Esper deck

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    This is a deck i've been playing much of lately and been enjoying what I see from it. I've been moving around cards here and there to keep seeing what fits better. This is what i've ended up with so far and wouldn't mind some extra help.

    I like the draw power I can get with this deck, but I often feel that Thick Twice doesn't do it for me. Also I feel like Gideon doesn't fit to much.
    I either feel he just time walks me to a longer lose or just a better victory. But people I keep asking tell me he is a must have. Just wondering what other people think of it and if there is a way to make it better. Or if even people have tried one like it.

    Things I like...
    1. I like how the amulet lets creatures in for cheap/uncounterable.
    2. I like the drawing power I have.
    3. Can come out strong.

    Things I hate...
    1. Feel it needs more creatures
    2. Think it needs a little more something something(not sure what)...
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