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For discussion of the MTGO Pauper format. Dead-tree Pauper discussions can also go here. Sub forums: Established, Developing, Pauper Archive Hide Moderators
[Primer] Mono Green Aggro...
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Other MTGO Formats

In this forum, discuss Magic formats that are played on Magic Online such as Classic, prismatic, Kaleidoscope, etc. Hide Moderators
Most Epic Game of Momir B...
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Magic Online Streaming

Are you streaming Magic Online? Post about it here! Only one thread per user. Hide Moderators
Streaming MTGO Standard D...
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Market Street MODO Café

Discuss the secondary market for digital cards, such as experiences with vendors, market trends, and predictions on price changes. (Note: Please do not ask how much an individual, easily available card is worth.) Hide Moderators
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by gamermk
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Magic Online General - Forum Rules: READ THIS 0 4,376
Infinite draft
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Is MTGO finally being recognized as completely inadequate? (1 Viewing)
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Dack Fayden (and other Conpsiracy cards) on MTGO (1 Viewing)
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I Probably Buy and Sell Decks on MTGO Far Too Often. Your Thoughts? 3 206
Most efficient way to play mtgo + some advice needed!
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FTV & other rare versions of cards?
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Ham on Wry III ~ The Erik Friborg Celebration Classic ~ May 4 2 77
Still not happy with the scheduled events
by pizzap
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Internal Code: Decky (illegal deck issue)
by vikingr
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Internal Code: Decky
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Multiple accounts 5 169
Running MTGO on an Android tablet 17 10,896
MTGO just went down, I am in a draft. What happens now??
by lim1017
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MTGO Cost Question 5 230
Can't sell Theros boosters to bots? 5 408
Pokemon uses codes to get decks/packs? Cool! 1 159
New Wide Beta Spotlight May 7 & 8
by Thekk
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How should Wizards handle 'reprinting' old sets and individual cards from old sets? 3 210
best way to sell mtgo-collection for real money
by Nekim
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Unsportsmanship players of MTGO
by tour
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Question: How to create a CSV on MTGO Beta client 1 121
Cube Draft Online?! Oo 4 230
Four pack sealed payout 1 194
MTGO Beta Crashes on Play Lobby tab 1 102
"trade cancelled" after a few seconds with almost all bots - need help 11 334
Why are people giving up so easily in the Tournament Practice room?
by pizzap
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american express gift cards 4 698
by pizzap
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Infect Deck In Progress 0 112
Recording/streaming and people embarrassing themselves (AKA the virtual asscrack)
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Designing a MTG App
by shmolf
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Someone hacked my MTGO Account + PayPal. 3 421
A question on setting 1 84
How do you cast lightning storm and discard land cards for additional damage 6 278
Beta Client: "MainNavigation Stopped Working" Can't create Wizards account... 6 402
"Planeswalker" format cards: How do I get rid of them?
by Javarr
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Help needed to sell cards 2 195
is the server down right now? 7 803
MTGO PTQs taken down (again)
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