Do People Play Pauper Outside of Tournaments Online?

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    I'm looking to get some cheap, casual/semi-casual play against people. Unfortunately, my life situation just isn't working for paper play (try as I have been lately). My situation is one that I would basically like to play one or two games every few days, and I don't need the cards to be bomby rares. Pauper-style decks would be perfectly fine with me. I don't have time to play tournaments, and I have no desire to spend a lot of money on the game.

    Do you think I could meet those needs playing pauper outside of tournaments online?
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    Sure. I basically play only in the Tourney Practice room (and sometimes "Just for Fun" if I'm playing a less tuned deck); you generally don't have to wait more than 5 minutes for an opponent, at least during the evening hours in the US. I understand that the daily events and 2-man queues are more competitive, but I don't find the practice room to be boring, and you see more random rogue decks that way too.
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    Awesome. Thanks!
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    Yeah, I'm pretty much a tourny practice room player, too. I have a feeling a lot of people play primarily this way, mainly because it takes such a huge chunk of time to play in a daily and it's hard to make a decent return in the 2-mans. Plus you don't feel bad playing some janky pile that you just threw together. Long live Zuberas!
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    my friend tourney practices too. he has mono black, and because he can run hymn to tourach, his deck is a lot stronger on paper than online.
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    Thanks Argentleman;)
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