Problem downloading Magic online

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    Could someone please assist me as I put in my activation code and my user name and I was advised to "Download" the program and when I click the "download" icon, it just gives me the required and recommended settings instead of downloading it. Is it that my computer doesnt meet the requirements, which I would be shocked because the requirements seem pretty low or is it that there is a different place Im suppose to download this.
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    I assume you tried the download from the official web page. If I try to download it a popup appears where you can choose between the beta and current version, which also shows the minimal and recommended specs and beneath the specs there is a button download that starts the download...
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    If your browser window isn't tall enough then you can't see the download button at the bottom on the system requirements that pops up. Resize your browser so it's taller then you should be able to find it.

    (it's a really badly designed page...)
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