how does drafting work?

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    Guys i'm a bit new to this drafting thing. Can you teach me how it works? how many boosters each person gets? how many cards each person gets and etc?
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    each player gets 3 boosters.

    then each player opens his/her first pack at the same time, looks at the 15 cards in it and chooses one he/she wants to pick. the player picks that card and passes the remaining 14 to the left. they should also be recieving 14 from their right. repeat until there are no more cards in the first pack.

    for the second pack do the same thing except pass to your right instead.

    for the third pack pass to the left again.

    after all the packs are drafted each player should have picked 45 cards. they then construct the best 40 card deck they can with that pool selecting any of the cards they have picked in addition to any number of basic lands.
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    Further to metamorph's explanation: All the picks and the contents of all packs are secret at all times except when you are the player choosing a card from that pack.
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