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    So in the past I have been playing UW Humans. I was very successful on MTGO however, I feel that it is being discovered and hated on as of late. I was wondering if their was any deck in particular that really just wrecks the UW Humans deck along with Illusion, GW, and all of the other Aggro Decks?

    Will this deck be a control deck? I don't mind I am a compitant player I just want to know where to start digging.

    If this question is impossible to answer to too difficult for some of the players on the forum I apologize.

    I hope you can help!
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    midrange decks historically are one of the strongest archetypes against aggro. you can beat an aggro deck by having some control elements (mostly efficient removal) combined with superior board presence of your own. remove their early rush and then dominate the board with bigger creatures.

    it is also possible to build a pure control deck to heavily emphasize beating aggro. this would basically mean using more board sweepers and life gain than usual.

    if you're looking for specific archetypes in current standard that accomplish i don't think there is one. most of the current decks are fairly balanced and not designed to narrowly defeat aggro. you could easily adapt a UW control deck to smash aggro though, or you could build a GW or RG or RB midrange deck that was very well suited to controlling the board and would beat aggro.
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    Junya Iyanaga style Wolf Run does a pretty good job at beating up on aggro in general. From my experience the problematic card in these W/X Humans/Aggro lists is Hero of Bladehold and you should determine how you want to deal with it, or ignore it. Usually an early Slagstorm or similar board sweeper, puts them at a severe disadvantage.
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    Wolf run naya works pretty good against aggro, as it usually main-decks 4 day of judgment, 2 gideons, 1 elesh norn, some oblivion rings, and viridian emissaries. DoJ is a lot more versatile than slagstorm, as it can take down their early and late game threats. It also has access to timely reinforcements in the sideboard + ancient grudge and whatnot, and usually has a better matchup vs the odd control deck than RG.
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    The problem with the Wolf Run decks? Its not COMPLETELY favourable against Illusions. Or Humans...I know cuz well, i play them. Its harder than it seems and you need to be a good pilot

    Iyanaga's list IS the best though.

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    I've been seeing UW creatureless control on mtgo quite a bit, 3 timely reinforcement and 4 DOJ gives aggro a hard time
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    I play some aggro decks and I tend to have trouble with anything that can wipe the field multiple times.
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    If you are looking specifically to hate out one of the aggro decks its very doable. I have seen a 4 color dredge deck that posts 80% against RDW, Creaturless(light) control that does very well against the human variants

    the problem is that U/W humans or haunted humans whatever you want to cool it can very easily convert from a midrange/aggro strategy to very aggro or more midrange postboard. I think thats why its soooo popular on MODO, you really never feel like you lost because of a matchup
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    GR Wolf Run with Slagstorm and Inferno Titan or GW with Day of Judgment and Timely Reinforcements.
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