Guildpack Dimir guild the reason for elimination of 4 pack sealed?

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    Looking at the Guildpact spoiler so far it is looking more and more like the Dimir guild may have had some say in why the 4 pack sealed events disappeared. I am not saying it is the only reason but it looks like you could open some pretty busted pools. Even more busted then the AVR mill decks that I had or played against.
    Now I may not be the best a limited card evaluation and you may disagree with me but I would love to hear your opinions on my opinion.
    Do you agree: Yes? No? Maybe?
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    Sure, but you only get 4 packs so the odds of having enough cards to mill someone out are what? Pretty low I think. You've got a much better chance of seeing that in draft since the table is opening up 24 packs of UB goodness.
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