INN Draft - How to build?

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    I'd take out:

    - Harvest Pyre
    - Mask of Avacyn
    - Rage Thrower
    - Fires of Undeath
    - Young Wolf

    Mana base: 7G, 7W, 1R, Wilds, Grotto
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    - Harvest Pyre
    - Mask of Avacyn
    - Rage Thrower
    - Young Wolf
    - Silverchase Fox

    Fires of Undeath is fine for what your deck wants to do: Beat face before the opponent establishes a defense. Nice to have another instant in the yard that domes if you get Charmbreaker online. Splash the flashback over a single copy of Shimmering Grotto, no problem.

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    2x Young Wolf
    1x Rage Thrower
    1x Mask of Avacyn
    1x Harvest Pyre

    No swamps.

    I would almost certainly not have picked Charmbreaker Devils for this deck. It is not very good (certainly worse than something like Chapel Geist would be). But I don't think you can cut it at this point, since the only thing one could really replace it with is something like a Thraben Purebloods.
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    Why is rage thrower being cut? This really puts people in a hard place, especially with the undying and other weenies. Yeah, i see his mana cost and toughness being an issue, but one good.combat phase and you can come out ahead.
    Gnaw to the Bone is another questionable one. Ive lost game to that. Gaining your life total back on one card can buy time if you stand a chance at winning.
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    This deck will never win a game with Gnaw to the Bone. If that many of its creatures have died, the deck has already lost.

    The Rage Thrower would be fine if it could be cast without red mana. However, the deck does not need it to win. I think Charmbreaker Devils is a bit better because it will allow the deck to win in some situations where it would otherwise have lost, whereas Rage Thrower is not as good at doing that. Also, we cannot play both Rage Thrower and Charmbreaker Devils without creating too many auto-mulligans.

    It wouldn't be too awful to cut the Charmbreakers for Rage Thrower though.
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    I'd cut 5 red cards and kill people with a deck that curves out at 4
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