best way to get started with MTGO?

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    i have a huge colelction of MTG cards, that don't do jack for me except for mondays and fridays. Online does not look cheap to get into...but how would you go about getting into it, being cost effective...starting out drafting or something?
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    There isn't much info about starting your collection on MTGO - honestly I'm not sure why... here's a few threads recently posted with some info

    Trading with bots - some tips:

    Starting to go competetive with the intent of going 'infinite'

    Hope that helps a bit at least.
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    What is cost effective to you? A draft per week? $60 one time, like an ordinary video game? What would you tell someone looking to get into paper Magic? Say you start out with the m10 booster and the commons and uncommons mtgo gives you, and on top of that you draft a couple of times-- you've spent $25, and maybe won 2 packs as prizes. Can you build some fun decks out of your starter cards and these 9 boosters? Absolutely. It all depends on what kind of deck you want.

    But the strictly *most* cost-effective way to go would be to add X dollars to your account and shop around in the trading area for cards you like.
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    ok... cost effective for me is not sticking a ton of money into it, but still having fun...i don't want to be real competitive online, i just want to have fun...but i don't mind spending 60 bucks by any means....

    just seems like having zero cards would be tough to start making a deck....but ill definitely look into this right now, lol.
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    I just started a few weeks ago. I read those articles as well as one on going infinite so it got me interested. However, I don't have much time to play so I don't want to dump a lot of money into it so I decided for now I'll stick with pauper games (some of the bots give out commons for free) and the occasional 8-player draft. For now I've been hitting up the free card bots and getting what I think will make up a cool cheap deck. Then I've been doing solitaries to test.

    I've had some bad experiences playing players on MWS so the only real games I've played are a few against friends. Hopefully I'll get the time to play some real games in the next few weeks.

    You are right though. I'm a long time paper player (started in Beta) so I have good knowledge of the game. But I am finding it hard to get into MTGO. Learning the interface and the lay of the land has taken longer than expected and I am no where near knowledgeable on the topic.
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    Online is generally much cheaper than paper MTG. You've got to define your goals though. Do you want to just get a casual deck and hang out and have fun in the casual rooms? Do you want to take a stab at going infinite in competitive magic? Are you trying to accumulate sets so that you can transfer them into paper? Everyone has a different definition of fun.

    If you are just wanting to play casual, I think the fastest and cheapest method of getting to your goal is...

    1) You are given a pre-con deck with your registration these days. Start your collection with these.

    2) Do you have a specific deck idea in mind? Decide on what you want to play and you can start working from there. Try to avoid big ticket money cards if possible.

    3) Many bots give away junk commons for free. Start with these bots and snag anything that looks like it could fill in a gap.

    4) Use tickets to buy singles from bots and finish your decks. This is what you will sink the majority of your cash into.
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    So long as you don't mind avoinding tournament staples, MTGO is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than physical.

    "Dollar rares" in real life become "30-cent rares" at the bots. Building a lot of fun casual decks is not a bankbreaker. There may be a few cards that cost you, but the majority won't be bad at all.
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    I find one of the most enjoyable ways to play on MTGO is the Pauper format. The 8-man queues for Pauper never fire (I've never seen one, at least), but it's easy to find a 2-man for a single M10 booster, and last I checked M10 was selling for around 4 tickets a pack. If you can win these matches fairly reliably, you can build up a nice little ticket reserve. Plus, your deck will have been fairly cheap, given that the Pauper format is all commons. A few commons are very expensive (Daze) and few are fairly expensive (Crypt Rats, Exclude, Armadillo Cloak) but if you can either avoid those or suck the expense up, you should be good.
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    I would recommend building 2-3 specific decks of your choice, which can actually be done very cheaply using services like Cardshark. I built a Solider deck yesterday and it cost me $2 in total - about £1 for me Smile Much cheaper than paper magic. Good time to get into MTGO imo. Smile
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