best 4 drop angel?

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    It seems the concensus is that restoration angel is the most flexibile 4 drop angel due to synergy with blade splicer.

    Now which is better for a mainly white token deck.

    Angel of Jubiliation or sublime archangel? The +1/+1 pretty much cancels out the effects of exalted without risking death to removal or whatever on your one attacking creature. The no pay life or sacrifice is just bonus vs. random decks.

    Are token decks better with angel of jubilation?
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    Angel of Jubilation is likely better if ou are running heavy tokens and no attackers that can abuse Exalted (Invisible Stalker, Sigarda w/ Rancor, etc). Sublime Archangel is insane though if you build around it a little bit.
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    I think its mostly based on what you're up against. If you're up against aggro, I'd honestly say Sublime archangel, as it allows you to hit for a **** ton while leaving some blockers to win the race.

    Against a more controlling build, I'd say the jubilation, as holding creatures back is rarely a concern.
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    I think sublime is great in a creature heavy deck sporting tonnes of evasion. Imagine playing an invisible stalker then just dropping tonnes of creatures leading into a sublime archangel. You'd be swinging with the stalker for 5 or 6 pretty quickly all the while leaving your other dudes to defend.

    If you're gonna come at the King, you'd best not miss.
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