Chalice of the Void

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    Chalice of the Void

    From Mirrodin

    This card is amazing. Will most commonly be used for X = 1 to shut down so many cards from the opponent's deck. If used for 2, it completely hoses storm combo. Why doesn't this see more play?
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    1) it's really difficult in modern to have 2 mana on turn one for x=1 or 4 mana in turn 2 to X=2. and if you don't put it in the battlefield fast it's unefficent

    2) in modern there isn't the number of good cards with cost one than in legacy or vintage

    3) many decks doesn't really care about chaice ( almost all combo , for affinity seems too slow, jund is not so hurted )
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    Chalice is great in Legacy, and sees a ton of play. However, Legacy has a number of things that Modern does not, including:

    1) Free 0-mana artifacts that produce 1 (Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond) reliably on the first turn
    2) Lands that can tap for 2 on the first turn ([a]Ancient Tomb[/c], City of Traitors).

    It's very easy using these to get a t1 Chalice on 1, or a turn 2-3 Chalice on 2.
    What good is Chalice vs Storm if you can't land it with X=2 until turn 4?

    Also, the only decks really hampered by this are Storm (where it hits the rituals, manamorphose, and ascension) and maybe burn (hitting all of their bolts, guide, devil). Most decks in modern run a diverse mana curve (delver/snappy/geist/resto, or lavamancer/confidant/liliana/bloodbraid, to name a few common ones).
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    Quote from smax

    3) many decks doesn't really care about chaice ( almost all combo , for affinity seems too slow, jund is not so hurted )

    You do realize that chalice is an amazing card vs affinity, chalice for 0? that owns half their deck

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    Simian Spirit Guide is an option for enabling a turn 1 chalice for 1. Alas, I wish there were more.

    I think some sort of prison style deck is just waiting to be built, but the current metagame might be too diverse for you to have enough answers for.

    Delver tempo decks run a ton of 1 drops and is very popular, I think Chalice would be good against that sort of deck. Just play some board wipes to deal with any creatures they end up resolving and you lock down Delve/Bolt/Path/Serum Visions/Lynx/Lavamancer/Snare
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    It sucks on the draw, and against anything that doesn't have an aggro curve. You also have to take into account how many spells you'll be stopping. Why not just play Spell Snare or Mana Leak instead?

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    I think the most likely reason is that there's no Ancient Tomb or City of Traitors to power it out early. Also, since the decks in Modern are playing wider curves, not only is it less effective at hampering your opponent, but it's also more likely to catch your spells as well (as the effect is symmetric).
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