Cheapest Top Tier Pauper deck?

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    Hey guys,

    So i finally got my computer back from repair and i want to start playing MTGO. I made an account a couple years back but i never really played because i didn't see the point when i played paper magic. Now i want to get back into it and i want to start by playing pauper competively.

    I wanted to play Mono Blue Faerie/Delver but between the Dazes, Gushs, Snaps, and cloud of faeries it would set me back almost 100 dollars!!!

    I was also considering Pauper storm and RU 8-post but all the decks in the primer section seem fun.

    Among all the top tier decks which decks have been doing the best lately and which are the cheapest to get on MTGO?

    Thanks so much!
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    white weenie with benevolent unicorn standard bearer and prismatic strands is about 25-30 tix depends on how many of those cards in sb

    infect is about 40-45 but only because of invigorate that are 8-9 tix each now

    mono G stompy has quirion ranger 1,5( but u could buy promo version that is 0,2 each) each and nettle sentinel 2 each so all deck including sb is about 12-18 tix depending on ranger VI or PRM

    goblin also is beetwen 15-20 (pyroblast and mogg raider are expensive) tix

    mono R is about 15-20 (here again pyroblast) if u don't use flame rift and uses chain lightning and fireblast from DDE that cost much less than original version

    affinity also is about 10-12 tix depends on the version ( fling or rush ) and the sb could go to 35-40 tix if u use pyroblast and hydroblast in SB

    MBC has crypt rats at about 2,5 (7ed) or 3,5 (VI) spinning darkness 1,5-2 then all other cards doesn't really worth too much except echoing decay 0,5. diabolic edict is 2 each but you can use more doom blade and geth's verdict (0,1 each) or innocent blood that are 1 tix each so a complete deck is 20-25 i believe
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    you should take a list that you want to build then go to site like abu or mtgo traders and put all the cards on the cart just to see the total cost, then consider that asking on classifieds to other people or looking throu cheaper bots you could easy buy all the cards for 75-80% of mtgo-abu prices Smile (do thatjust to understand how much a deck will cost to you of course)

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    Where can I go to find a list of recent tournaments (besides the wizards site) so I can get an idea of which decka are doing well and the variations of them?

    Also how much would UR 8post and TPPS cost?
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    well those decks depends on theyr decklist... storm and fae delver acually cost over 100$ (for delver: cloud of faeries 7 each, gush 3-4 each daze 11-12 each serrated arrows 6 each prohibit 2,5 each ninja of the deep hours 1 each snap 2,5 hydroblast 4,5 and so on..) (for storm: cabal ritual 2 each rite of flame 1 each lotus petal 12-13 each depletion lands 3-4 each sulfur 2,5 each and so on..) go to: or and try to put the cards you need in the cart just to know their value (as i said asking on classifieds or buying from cheaper bots make u pay about 20% less then the prices of those 2 sites but you can understand prices before start buying cards using them to visualize a complete shopping list)

    then for decklist go to:

    sorry you where talking about UR post and not delverU,..... just notice that re-reading your post!!!! my fault Smile

    well URpost has: counterspell 0,5 each rolling thunder 2 cloudpost 1 prohibit 2,5 firebolt 1 mulldrifter 0,25 capsize 0,25 glimmerpost 0,1 is not so expensive respect to storm.. except for those blasts (hydroblast 5 pyroblast 4) in sb......... Frown
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    if you're looking for approximate deck prices for competitive Pauper decks check out the link in my signature for my Introduction to Competitive Pauper.. I broke down prices and also talk about what the strongest format decks are

    Deck List:
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    GB Eva Depths (Primer By Me) BG

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think UR post is one of the cheaper decks out there right? I mean aside from blasts the serr. arrows is the only expensive thing in there and most of it can be found if you shop around bulk bots enough.

    Most of the non blue mono colored aggro decks are pretty much the cheaper decks in the format.
    Mono green stompy, Burn, Goblins, White weenie, Woo Rats, mono black aggro.

    Also, another cheap option (a personal favorite of mine) is Tortured existence decks. Pretty much 4 tix for a set of Tortured existences, then the rest is pretty much bulk. its difficult to pilot and has a touch time vs storm, but its good against cloudpost so It balances out on some weeks.
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