Azorius Detain

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    I've had a lot of interest in Azorius' keyword and have decided to throw a deck together for it. The idea is to simply keep your opponents creatures and/or planeswalkers detained while you keep swinging. Though there aren't that many spoiled cards featuring Detain Lyev Skyknight seemed like it will be the most playable.

    Chromeshell's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4x Judge's Familiar
    4x Snapcaster Mage
    4x Lyev Skyknight
    3x Geist of Saint Traft
    4x Restoration Angel
    2x Dungeon Geists
    2x Azorius Justiciar

    4x Azorius Charm
    4x Cloudshift
    4x Feeling of Dread

    4x Hallowed Fountain
    4x Glacial Fortress
    7x Island
    6x Plains
    2x Moorland Haunt


    Judge's Familiar: This card could probably be debated for this deck but as the only 1CMC creature i could see playing, other than Delver of Secrets, i think he fits fine for now.

    Snapcaster Mage: Everyone knows him, and everyone loves him. His main role here is to flashback Cloudshift allowing to keep Detain up on major threats.

    Lyev Skyknight: This guy is the reason i put this deck together and the reason i plan on playing Azorius colors come RtR's release. If you notice his Detain ability allows him to hit Nonland Permanents making him able to stop planeswalkers as well as creatures. Add in some blink affects from Restoration Angel and Cloudshift, and he should be swinging for three a turn without being blocked.

    Geist of Saint Traft: The main beater of the deck. With your opponent's creatures detained he can swing through uncontested making him much easier to keep alive.

    Restoration Angel: Blink with wings! A blink affect with the added benefit of having a 3/4 flying body attached. Helps to keep up detain while being a great beater herself.

    Dungeon Geists: I like to think of him as the original detain creature. He can lock down their biggest threat or can be played early and blinked later on to switch to a bigger threat.

    Azorius Justiciar: This card is a little weird for me. He's good against creature heavy decks, but will serve almost no purpose in other match ups. I considered playing 4x Dungeon Geists over this card at all and maybe just throwing it in the board.


    Azorius Charm: Again a debated card for myself. I considered this or a counter of sort, but ultimately went with the charm since all of its choices seem good and the somewhat removal is needed.

    Cloudshift: The main blink feature of the deck. I do like it over the other blink card in AvR as its cheaper to cast.

    Feeling of Dread: I felt like this card went with the theme of the deck, though after some consideration I will probably take this out for Oblivion Ring, as my deck currently lacks removal.

    Hope you guys like it or have some suggestions on how to improve it.

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    At first glance I would say that snapcaster is going be very lackluster in this deck. You only have 8 Instants that don't already have flash back.

    The rest of the deck looks pretty synergestic.
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