[Primer] UG Standard Dredge

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Unusual choice explanation:
- I went with a 2-1 split between Pilgrim and Elves because I feel that 9 is the correct number of white sources for the amount of white I play. This deck can also wind up short on green occasionally and the single Elves hedges against that somewhat
-Maindeck Memory's Journey may seem odd, but it has a lot of uses in this deck specifically. Its primary use is going to be fetching singletons out of your graveyard for Pod activations, but it also really helps against some random matchups, like anything based on Unburial Rites
-Wurmcoil over second Sun Titan. I think the life gain is very relevant in certain matchups and there are times when the Titan can be lackluster. It's also much easier to cast if I draw it. With MD Journey I think it's an acceptable risk that my single Titan might get milled
-Buried Ruin is definitely a card to consider to grab milled Pods, but I'm afraid of destabilizing the mana base. I rarely run out of plays anyway, and the tempo disadvantage really doesn't seem worth it in this deck.


The real engine of this deck is Birthing Pod + Tracker's Instincts. Between those two cards, you should never run out of gas

This deck's strength is its versatility. However, that can also be its biggest weakness. Pod and Dredge are both incredibly difficult archetypes to play correctly and, as you can imagine, meshing the two is no easy feat. You have to know your list intimately, because it's very difficult to keep track of what is still in your deck when you are aggressively milling. Remember to make sure what you need is still in your library before you activate the Pod. The other thing to understand is that it's okay to absorb some damage early on, but you should be playing to get to the end game. This deck has an extremely high degree of inevitability, and can stabilize or turn the tide very quickly. This means that it's always in your advantage to extend games. You're going to play a lot of games where you deal your lethal damage with your life total in the single digits, so don't panic

The best way to try to win with this deck is to pick the best creature for whatever MU you are facing, slam it down, and copy it as many times as you can with Metamorph and Image. If you're facing Aggro, a turn 3 Skaab Ruinator can quickly turn the tide in your favor. Against Control, take advantage of ETB/ETG effects like Acidic Slime, Strangleroot Geist, Wurmcoil Engine, Sun Titan, and Solemn Simulacrum. Against midrange, you can stick to the good old Splinterfright strategy. You can also go with the good old Bant Pod route of ramping to Elesh Norn as fast as possible and riding her to victory

If you want to build your own SplinterPod deck, I highly recommend tuning it to your own metagame, but my current list seems to work pretty well against most archetypes. This deck definitely won't work for everybody. In fact, I recommend that you get comfortable with both the Pod and Dredge archetypes before attempting to combine the two. If you manage to come up with something you think works better than what I have, I'd like to see it, but please have results to back it up first

Strengths and weaknesses versus regular UG Dredge:

+ Better interaction due to ability to Pod up specific answers to a situation
+ Resistance to blue-based control decks because they don't have many answers for an early Pod
+ More resistance to graveyard hate
+ A flexible plan of attack that can be easily tuned for any metagame

- Less milling can lead to slower starts if you don't manage an early Pod
- Ghoultree is so bad with Pod that it becomes unplayable
- Weaker to Grafdigger's Cage
- More difficult to play properly

I'll edit this if I think of anything else to add

edit: Updated with generic sideboard
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