanks

    4x Ash Zealot
    4x Brimstone Volley
    4x Flames of the Firebrand
    4x Guttersnipe
    2x Hellion Crucible
    4x Hellrider
    4x Lightning Mauler
    4x Mizzium Mortars
    18x Mountain
    4x Searing Spear
    4x Stromkirk Noble
    4x Vexing Devil

    Haven't really looked into a side board other then
    4x electrickery
    3x wrack with madness
    4x thunderbolt

    Suggestions welcome plz pm also of its not to much trouble thanks
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    Probably worth looking at the other three threads on the same thing.

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